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                        Project name:_____________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                          Timeframe as
S.N.                              Action                             Responsibility                                                Remarks
                                                                                          per Contract
 1     Issue Letter of Acceptance                                         Client
       Submission of Performance Security in form of Bank
 2                                                                     Contractor
 3     Signing of Agreement with Contractor                         Client / Contractor                  Within 15 days from issue of LOA
                                                                                                         On submission of Performance Security & Signing of
 4     Issue Notice to Proceed (Date of Commencement)                     client
 5     Give site possession to Contractor                              Client/PMC                        Within 7 days from NTP
                                                                                                         After submission of valid Performance Security & Signing of
 6     Return Bid Security to Successful Bidders                       Client/PMC
                                                                                                         After submission of valid Performance Security & Signing of
 7     Return Bid Security to Un-successful Bidders                    Client/PMC
                                                                                                         Contract with Successful Contractor
       Submission of Work Schedule including:
       - Timelines (as per Contract Data)
       - Details of Resources / Machinary planned
       - Site Layout (Office/Material storage/Laboratory/Batching
       - Site Setup (Project Manager. Engineers)
 8     - Material Procurement Plan                                     Contractor                        14 days from the issue of Letter of Acceptance
       - Cash Flow Forecast
       - Safety Management Plan
       - Environment Management Plan
       - Work Methodology
       - Quality Control & Design Mix
       - Format for Daily/Weekly/Monthly Progress Report
 9     Approval of Work Plan                                              PMC                            7 days from receipt of all details / documents
                                                                                                         On possession of site.
10 Site Mobilization Start                                             Contractor
                                                                                                         Mobilization to be completed within 15 days
   Providing drawings / details
   - Setting out plan with coordinates
   - Foundation details                                                                                  To immediately provide details for working out schedule/
11                                                                        PMC
   - Typical building plan/ elevation/ section                                                           material requirements / timeframe
   - Working drawings / GFC drawings
   - Plumbing / Sanitary drawings
   Request for (mobilization) Advance Payment against Bank                                               Calculated @ 10% of Contract Value,
12                                                                     Contractor
   Guarantee                                                                                             To be submitted on start of mobilization

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                                                                                       Timeframe as
S.N.                              Action                              Responsibility                                           Remarks
                                                                                       per Contract
                                                                                                      Within 7 working days from request for mobilization
13 Release Advance Payment                                                Client
       Completion of Mobilization including setting up of Plant &
14                                                                      Contractor
       Construction of Site Office, Test Laboratory, Material Store
15                                                                      Contractor
       Submission of Insurance (in joint names)
16                                                                      Contractor                    Before mobilization
       - Contractor all risk policy
       Compliance to Labour Laws & other Statutory requirements
17                                                                      Contractor                    Before mobilization
       (ESIC, Labour licenses, etc)
18     Completion of all works                                          Contractor                    9 months from Date of Commencement
19     Defects Liability Period                                         Contractor                    12 months from Date of Completion

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