FM Release Overview for TUG by G98gIP


									          FieldNet 2.0a

            Joe Bruewer
Michigan Department of Transportation
         2004 AASHTO TUG
          Mobile, Alabama
FieldNet 2.0a Overview
•   Overview of FieldNet
•   Architectural Overview
•   FieldNet Context Diagram
•   FieldNet Architecture Deployment
•   Benefits
•   Possible FieldNet Growth Areas
•   FieldNet TRT
Overview of FieldNet
• FieldNet is a web based communication link
  between Trns*port components operating in the
  field and central office
• Automate and simplify communication between
  field offices/regional offices and central office
• Automation of data movement between
  construction site, field offices and the central office
Web Based Functions Include
• Pay estimate approval and tracking
• Contract Modification approvals and tracking
• Daily Report tracking
• Contract assignment and tracking
• Audit trail for file transfers between central office,
  field offices and construction sites
• Management of FieldManager sites statewide
Current Status of FieldNet
• FieldNet is an AASHTO licensed product
• FieldNet 2.0 is currently in the Beta testing phase
  with the production release planned for June, 2005
• Michigan and Wisconsin are currently participating
  in the Beta test
Architectural Overview
• Scalable and flexible architectural design provides
  solid foundation for future enhancements
  – Use SiteManager/FieldManager Interface to facilitate
    communications between SiteManager and FM
  – Involvement in Materials Management System Project
• Messaging Architecture Components
  – FieldNet Client
  – Message Client
  – FieldNet Messaging Server
• Data transfers will be authenticated, authorized,
  reliable, secure, accurately routed and delivered
FieldNet Context Diagram
 Field/Regional Office               Central Office

  FieldM anager          Estimate / Contract Data                   User                       FieldNet
     Instance                                          Administration / Audit / Process          Web
                                                                Status Data                     Server

              Status / Results
                                                                           HTTP Request / Command
  (Estimate / Contract / Reference / IDR)        FieldNet
                                                                                 Job Request
    IDR (Item Level Data) / Contract Data
                                                               Status / Results
                                                       (Estimate / Contract / Reference)
                                 Status / Results                                              Trns•port
                             ( Contract / Reference)                                              CAS
                                      Data                                                     Instance
FieldNet Architecture Deployment
                                                      Agency Site
Contractor Site                                                        CAS DB

                     External              External                     Server
                     FW                    FW

                                                      DMZ              FieldNet
           Secure Access

                                                                        Server     FieldNet
External                                                                              DB
FM/FB                           Internet
 Users                                            Secure               Messaging
                                                Access/Web              Server

                                              FieldNet Web              FM/FB
• Central Office
  – Excellent auditing
  – Detailed tracking of estimates, contract modifications,
    contract ownership
  – Current contract copy received with each estimate
  – Automated contract archival
  – Notification of estimates that require special processing
  – Simple Reference File Maintenance & Distribution
• Field Offices (DOT, Local, Consultant sites)
  – Automated delivery of regular and contractor read only
  – Automated sending and routing of electronic files
  – Notification of estimate and contract modification
    processing by central office
• Contractors
  – Automatically receive Contractor Read-Only Contracts
• Significant time savings statewide
  – Benefit analysis in Michigan identified a savings of $1.3
    million annually
User Maintenance
Contract Management
Reference File Distribution
FieldManager Inbox
Contract Distribution in FieldManager
Potential FieldNet Growth Areas
• Flexible web based architecture provides solid
  foundation for future growth
• Work with SM/FM Interface to automate data
  transfer between SiteManager and FieldManager
  – Support SiteManager agencies who have Locals or
    Consultants using FieldManager
  – Position agencies to replace CAS with SM
• Involvement in Materials Management System
  – Transfer information from SiteManager to and from FM
  – Transfer information from labs to SiteManager
FieldNet TRT

• TRT Members
  –   Loren Lemmen (Chair)
  –   Steve Hall
  –   Stu Laakso
  –   Kristen McDaniel
• FieldNet 2.0 will provide secure and reliable data
• FieldNet 2.0 provides a solid foundation upon
  which data transfers between additional Trns*port
  components can be built
FieldNet 2.0a

 Joe Bruewer

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