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                       Have Answers To These Questions
Why Should Seller List With Your Firm?
Why Should Seller List With You As An Agent?
How are you going to find buyers for Sellers home?
What services do you provide?
Locations property will be advertised to?
What will you do once you find a buyer?
What price gets Seller the most money?
How much will Seller net?
How long will it take?
What does Seller need to do to property to gain top dollar?
What do we need to do to get started?

                                 ASK SELLER PRIOR TO “ON-SITE” LISTING APPOINTMENT
                                    ITEMS                            YES N/A     NOTES/COMMENTS
Determine Listing Type (Make Sure You Take The Correct Agreement)
Have Extra House Key / Garage Keys, etc. For Placement In Lockbox?
Hazard Zone? (Flooding, Mud Slides, Earthquakes, etc.)                               
Existing Survey?
Building Square Footage? Confirm With Seller / Note: Source
Current Property Appraisal?
Prior Mechanical/Structural/WDI (Termite) Inspection Reports?
Transferable Warranties?
School District Information (Confirm Schools With Seller If Known)
Mortgage/Payoff Statement (To Prepare Seller Net Proceeds)?
Why is Seller Moving / Selling?
When can Seller Be Out Of Property Once Offer is Accepted?
Copy Of Any Leases?
Any Issues Related To Seller’s Ability To Convey Property?                                    Divorce/Joint, Estate Ownership, etc
Floor Plan Of Property For MLS Entry?
Seller Providing A One Year Residential Service Contract For Buyer?
Relocating / Does Seller Need A Referral?
Any Special Circumstances (REO/Foreclosure/Short Sale/Corporate Owned, Etc.)?

                                                              ON-SITE REMINDERS
                                       ITEMS                                      YES   N/A       NOTES/COMMENTS
Wear Shoe Covers / Shoe Slips / Booties / Slip Ons
Walk Through /Visual Property Inspection With Seller
Present Your Listing Presentation / Marketing Program
MLS Data Entry Form
Discuss CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) To Determine Fair Price
Collect Copies Of All Disclosures, Survey, Floor Plans, Etc.
Note Names Of Children, Pets, Etc./Place On Seller Information Sheet
Showing Instructions: Note Any Special Showing Instructions (Pets, etc.)
Double Check All Forms/Pages For Initials And/Or Signatures
Note Any Non-Realty Items The Seller Will Leave For Buyer
Photos (Note photo descriptions to add in captions under each photo)
Property To Be Vacant For A Period? Advise Seller of Utilities, Maintenance,
Insurance & Inspections (Seller: Keep active until final sale date)
Inform Seller Of Lockbox Accessible Hours (From_____a.m. To ______p.m.)

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