District Policies and Procedures Manual by G98gIP



      The National Association of Negro
Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.

                 March 2007
The District organizational structure is vital to the National Association of Negro Business and
Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. With the assistance of the Districts, the National Organization is
able to communicate new initiatives, maintain ongoing programs and assure communications are
delivered in a timely manner.

There are seven districts in the Association – six (6) domestic: Mid Atlantic, North Central,
Northeast, South Central, Southeast, Western, and one (1) International. Each District is
responsible for holding an annual conference (with the exception of the International District) and
other membership meetings throughout the program year. Each District elects its own officers and
has its own Bylaws. Each member should become familiar with the bylaws of their district to ensure
the smooth operation of the organization.

Districts are represented on the National Board by the District Governor or her designated
representative. The District is also represented on the National Nominating Committee through the
election of two district representatives bi-annually. Each district has the right to assess district dues
to support its activities.

In addition to the responsibilities listed in the district’s bylaws, District officers are also responsible
for the following on the National level:

        Governors:              Serve as adjudicators for the National Banner Parade, convene
                                District caucuses at the National Convention, lead the District
                                delegation, recommend candidates for appointments on National
                                committees, coordinate news from the District for the Responsibility,
                                and conduct other activities as requested. Each Governor serves as
                                a member of the Governor’s Council.

        Vice Governors:         Serve on the Credentials Committee; may evaluate oratorical and
                                suitcase players competitions, and perform other duties as assigned.

        Secretaries:            Serve on the National Minutes Review Committee and approve the
                                final minutes of the National Convention.

        Youth Leaders:          Assist the National Second Vice President implement the National
                                Youth Program during the year and at the National Convention.

Questions regarding District procedures should be referred to the National Headquarters.

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I. District Organization

                                   MID-ATLANTIC DISTRICT:
      Delaware                       District of Columbia             Maryland
      Eastern Pennsylvania           Southern New Jersey              Virginia

                                 NORTH CENTRAL DISTRICT:
      Indiana                       Illinois                          Iowa
      Kentucky                      Michigan                          Minnesota
      North Dakota                  Ohio                              South Dakota
      Wisconsin                     Western Pennsylvania

                                    NORTHEAST DISTRICT:
      Bermuda                        Connecticut                      Maine
      Massachusetts                  New Hampshire                    New York
      Northern New Jersey            Rhode Island                     Vermont

                                 SOUTH CENTRAL DISTRICT:
      Arkansas                      Kansas                            Louisiana
      Missouri                      New Mexico                        Oklahoma

                                    SOUTHEAST DISTRICT:
      Alabama                        Florida                          Georgia
      Mississippi                    North Carolina                   South Carolina
                                     Tennessee                        West Virginia

                                     WESTERN DISTRICT:
      Alaska                         Arizona                          California
      Colorado                       Hawaii                           Idaho
      Montana                        Nebraska                         Nevada
      Oregon                         Utah                             Washington

                                  INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT:
      Gambia                         Ghana                            Nigeria

II. District Officers

    A.   Governor
         The Governor when elected shall also become the District’s nominee to the Board of
         Directors. The Governor’s term on the Board of Directors shall begin immediately
         following the National Convention held during the year she is elected.

         The Governor shall, in addition to the duties implied by the title:

         1.      Exercise general supervision over the clubs within the district.
         2.      Have the power to adjust problems in her district.
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     3.    Appoint such committees as necessary to further the goals and objectives of the

     4.    Issue the call to conference and chair the district conferences and scheduled
           membership meetings. She or her designee shall set the agenda for each

     5.    Serve as a member ex-officio of all standing committees except the nominating
           committee. She shall appoint standing and such special committees and
           chairpersons as necessary to execute the duties of the district.

     6.    Appoint chaplain(s) and parliamentarian(s) to serve during meeting and
           conferences. She may appoint a corresponding secretary in the locality in which
           the Governor resides and other such individuals as may be necessary to carry out
           the district’s functions.

     7.    May countersign drafts upon the district treasury and sign checks from the district.

     8.    Be responsible for the administrative aspects of the district and act as liaison
           between district members and National officers.

     9.    Clarify membership requirements and provide for the recruitment of new members
           and clubs.

     10.   Supervise the organization of new clubs under the general direction of the National
           Director for Membership and/or assist organizers, as necessary, in the formation of
           new clubs. She shall appoint organizers in the numbers and locales she deems

     11.   Be responsible for stimulating, motivating, and activating clubs within her district
           toward effective implementation of the National Program.

     12.   Assist in the interpretation of National policies, purposes, and mandates to ensure
           the clubs operate in accordance with the Association’s goals, policies and

     13.   Serve as the official representative on all public occasions during the conference.
           She shall set the agenda for the Conference, and preside over the District

     14.   Prepare an annual report to the District Conference and National Convention

B.   Vice Governor shall:

     1.    Assist the Governor in carrying out her work in the District.

     2.    Perform duties of the Governor in her temporary absence.

     3.    Submit an annual report to the conference body.

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     4.   Perform duties as assigned at the National Convention which may include serving
          on the credentials committee and adjudicating at competitions.

     5.   Perform the duties as outlined in the District’s bylaws.

     6.   Serve as the primary resource person for assistance on program reporting
          procedures and program development.

C.   Recording Secretary shall:

     1.   Provide the Governor with action items from district meetings and the Conference.

     2.   Disseminate minutes as prescribed by the district.

     3.   Serve on the National Minutes Review Committee.

D.   Financial Secretary shall:

     1.   Collect funds.

     2.   Draw and sign all vouchers.

     3.   Receive money for registrations.

     4.   Use district financial documents as outlined by the district.

     5.   Be a member of the Budget and Finance Committee.

     6.   Make records available for a regular audit.

     7.   Maintain appropriate and proper records.

     8.   Assist Treasurer in the performance of her duties.

E.   Treasurer shall:

     1.   Issue checks.

     2.   Be a member of Budget and Finance Committee.

     3.   Receive funds from the Financial Secretary and make deposits.

     4.   Prepare full financial report(s).

     5.   Keep accurate record of receipts and expenditures.

     6.   Submit an annual report of all funds received and expended.

F.   Youth Leader shall:

     1.   Assist Second Vice President in the execution of the National youth program in the
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          2.    Work with organizers to establish clubs.

          3.    Provide training and leadership to youth members.

          4.    Coordinate district youth activities.

          5.    Work closely with the Governor, local Third Vice-Presidents and Youth Department
                members in developing and implementing programs and activities for the Youth
                Department clubs.

          6.    Maintain communication with the YYAM clubs at the request of the Youth

III. District Meetings
A.   District Conference

          1.    Each District, except the International District, shall hold an annual conference.
                The proposed dates shall be set by the District Governor in cooperation with the
                hostess club(s). The District may also appoint a District Conference Planning
                Committee to coordinate the arrangement of the conference.

          2.    Conferences shall move to various clubs in the District. A schedule of rotation will
                assist in meeting the particular needs of each District.

          3.    Conferences shall provide information to clarify procedures, provide an opportunity
                for members to exchange information on national and local programs, resolve
                problems, provide leadership, personal growth and development through
                workshops and other group activities.
          4.    All members are expected to attend and participate in discussion groups and
                workshops, to study, plan and prepare for the implementation of the National
                Program on a local level. By sharing their skills, training and expertise to assist
                each other, new insights may be gained to strengthen and improve functioning of
                the organization on all levels.

          5.    The presiding officer of the conference shall be the District Governor.

          6.    A Rededication service shall be included in the district conference.

          7.    A memorial service shall be included in the district conference, as needed.

          8.    The district conferences shall be essentially working conferences, the business
                procedures of which shall be similar to those of the National Convention.

          9.    The Governor shall issue the call to the conference.

          10.   Delegate representation to the District Conference shall comply with the District

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         11.   The Conference shall elect District Officers and Nominating Committee
               representative(s). Nominations and Elections shall be in accordance with the
               guidelines contained within the National By-Laws (Article V. Sections 1-D and 1-E).

         12.   The District Conference shall act upon resolutions, By-Laws, fund-raising projects,
               new business items, committee reports and other business relevant to the district
               which is consistent with the goals and policies of the Association.

         13.   The District Conference report shall be included in the Governor’s report at the
               next board meeting and the National Convention.

    B.   Area/State Meetings

         1.    Area and/or state meetings shall be held on such dates and locations as

         2.    Area and/or state meetings shall provide an opportunity for clubs to come together
               to share ideas, gain information and make recommendations to district officers.

    C.   District Board Meetings

         District Board meetings shall be held as needed by the District and on such dates and
         locations as may be designated by the District Governor.

IV. District Competitions

    A.   Vocal Arts - Each District is expected to have one contestant participate in the National
         Leontyne Price Vocal Arts Competition. The district should hold a district level
         competition from the contestants recommended by the local clubs in the District.
         Procedures regarding the vocal arts competition should be referred to the National Vocal
         Arts Chairperson.

    B.   Oratorical - Local clubs and each district are encouraged to conduct oratorical
         competitions among the youth members in the district. The oratorical topic is selected
         by the National Second Vice President. The district contestant will compete in the
         National competition held during the National Convention. Procedures regarding the
         Oratorical competition should be referred to the National Second Vice President.

    C.   Suitcase Players (optional) - Youth Clubs are encouraged to develop a presentation
         depicting their program participation at the National Convention. District competitions
         can also be held among the youth clubs in the District. The name Suitcase Players is
         given to this competition, because all props needed for the dramatic presentations are
         brought with the participants. Procedures regarding the Suitcase Players should be
         referred to the National Second Vice President.

    D.   Banner Parade (optional) - Districts are encouraged to conduct a banner parade during
         their District Conference. Banners depict the local clubs program year and the projects
         implemented. A banner parade is also conducted at the National Convention.
         Procedures regarding the Banner Parade should be referred to the Governor’s Council
         or the National Headquarters.

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V. District Awards

   A.   Program - Upon a vote of the Sixty-second National Convention Body (1997), the
        Program Evaluation competition was eliminated. However, program reports are still due
        twice a year (outline in November and final in June). Districts are encouraged to
        implement ways to recognize local club program activities. Procedures regarding
        programs should be referred to the National First Vice President.

   B.   Volunteer Hours (optional) - Members of local clubs are eligible to submit
        documentation of their volunteer hours outside of the National Association of Negro
        Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. There are two categories one for
        working women and one for those who have retired. Procedures regarding Volunteer
        Hours should be referred to the National First Vice President.

   C.   Outstanding Club Member (optional) - Recognition of member services is an important
        morale booster. Recognizing one or more members for their willingness as a volunteer
        to go above and beyond basic membership responsibilities is a way to encourage
        continued outstanding service by others in the organization. Districts are encouraged to
        design and implement a program to publicly recognize these individual club members.

   D.   Governor’s Award (optional) - As with the Outstanding Club Member, Governors are
        encouraged to recognize members who have provided outstanding service to the District
        organization. This service should be one that enhances the district and/or supports the

   E.   Membership Growth - Membership and Program are the mainstay of the National
        Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. Individual club
        members as well as local clubs are encouraged to multiply membership. Districts are
        encouraged to recognize of these efforts, whenever possible.

VI. District Communications

   Communication is the key to successful organization and longstanding relationships. Each
   District should communicate on a regular basis with the local clubs and club members. This
   communication can be in the form of newsletters, information packages to local president, and
   other informational mailings to club officers. No matter what form the communication may
   take, it should be informative, relevant and timely. Local clubs should be encouraged to
   submit news items for the District newsletter. District officers are encouraged to use the
   newsletter as a training tool, for club officers and members, on district and national policies
   and procedures. Copies of District newsletters should be shared with the National
   Headquarters and National Board members. An updated mailing list of National Board
   members can be obtained from the National Headquarters.

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