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									Job Description – Intrinsiq Materials Inc.

Title: Manufacturing/Engineering Manager
Reports to: President
Based at: Intrinsiq Materials Inc, 1100 Ridgeway Ave, Rochester, NY 14606

Job Purpose:

Manage the implementation of the infrastructure and process installation of a number of nanomaterial production
processes. Hire, develop and lead the manufacturing/engineering workforce. Manage the manufacturing and
development process and the continuous improvement of the operations to ensure productivity and safety targets
are met.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

     1.    Leads team responsible for the successful manufacture of nanomaterials in Rochester NY.
     2.    Responsible for the infrastructure and process installation for several nanomaterial production processes
           and ink formulation operations.
     3.    Responsible for meeting process output targets and ensuring customer requirements are met.
     4.    Prepares and implements the process budget.
     5.    Manages process operatives, technicians and other staff as the Company expands manufacturing
     6.    Prepares, updates and maintains the process operating manual including all safety aspects of running the
     7.    Responsible for authorising permits to work.
     8.    Produces and updates emergency procedures.
     9.    Prepares and implements maintenance schedules.
     10.   Understands the process, implements initiatives for process improvement.
     11.   Supports and implements development of initiatives to improve Health, Safety and Environmental, cost
           effectiveness and productivity.
     12.   Supports design and development of new generation plant equipment.
     13.   Responsible for ensuring the process operates in a safe and efficient manner complying with written
           policies and procedures and safe working practices.
     14.   Responsible for recording and maintaining risk assessments and other Health, Safety and Environmental
           reports and documentation.
     15.   Responsible for controlling access to the plant.
     16.   Responsible for all process related facilities.
     17.   Responsible for purchase and supply of all manufacturing consumables.

Job Scope:

Intrinsiq Materials is a new Rochester company supported by VC funding. Having a small number of staff requires
flexibility and undertaking a broad scope of activities necessary to start, operate and improve the plant.

Responsible for the direction and coordination of all manufacturing/engineering activities including production,
fabrication, assembly and shipping, purchasing, inventory control and production planning and control,
manufacturing engineering, product inspection and plant maintenance.

Responsible for the effective, efficient and safe operation of the nanomaterial production and ink formulation
processes. Some travel to the UK will be required to meet training needs. Occasional additional travel required as
business needs dictate.

Requirements: 10+ years manufacturing specialty materials. 5 years leading a materials production operation
including all aspects of the manufacturing and engineering; including planning purchasing , process management,
process improvement, environment, safety, team building, training and regulatory compliance. Some material
development background is desirable. Familiarity/certification in six sigma and lean methodologies is preferred.
MS/BS in Chemical Engineering or related field.

Hours of Work: Day work, 40 hours

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Date of Issue: 1/18/2011
The following salary and write up from Rochester Business Alliance/GRE best describes the

                                                                    Mean        25th       50th    75th
 PP08     Plant Engineering Manager                                 96,767      77,709    86,829   99,843
 PP09     Plant Manufacturing Manager                               95,343      76,679    94,332 109,581

PP08. PLANT ENGINEERING MANAGER: Under the direction of the president or general
manager, responsible for directing and coordinating industrial or manufacturing engineering, methods
and standards (including incentive system for direct workers), estimating, tool design and plant
maintenance. Responsible for development, implementation and coordination of facilities
improvement, renovation and expansion of projects as required. May negotiate construction and
service contracts for company and may direct and coordinate the work of several contractors on the
same project. Concerned with make or buy decision, capital expenditure justifications, maximizing
plant layout, equipment use and workflow.

PP09. PLANT MANUFACTURING MANAGER: Under the direction of the president or general
manager of a division or company, is responsible for the direction and coordination of all
manufacturing activities including production fabrication, assembly and shipping, purchasing,
inventory control and production planning and control, manufacturing engineering, product inspection
and plant maintenance. Develops and implements company policy with respect to manufacturing,
participates in labor agreement negotiation and in top management planning and problem-solving on
short and long-range goals. Responsible for optimum economy and flexibility of production and
coordination of manufacturing efforts internally and with Marketing, Finance, Engineering and
Personnel in the development and implementation of profit-oriented programs.

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