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									Facebook (FB) helpful hints and suggestions By: Rita R. Knox
Note: I actually wrote this for NSD Linda Toupin but, it has blessed MANY so, I'll continue to share and I will update as I receive more
questions from Linda and others.

PLAY AROUND & PRACTICE: I suggest that you play around and remember whenever you are playing around you can post it but, go
back to your profile and click on remove next to the post so that noone sees your experiments, tests or practicing. If you create a NOTE
just for PRACTICE you cannot just go to your profile and remove it, you have to physically go to the NOTES section and click on

1. Problem: TOO MANY NOTIFICATIONS AND EMAILS: When I click on like or I reply to someone else’s posts, I receive all
notifications to any and all concurrent posts.

Solution: Go to Account > Click on Account Settings then > Notifications

Uncheck the following items in your NOTIFICATIONS settings: (unless you are OK with them)

1) Comments after me on a Wall story

2) Photo's Category: Comments after me in a photo - Comments after me in a photo album

3) Notes Category: Comments after me in a note DO CLICK ON Comments on my notes

4) Links Category: Comments after me in a link

5) Videos Category: Comments after me in a video

6) Wall Comments: Comments after me on a Wall story

*** Also, if you want to reply but do not want to have to be notified after everyone else's reply simply send a private message instead and
you will avoid all of the other replies notifications. ****

2. Problem: TOO MANY FRIENDS: Too many friends and I cannot keep up with them!

Solution: As you add friends use the drop down and create LISTS and put them all in LISTS. You can also create LISTS and go back to
everyone who is not in a group and put them in one. Go to ACCOUNT then click on Edit Friends. Next to each persons name it says how
many lists they are on or it will say Add to list.

3. Problem: GROUP MESSAGES: I want to be able to send 1 message to a group or block of people

** No, you cannot go click on the group and post a status message that only they would see.


1) Maybe the best possibility is to physically start a GROUP by clicking on the word GROUPS on the left hand side just below friends,
applications, games. You can start a group for just your national area and invite just them or it can be just a group for your unit or just a
group with your offspring Directors or a Group just for your Mary Kay Customers. Then you can physically communicate just with the
persons within the group. Creating a group is sooooooooooo easy!!!

2) If you go over 3500 friends Facebook will force you to start a fan page.

3) WOW when posting a MESSAGE to the News Feed you can click on the little black lock next to SHARE and it will allow you to send
the message just to specific people or a group.

4. Problem: FAN PAGE: How do I start a Fan Page?

Solution: (First decide that a Fan Page is Necessary! They are really important for folks who have wayyyyy too many friends and FB
says it is an issue) Your friends list will continue to grow and then FB will let you know when it is time for you to have a fan page. There
is no limit to the numbers of viewers/friends on a fan page but, everyone first has to have a regular page.
STARTING A FAN PAGE: Go to Ads and Pages link (left side on your News Feed page) Follow the instructions.

5. Problem: EVENTS: I want to let everyone know about an EVENT and then find out who is coming?

Solution: Go to the profile link (top right) click on Events and follow the instructions! You’ll see "Wall, Info, Photo's, Events and Notes.

6. Problem: NEED TO SEND TRAINING OR A NOTE TO A GROUP: I want to share a training or important information with a
select group of people.

Solution: Go to the profile link (top right) click on NOTES and follow the instructions! You will see "Wall, Info, Photo's, Events and
Notes. The notes basically allow you unlimited space or more space than writing on the Wall or News Feed?

You can publish the NOTES and all of your friends will see them from you or you can choose a group of people to receive the notes while
you are creating the NOTE. Everyone can also reply to your notes.

7. Problem: CANNOT EASILY FIND MY FRIENDS: I have trouble finding my friends to invite them to be my friend on Facebook


1) The easiest way to search for anyone on Facebook is to find them by entering their EMAIL ADDRESS into the Search Bar that is at the
VERY TOP of Facebook. FAST!!!!

2) Allow Facebook to connect with your ADDRESS BOOK in your EMAIL ACCOUNT. On The News Feed page click on page then
click on FIND FRIENDS. Searching your email account is the fastest way to find your friends on Facebook.

8. Problem: FACEBOOK VIA CELL: I want to use my CELL PHONE to update Facebook

Solution: On The News Feed page go to the Get Connected links on the bottom left and you will find the Try Facebook Mobile link and
all of the information that you will need. You can send video’s, pictures and status message updates to your Profile/News Feed/Wall.

9. Problem: TOO MUCH ON THE NEWSFEED: I see games, and tons of different applications my friends are using and they come
up constantly on my News Feed page.

Solution: Friends: On The News Feed page next to every wall post is the word hide and YES, rather than remove someone as a friend, I
simply hide their wall posts and if I want to check on them from time to time I go to their wall and read a few of their most recent posts.
Sometimes our friends are youth or big time FACEBOOKERS and simply publish EVERYTHING. We don’t want to remove them as a
friend but, hiding their posts can be necessary. You can ALWAYS change your MIND!

Games and Applications: ONE THING I HIDE 24/7 is: Everyone on Facebook plays games and various applications the second those
show up I click on HIDE and then I click on HIDE and the name of the game specifically. I do not click on HIDE the person. Some of
those do not give you the opportunity to hide the game results so be careful not to be quick to click and hide the person. I have hid the
games for so long that unless a new one comes out, all of those games are hidden no matter who plays them.

10. Problem: PHONE NUMBERS: I need someone’s Phone Number

Solution: Go to far top right and click on ACCOUNT then click on EDIT FRIENDS and then click on Phone Book. You can see
FACEBOOK so….. Click on PROFILE then INFO and EDIT WHAT and WHO you allow people to see!
11. Problem: I post something and I want it to show 3 pictures. I am finding I must create an album to get the post to show 3


a) Create an ALBUM and once you do, you can publish it with your message!

b) Create a NOTE and upload to it as many photo's as you like.

c) In your News Feed you can create a post and it gives you 5 options

1) Attach ONE Photo

2) Attach ONE Video

3) Attach ONE Event

4) Attach ONE LINK and it will even give you a picture AND once the link has shown up below the post with a thumbnail pic, you can
actually delete THAT PARTICULAR link from your post you are about to send.

#5) It will allow you to attach your Birthday WISH LIST

*** Events only allow you to show one photo ***

12. Problem: Links....?? Don't understand that at all. When I embed a link in a post it shows up there. I really would just like it to be a
listing of links I recommend.

Solution: Well, the first link you put in the posting can be attached and the others will simply show up as a link that is CLICKABLE once
you post it but, before you post it, it does not look CLICKABLE.

However if you create a NOTE the links will show up and be clickable but, it does not show up the same as when you post to the News
Feed. SEE ABOVE re: attaching a link.

13: Problem:PHOTO's & LINKS: In a newsfeed I attach one photo but then I can attach a link and that can be a 2nd photo??

Solution: Nope, when sending a News Feed post it only let's you choose one of the Attach Features but, you still can post in several links
and they will be clickable when they show up.

NOTES: You can post as many photo's as you like in a NOTE and in the body of the note you can put all of the links that you need AND
you can choose a select group that it will be visible too and no matter what, it will only be visible to them.

PHOTO ALBUM: Now, when you click on a photo album you can send a message to a group of 20 (or less) or post it to your profile
(News Feed). You can paste in links and they will be clickable but, they will not show up below because the Album MAIN Photo is
showing below.

MESSAGES: You can send a message to a group of 20 (or less) or post it to your profile (News Feed). You can paste in links and they
will be clickable. You can also attach ONE PHOTO OR one Video OR one LINK in a MESSAGE.

14. Problem: LINKS: I'd like my links on my wall to be a listing of links I recommend. How do I do that?

Solution: LINKS ON WALL: Just post the message and paste in each link. The first link will show up below and the rest will be in the
body of the News Feed message.
15. Problem: TAGGED PHOTOS OF ME: How do I remove photos on my site that OTHER people have tagged/posted of me? I want
control over that!

Solution: Go to the picture and click on it till you see the below options:

In this photo: Jane Doe (photos | remove tag) << Click on remove tag and the picture will go away!

16. Problem: I do not want everyone to see my friends are or who we are friends in common with.

Solution: Go to your profile on the left are a bunch of little editing pencils, simply click on the one above your friends and then you can
change those settings.

17. Problem: I clicked like on something that I did not mean to "LIKE"

Solution: If it is someone's post simply click UNLIKE and it should remove it. If you clicked LIKE on a link then go to your profile
page, find it and go to the bottom left and click unlike. OR you can click on the pencil and change who get's to view your "LIKE'S"

18. Problem: I have many things I want to edit but, where do I go to?

Solution: Go to your profile on the left are a bunch of little editing pencils, simply click on the one above whatever you need to edit and
then you can change those settings.

19. Problem: Hackers- How do I prevent my Facebook accounts and or other accounts from being HACKED into?
Solution: #1) Make your password a weird series of numbers or letters and though it is not fun IBM suggested it be 10+ Characters long.
Also, do not click on SAVE my login info or password on ANYTHING.

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