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Just one tool to meet all your need of mutimedia conversion (for Mac/Windows)


									For both Mac and Windows user: Sometimes when we want to enjoy a dvd or video on our portable devics, or want to copy a dvd for backuping our favorite movie, we have to buy the programs respectively to meet our need. But now with the release of Aiseesoft DVD Software Toolkit for Mac and Aiseesoft DVD Software Toolkit, all of these work can be done with just one tool! Now the following content will show you how to use the powerful program. For Mac users: Preparation:Download Aiseeoft DVD Software Toolkit for Mac (Intel Version or Power PC Version), install and run it.

With Aiseesoft DVD Software Toolkit, you can Part 1: Rip DVD Step 1: Select and Run Aiseesoft DVD Ripper for Mac and then click "Load DVD" button to load your DVD.

Step 2: Tick the check boxes before the titles and chapters that you want to rip. Step 3: Select the output video format you want from the "Profile" drop-down list. Aiseesoft DVD Ripper for Mac can rip your DVD to almost any video formats supported by popular digital player. Step 4: Click "Start" button to start your conversion The conversion will be finish soon when you enjoy your leisure time. The editting functions such as "Capture your favorite picture", "Crop video", "Video Effecting","Trim video","Merge videos into one file" are also available and very easy to use Part 2: Convert and Edit video Step 1: Select and run Aiseesoft Video Converter for Mac and then click "Add File" button to add your video.

Step 2: Set output format you want from the "Profile" drop-down list. Click "Settings" to open the Settings window. In the Video Settings, you can select Encoder, Frame Rate, Resolution and Bitrate to convert your movie. In the Audio Settings, you can select Encoder, Channels, Bitrate and Sample Rate to convert your movie. Step 3: Click "Start" button to start your conversion In a short while the converison will be finished. Part 3:Transfer video to iPod/iPod to PC Preparation: Select and run Aiseesoft iPod Manager for Mac

Step 1: connect your iPod/iPhone to your computer via USB cable Step 2: According your needs to select the the functions If you want to import video/audio files to your iPod, click "Mac to iPod" button. If you want to transfer iPod files to PC, click "iPod to Mac" button. Step 3: After you have finished the above two steps, just follow the instructions on it to complete your demands. Part 4: Make your own iPhone Ringtone Preparation: Select and run Aiseesoft iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac

Step 1: Click "Browse…" button on the right side of "Input File" to import the file(audio or video file) that you want to make ringtone from it. Step 2: Click "Play" button to listen the music to find the segment that you want to use it as ringtone. Then drag and click the start & end slider to set your wanted segment, or type the start & end time in the corresponding text box directly to get the exact segment. Click "Preplay" to pre-listen the converted audio before generate. Step 3: Click "Browse…" button on the right side of "Local Output Folder" to choose the output destination. Step 4: Check "Export to iPhone" option, the converted ringtone will be load to your iPhone directly. Click "Manage Ringtone" to edit the added iPhone ringtone by removing it or renaming it directly. Step 5: After all the settings are finished, click "Generate" button to begin making your own iPhone ringtone. Part 5: Copy DVDs on Mac Step 1: Select and run Aiseesoft DVD Copy for Mac, then then insert your DVD disc. After launched the program, this program will remind you to insert your DVD

Step 1: Select the DVD copy mode: After inserting your DVD, the program will let you select the copy mode to copy your DVD, you can click “Full Disc Mode ” button or “Main Movie Mode” button on the main interface to select the copy mode. Step 2: Select the source From the "Source" menu you to load DVD folder and DVD image ISO. Step 3: Choose Output Info "Audio", "Subtitle" and "Volume" name Audio: You can choose your output audio from the "Audio" drop-down list, such as "all audio"/ "None"/ or some audio the DVD provide. Subtitle: Subtitle is always an important thing, you can choose your output subtitle in "Subtitle" drop-down list. Volume name: You can also name your output volume's name

Step 4: Select the target You can copy your DVD to another DVD disc, DVD folder or DVD image ISO. Step 5: Start the copy Click "Start" button to begin your DVD Copying. After the copy is done, a window will appear to inform you that the copy is finished. Click "Finish" to close the window and end the copy. For Windows users: Aiseesoft DVD Software Toolkit enables you to rip dvd, convert video, manage ipod files and make your own iphone ringtone.

These powerful programs is so easy to use, no waiting, just have a try now!

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