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					                                            IASB Sample Job Description

                                     __________________________School District

Job Title:         BUS DRIVER

Reports to:

FLSA Status:         ___ Exempt        ___ Non-Exempt

Status:              ___ Full Time     ___ Part Time
                     ___ Hourly        ___ Salary

Date Revised:

Basic Function: Summarize the position and how it relates to the school district and its goals.

Essential Functions:
Performance of these functions is the reason the job exists. They are essential for one or more of the following
                         A. The number of employees available to perform the function is limited.
                         B. The function requires specialized skills.
                         C. The function occupies a large percentage of time.
                         D. Failure to perform the function may have serious consequences.

                Examples from Iowa School Districts include:

          1.  Obey all traffic laws.
          2.  Observe all mandatory safety regulations for school buses.
          3.  Maintain discipline when students are on the bus.
          4.  Report undisciplined students to the proper authority.
          5.  Keep assigned bus clean.
          6.  Keep to assigned schedule.
          7.  Check bus before each operation for mechanical defects.
          8.  Notify the proper authority in case of mechanical failure or lateness.
          9.  Discharge students only at authorized stops.
          10. Exercise responsible leadership when on out-of-district trips.
          11. Transport only authorized students.
          12. Report all accidents and complete required reports.
          13. Enforce regulations against smoking on the bus.
          14. Demonstrate organization and professionalism in fulfilling the responsibilities of the job.
          15. Greet all students, faculty, staff, and visitors courteously.
          16. Maintain a positive rapport with students, staff, parents, and the community.
          17. Cooperate with and work in a courteous manner with co-workers and other personnel.
          18. Dress appropriately for the position and work required.
          19. Demonstrate a positive attitude toward school, students, and job and communicate the same to the
          20. Accept constructive criticism and suggestions and seek to improve each performance
          21. Maintain confidentiality in the school operation.
          22. Adhere to applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations, board policies and administrative
Only list qualifications (education level, certifications, licenses and prior experience) that are truly necessary
to perform the job.

Physical Requirements:
Only list physical requirements that are truly necessary to perform the job.

Working Conditions:
Describe the general temperature and other environmental conditions associated with the position.

The statements contained herein describe the scope of the responsibility and essential functions of this
position, but should not be considered to be an all-inclusive listing of work requirements. Individuals may
perform other duties as assigned. Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or
reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time unless restricted by a negotiated contract.

Any employee not covered by a negotiated contract agreement is an “at-will” employee. Either the school
district or the employee can terminate the employment relationship at will, with or without cause, so long as
there is no violation of applicable federal or state law. The school district can define the number of days
notice required of a terminating employee.

A signed copy of this job description should be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

Signature of Supervisor: ____________________________________ Date: _________________________

Signature of Employee: _____________________________________ Date: _________________________

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