day8teddyrap by 0Ot0AvJ


									Day 8
The sinking of the Maine
February 15, 1898

Tune: colors

Repeat: Teddy, Teddy

We need an island
for a vacation.
Goodbye Queen,
welcome to our nation.

Jose' Marti'
fights for ten years
we can make him a hero
have no fears

The Virginuis was stopped.
It was boarded.
You better watch out,
you will get us started.

General Wyler,
what a nerd!
Rounded up 10,000,
what a herd!

William Randolph Hearst
sent Remington far,
"You provide the pictures,
I'll provide the war."

Yellow Journalism,
learn about the capers.
The Maine sinks,
it sells a lot of papers.

I say Teddy. You Say Bully.
Teddy! Bully! Teddy! Bully!
I say Teddy. You say Bully.
Teddy! Bully! Teddy! Bully!

A declaration of war,
Mac finally asks,
Dewey beats the Spanish,
"Let's have breakfast".

I say T! You say R!
T! R! T! R!
I say T! You say R!
T! R! T! R!

Teddy Roosevelt
went up San Juan Hill.
He rode tall in the saddle
but he didn't get killed.

We won the war
in a short time
Mac says Filipinos
you better get in line

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