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Ulster County Transportation Council

                       FFY 2008-2012

             PROGRAM (TIP)

             ROADWAY PAVING

                               July 2006
Applicants must submit a complete application package comprised of the following:
1. A brief Cover Letter that includes a list of projects for which proposals are being
2. Two (2) unbounded copies of the completed photocopy-ready applications and two (2)
   electronic copies in .pdf or Microsoft Word for each new project and/or each previous
   TIP project with substantial project scope or funding changes. A separate application
   package must be completed for each project for which federal funds are requested.
3. Two (2) 8 ½ x 11 photocopy-ready maps and two (2) electronic maps in a .jpg or .pdf
   format illustrating project location both locally and regionally for each project must be
   prepared and submitted with each application. Maps should provide sufficient detail to
   determine the project’s location in Ulster County with basic references to adjacent
   geographic features. Completed application package materials must be sent to the

           One (1) copy of the completed application package for each project must be
            submitted to: Jean Gunsch, UCTC Staff, 4 Burnett Boulevard, Poughkeepsie,
            NY      12603, Tel.(845) 431-5725, Fax (845) 431-7919, e-mail:

           And one (1) copy of the completed application package for each project
            must be submitted to: Bill Tobin, Ulster County Planning Board, 244 Fair
            Street, PO Box 1800, Kingston, NY 12402-1800, Tel.(845) 340-3340, Fax
            (845) 340-3429, e-mail:

4. Applicants are responsible for the accuracy of project cost estimates.
5. All project applications must clearly demonstrate a project’s link to, or consistency with,
   the UCTC’s Year 2030 Long-Range Transportation Plan.
6. All applications must be signed and received by the date noted in the project solicitation
   letter. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered and returned to
   the applicant. Applications may be mailed, hand delivered or e-mailed prior to the closing
   date. Faxed applications will not be accepted.
7. All applicants are responsible for understanding the Federal Aid Process and the Federal
   Aid Eligibility of projects proposed.

An electronic copy of this application is available for downloading at the following web site:


                      All applications must be complete when submitted.
                          The UCTC application form must be used.
            Applications that do not use this form will be returned to the applicant.

UCTC Roadway TIP Appl                              2                                      FFY 2008 - 2012
                         Transportation Improvement Program

                                        - Application Form -
The application form is the most critical form in the process of applying for Federal Aid projects
through the Transportation Improvement Program. This form must be completed as this application
will be the basis of evaluating the project for funding. Incomplete application forms will be returned to
the project sponsor.

It is important to be as comprehensive and detailed as possible when providing project details,
descriptions, and objectives. Additional supporting materials may be submitted. This form must be
completed for all projects.

You may need technical assistance when completing this application. Below is a list of key contacts to
help assist you with your technical and general inquiries.

                      Name              Agency                Phone         Fax                 E-mail
                   Kristine Edwards      NYSDOT           845-431-5856   845-431-5988
                     John Hodos          NYSDOT           845-431-5723   845-431-7919
Condition Score
                    Russ Robbins         NYSDOT           845-431-5978   845-431-7923

     Transit       David Markowitz       NYSDOT           845-431-5743   845-431-7919

  County Road
                    Mircea Catona     UC Public Works     845-340-3120   845-340-3113              N/A

 Traffic Signals    Mark Morano          NYSDOT           845-575-6048   845-575-6126

   Safety Data     Charlie Schaller   UC Traffic Safety   845-334-5579   845-334-5561              N/A

 Cost Estimates     Mike Scheafer        NYSDOT           845-431-5848   845-431-5711

 Traffic Counts      John Hodos          NYSDOT           845-431-5723   845-431-7919

                     Rich Peters         NYSDOT           845-431-5723   845-431-7919
                   LeRoi Armstead        NYSDOT           845-431-5934   845-431-7923
 Crossing Safety
                     Jean Gunsch         NYSDOT           845-431-5725   845-431-7919
  Federal Aid
                     Doug Cotton         NYSDOT           845-431-5884   845-431-5988
                      Bill Tobin           UCTC           845-340-3340   845-340-3429

UCTC Roadway TIP Appl                                     3                                     FFY 2008 - 2012

                 - Application for Roadway Paving Projects -
                     GENERAL PROJECT INFORMATION (Required)

Date Prepared:
Existing Project Identification Number (PIN):        (New PINs to be assigned by NYSDOT)
Project Name:
Applicant’s Signature:

Project Location & Limits (attach required Regional and Local Maps):

Implementing Agency (if different from Applicant):

         Contact Person:
                 Phone #:
                    Fax #:
         Senate District:
      Assembly District:
  Congressional District:

UCTC Roadway TIP Appl                            4                                 FFY 2008 - 2012
Project Description (Please attach additional pages if necessary):

Project Justification/Problem Identification (Please attach additional pages if necessary):

In the space provided, please identify the project objective:

If applicant is proposing multiple projects, what is this project’s priority? (e.g. 1 of
x projects with “1” representing the applicant’s highest priority):

UCTC Roadway TIP Appl                              5                           FFY 2008 - 2012
                           DETAILED INFORMATION (Required)

Estimated Project Costs and Schedule:
     Project    Total Project   Federal Funds                                  Fund Source
                                                  Obligation Date
      Phase       Cost ($)      Requested ($)                         (to be assigned by NYSDOT)
      S,P          $                $
       D           $                $
       N           $                $
       R           $                $
      C,I          $                $
       O           $                $
     Total         $                $

         S,P – Scoping and Preliminary Engineering       R – Right of Way Acquisition
          D – Detailed Design                           C,I – Construction and Inspection
          N – Right of Way Incidentals                   O - Other

a. Estimated Project Costs and Schedule is based on:

               Professional Judgment
               Scoping Report
               Preliminary Engineering Report
               Plan, Specifications & Estimate Review (PS&E)
               Project Cost Estimates Prepared by NYSDOT

b.    Likely source(s) and amounts of matching funds (assume a 20% local match requirement):

               Source of Matching Funds                             Dollar Amount

UCTC Roadway TIP Appl                             6                                   FFY 2008 - 2012
Does the project advance the recommendations of a recently completed plan or study?
Yes           No
If yes, please describe in the space provided (include date of recommendation):

In the space provided, describe any supportive local policies/regulations in place/pending that support
the project’s success:

Does the project enhance the region’s attractiveness to new and/or existing businesses?
Yes         No
If yes, please describe how this occurs in the space provided:

In the space provided, include all other information that supports this project for potential inclusion in
the TIP. Examples include, but are not limited to, social aspects, replacement impace, bypass/closure
impacts, etc.:

Does the project address a specific or potential safety problem? Yes             No
If yes, please describe how this project addresses a specific or potential safety problem:

UCTC Roadway TIP Appl                               7                                        FFY 2008 - 2012
                   ROADWAY-SPECIFIC INFORMATION (Required)

 1. What is the current Functional Classification?           Principal Arterial
                                                             Minor Arterial
                                                             Urban Collector
                                                             Rural Minor Collector
                                                             Rural Major Collector
                                                             Local Road

 2. What is the proposed Functional Classification?          Principal Arterial
                                                             Minor Arterial
                                                             Urban Collector
                                                             Rural Minor Collector
                                                             Rural Major Collector
                                                             Local Road

 3. What is the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) of this facility:


 4. What is the length of the project in feet?

 5. What is the number of lanes?

 6. What is the Pavement Condition Score of this facility? (to be completed by NYSDOT):

     Pavement Condition Score:

 7. Is the project on a transit route? Yes       No

     If yes, which route?

 8. Is the project on a designated emergency services route? Yes          No

 9. Is the project on a school bus route(s)? Yes        No

10. Does the project add travel lanes (capacity)? Yes        No

11. Does the project include bicycle accommodations? Yes           No


UCTC Roadway TIP Appl                              8                                 FFY 2008 - 2012
12. Does the project include pedestrian accommodations? Yes             No


13. Does the project include transit accommodations? Yes           No


14. Does the project include goods movement accommodations? Yes               No


15. Does the project address a high accident location or other safety concern? Yes         No

     If yes, please identify in the space below specific concerns and how they are to be addressed:

                                         End Application

UCTC Roadway TIP Appl                              9                                     FFY 2008 - 2012

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