Walter L. Huber
                       Civil Engineering Research Prizes
                                Nomination Form
                                         Revised February 22, 2011

Nominations for the Walter L. Huber Award require submittal of both an Official Nomination Form and a
Huber Award Nomination Form. Please respond to the following questions and submit one copy of the
complete nomination package to the Honors and Awards Program office before October 1.

                                   Honors and Awards Program office
                                      1801 Alexander Bell Drive
                                       Reston, VA 20191-4400

1. Nominee's name (in full): ___________________________________________

Check the institute/Division/Council most closely aligned with the work of your candidate:
_____ Architectural Engineering Institute
_____ Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute
_____ Construction Institute
_____ Engineering Mechanics Institute
_____ Environmental and Water Resources Institute
_____ Geo-Institute
_____ Structural Engineering Institute
_____ Transportation and Development Institute

2. Title of position: ____________________________________________________________________

3. Education: ________________________________________________________________________

4. Description of research believed to justify award: __________________________________________



5. The nominee had personal responsibility in the research for (check all that apply)
     ( ) Conceiving                   ( ) Planning
     ( ) Obtaining data               ( ) Analyzing data
     ( ) Administration               ( ) Technical supervision

6. Where, when, and in what form the research results were made available to the civil engineering
profession: __________________________________________________________________________

7. If published results contained recommendations for their application in civil engineering practice, state
the recommendations made: ____________________________________________________________


8. How has this research benefited the practice of civil engineering? _____________________________


9. Cite, if possible, specific instances demonstrating the application of this research in civil engineering
practice. ____________________________________________________________________________


10. State professional opinions on the value of this research to the profession.


11. Has the nominee been nominated for a Walter L. Huber Research Prize previously? If so, please
give the date of nomination/s: ________________________________________________________________

12. This nomination is made by: ________________________________________


                                   Street Address

                                   City                         State          Zip
                        OFFICIAL AWARD NOMINATION FORM
                         Please complete this form for each person being nominated.

                                                  Award Name
Name: __________________________________________________________________
Nominee’s Full Name (add credentials, including ASCE membership grade. Example: Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE)

Home Address: ___________________________________________________________


Phones: _________________________________________________________________
             Home                          Office            Email

Birth date: _______________________________________________________________

Provide Information About Professional Licensure (P.E. - Primary):
License State: ____________________License #:____________________Year_______

Provide ASCE Membership Grade:
□Dist.M.ASCE (Distinguished Member)               □A.M.ASCE (Associate Member)
□F.ASCE (Fellow)                                  □Aff.M.ASCE (Affiliate Member
□M.ASCE (Member                                   □S.M.ASCE (Student Member)
                                           □Not Society member
Suggested Citation (not to exceed 40 words): __________________________________



Nominated by: ___________________________________________________________
                    Name                                Signature

Phone: ______________________ Email: __________________ Date: _____________

Submit the completed nomination package in its electronic form to or by hard copy to: Honors
and Awards Program, American Society of Civil Engineers, 1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Reston, VA 20191-4400

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