Welcome to the Visual Art Department of by G98gIP


									     Welcome to the Visual Art Department of
              McCullough Jr. High

Dear Parent(s),

We are pleased to have your son and/or daughter in Art and have some
exciting activities planned. We are looking forward to great exhibitions of
student artwork throughout the school for all to enjoy.

A strong fine arts program is a mainstay in a student’s educational career.
Studies in Art Education reveal that art classes enhance a child’s ability to
communicate more effectively and problem-solve more proficiently.
Additionally the use of two and three-dimensional media such as drawing,
painting, and sculpture help students build a strong foundation in the
elements and principles of art for a broader humanities background.

The scheduling program at McCullough Jr. High provides ninety-minute
blocks of art every other day. In this way, your son or daughter will
complete the class within one semester. To guarantee a marvelous
semester, we want to share this letter of vital information with you and
your student. Please read the following, then sign and return.


There is an art supply fee of $25.00 and is payable by check to
McCullough Jr. High. This fee is due within two weeks. Supply fees include
all materials that the student might need for class. Special arrangements
will be made for those who need assistance. No student will be denied an
opportunity to participate due to lack of funds.


Each project will be graded based upon the following criteria: objectives
(skills/technique), craftsmanship and thorough completion. In
accordance with school policy, ten points will be deducted for each day
a project is late. Oftentimes a student wants to dedicate greater detail to
a project and may foresee a need for extra time. We encourage this
serious student to schedule additional time to work on their project prior to
the date it is due. Success stems from doing our best and completing all
Safety Policy/Classroom Management Plan

Students are taught safe procedures in the use of materials and tools.
Disruptive classroom behavior can lead to accidents and injury. Therefore,
we stress safety and will not tolerate horseplay or misuse of tools and

Each student deserves the best possible environment in which to learn so
we have developed a Classroom Discipline Plan that clearly states the
behavior necessary for class to run smoothly. The rules are as follows:

      Follow directions the first time they are given

      Be seated and quiet during the teacher presentations and work

      Remain on task the entire work time

      Maintain proper care of supplies

      Respect each other and artwork – If it isn’t yours, please do not
       touch it!

By working together, this will be an awesome year. You are the security
and strength behind your child. We want to be an extension of that
security and strength. Together, we can make your son and daughter’s
success the ultimate goal. If you have questions or concerns, please call
or email.

Thank you,

Art Department of McCullough Jr. High

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