; 1989
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									1989 I was born on June 26th. 1990 I started walking. 1991 I started talking. 1992 Completed potty training. 1993 I started taking swimming lessons. 1994 I started kindergarten. 1995 I repeated kindergarten. 1996 I moved to Burleson. 1997 I got my favorite dog, Jack. 1998 My 1st year at Pine Cove Christian Camp. 1999 I won the Science Fair.

2000 I attempted to drive a riding lawnmower down Renfro to get pizza. 2001 I got 48 stitches in my head. . 2002 I was awarded artist of the year in 8th grade. 2003 I started playing tennis.

2004 I was picked to be in Mr. Burleson . 2005 I got my first car which is a 2004 Red Dodge Ram Truck. 2006 I started taking art lessons from a professional artist in Dallas. +

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