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									                                 Development Action Group (DAG) is a leading non-profit organisation,
                                 playing a vital role in tackling South Africa’s urban development challenges.
                                 DAG’s programmes address growing informality, deepening poverty, social
                                 exclusion, urban sprawl and the need for integration and new municipal
                                 planning approaches. DAG is a Section 21 Company and works closely with
                                 both community based organisations and the three spheres of government.

               Call for the Provision of Construction Project Management Services
Development Action Group has been contracted by the Department Western Cape Department of Housing to facilitate
and support the unblocking of 10 People’s Housing Process projects in Khayelitsha. These projects are spread out in
five areas of Khayelitsha and comprise 2310 subsidy houses in different stages of completion. The Development Action
Group intends to appoint a construction company to render construction project management services. Previous
experience in People’s Housing Process projects and a proven track record in generating local economic development
opportunities and skills transfer within low-income communities would be an added advantage.
Project Title
Unblocking 10 PHP Projects in Khayelitsha
Project Specification / Scope of Works
The project scope of work entails the following:
 Manage the construction of the Housing Support Centre in Makhaza
 Project manage the construction of 2310 subsidy houses in different stages of completion spread out in 5 areas of
  Khayelitsha i.e. Site B, Town 2, Harare, Makhaza & old Khayelitsha section
      Please submit the following documentation by 4pm on 8 March 2010. Contact Kathy Aranes on
                     021 4487886 or email to for further enquiries.
Information Required
 Proof of your company’s registration
 A Shareholding Certificate indicating the registered shareholding of your company;
 A Company Profile with sufficient information to evaluate your company;
 Specific information with reference to qualifications, experience and expertise for the rendering of (affordable /
  subsidized) housing construction project management services;
 Your company’s procurement policy (Affirmative Business Enterprise or ABE policy) with specific reference to the
  Emerging Consultants / Affirmative Business Enterprises or ABE and or alliance formed with an ABE Consultancy or
  Specialist with the necessary experience, may be submitted as part of your company’s tender.
 Proof of the above mentioned should be submitted together with a minimum of three contactable references.
 Information regarding personnel Curriculum Vitae’s (CVs) that will be involved in the project may be provided as part
  of the tender.
 The company capability statement may also be provided with specific reference to knowledge, experience and
 Housing Construction monitoring experience; Quality control systems; and
 Any other areas not mentioned but relevant.
Submission of Application
Each application must include the following:
 Completed Supplier Registration and Electronic Funds Transfer Forms;
 Submitted latest Audited Financial Statement and valid Tax Clearance Certificate, and
 A valid BBBEE Certificate.
An omission to disclose material information, a factual inaccuracy, and / or a willful misrepresentation of facts may
result in the disqualification of the application, or cancellation of any subsequent contract.

DAG reserves the right to:
 verify any information contained in the application;
 not to appoint any service provider;
 appoint one or more service providers, separately or jointly (whether or not they submitted a joint application), and
 DAG’s decision on applications received shall be final and binding, and DAG will not be obligated to provide
  information in this regard to prospective applicants.
Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
DAG is committed to broad-based black economic empowerment and preference will be given to suppliers who meet
DAG’s BBBEE requirements.
Copy Right / Patent Rights
Copyright of any document produced, and the patent rights or ownership in any plant, machinery, system or process
designed, by a service provider in the course of the consultancy service is vested in DAG.
General Terms
 Each application shall be valid for a minimum period of 2 weeks (14 days) calculated from the closing date.
 Any enquiry regarding this application will be addressed at the site briefing/inspection at a date to be finalised and
  no queries will be addressed telephonically or through e-mail. Suitable candidates will be notified of the date and
  time of briefing session.
 Appointment as a successful service provider shall be subject to the parties agreeing to mutually acceptable
  contractual terms and conditions. In the event of the parties failing to reach such agreement within 30 days from
  the appointment date, DAG shall be entitled to appoint the service provider who was rated second, and so on.
 All documentation submitted in response to this invitation must be in English.

  Construction Schedule and Project Information will be made available at the briefing session to
                            be held in Khayelitsha on 19 March 2010.

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