Repairand Maintenance Vessel Superintendent by G98gIP


									                                      HERCULES OFFSHORE, INC.
                                         JOB DESCRIPTION

Date:                               1/16/2009
Position:                           Repair and Maintenance Vessel Superintendent
Business Unit:                      Liftboats
FLSA:                               Salaried - Exempt
Location:                           Lafayette, LA.
Reports To:                         Repair & Maintenance Manager

Job Summary

Supervises and coordinates annual shipyard projects affecting vessel upkeep and steel repair, while preparing
vessels for annual Coast Guard and Class (ABS/Lloyds) inspections

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

       Consults with shipyard reps daily; planning/expediting/supervising vessel repair procedures while
        authorizing variations in scope of work (50%)
       Supervises the preparation of vessels and crews for US Coast Guard Inspections at the end of
        projects while coordinating with US Coast Guard for annual Certificate of Inspection and Credit Dry
        Dock Exams (20%)
       Arranges repair exams with US Coast Guard/Class Society during vessel shipyard stays (10%)
       Inspects vessels upon arrival; developing/planning scope of work/repairs (10%)
       Coordinates vender visits for quotes, services, supplies, and repair processes (5%)
       Collects info for annual vessel budgeting process; estimating future vessel repairs (5%)


       High School diploma or equivalent. Work experience and demonstrated ability
       Marine Experience best described as 5 years but less than 10 years
       Background in Coast Guard regulatory process preferred
       Shipyard experience preferred
       Data Entry skills required
       Knowledge of USCG regulations is a plus.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

       Manages non-supervisory employees

                                                                    recommendations,     Makes
                                                        No          but does not make     final
                          Supervisory Activities   Responsibility      final decision   decision
                      Evaluating employee
                      performance                        X
                      Promotions                         X
                      Salary increases                   X
                      Hiring new employees               X
                      Discharging employees              X
                      Disciplinary actions               X
                      Scheduling work hours of
                      other employees                    X
                      Coaching and counseling                              X
                      Training                                             X
                      Assigning work activities                            X
                      Handling employee
                      grievances/complaints                                X

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                          HERCULES OFFSHORE, INC.
                             JOB DESCRIPTION

Direct and Indirect Reports:
       This position directly supervises 2 employees and indirectly supervises 20 employees

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                                    HERCULES OFFSHORE, INC.
                                       JOB DESCRIPTION

                  Date:                         1/16/2009
                  Position:                     Repair and Maintenance Vessel Superintendent

Safety-Sensitive Position?              Yes X             No ___

Physical Requirements:                                             Frequency

Bending/Stooping/Kneeling                                          Frequent
Climbing                                                           Frequent
Full Motor Capability                                              Frequent
Hearing                                                            Constant
High Eye-Hand Coordination                                         Frequent
Keyboarding                                                        Frequent
Lifting – Heavy (<50 Lbs.)                                         Occasional
Reaching/Pulling/Pushing                                           Occasional
Sight Acuity Far                                                   Occasional
Sight Acuity Near                                                  Frequent
Sight Depth & Color Acuity                                         Frequent
Sitting at Video Display Terminal                                  Frequent
Standing and/or Walking                                            Constant
Talking (Loud and/or Clear)                                        Constant

        Note that these physical requirements will not preclude disabled applicants who may be
        reasonably accommodated under the Americans With Disabilities ACT (“ADA”)

Environmental/Work Conditions:

Business Travel                                                    Occasional
Dirty/Dusty Environment                                            Constant
Extreme Temperatures                                               Rare
Fumes/Mists/Odors/Gases/Poor Ventilation                           Rare
Overtime Work                                                      Frequent
Noisy Work Areas                                                   Frequent
Rotating Shift Work                                                Not Required
Scheduled Weekend Work                                             Rare
Work From Elevated Position                                        Rare

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed
by the employee occupying this position. The incumbent is expected to perform other duties
necessary for the effective operation of the department.

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