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Editor’s Note: It is too hard to keep up with counts, But for your    price up to $2,500. Electric-powered two wheelers have been
info here are the Clubs that are getting the Brothers Behind Bars     without a Fed purchase incentive since the beginning of 2012,
Newsletter (65 Clubs) in Prison: Avengers, Bandidos, Banshees,        when the original tax break expired that was part of the $800
Barons, Black Pistons, Boozefighters, BPM, Breed, Brother             billion stimulus package passed in 2009. The committee
Speed, Damned Deacon, D.C. Eagles, Death Squad, Derelicts,            approved a bipartisan package of tax credits on August 2,
Devils Diciples, Diablos, El Forastero, Finks, Fly-In-Wheels,         including the amendment by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) to
Forsaken Few, Free Souls, Galloping Goose, Ghost Riders, Grim         extend the tax credit for buying EV bikes designed for street use.
Reapers, Gypsy Joker, Hells Angels, Hells Outcasts, Hermanos,         With “thousands of red white & blue jobs on the line” in
Hessians, Hidalgo’s, Highwaymen, In Country Vietnam, Iron             America’s cutting edge E-bike industry, Wyden says the tax break
Horsemen, Invaders, Iron Wings, Iron Mustangs, Legion Of              is necessary & will cost $15 million over two years. Now the
Doom, Liberty Riders, Long Riders, Misfits, Mohawk Valley             measure will be considered by the full Senate.
Riders, Mongols, Nomads, Outlaws, Pagan’s, Phantom’s,
Pharoahs, Reapers, Renegades, Sadistics, Satans Soldiers,             “Look Twice” In Wisconsin: An effort by ABATE of Wisconsin
Scorpions, Set Free Soldiers, Sons of Legion, Sons Of Silence,        to place signs that build awareness of motorcyclists among other
Sovereign, Sundowners, Thunderbirds, Unforegiven, Vagos,              motorists continues to gain momentum, & the group hopes to take
Vietnam Vets / Legacy Vets, Y-Rohirrin, Warlocks Pa, Warlocks,        the project statewide. When Mike Halvorson, representing a local
Winos Crew And Wheels Of Soul… With newsletters going to              chapter of ABATE, approached the Silver Lake Village Board
Australia, Canada, England, France, Finland, Germany, Norway,         about accepting the donation of two of the motorcycle awareness
Sweden, & Wales…                                                      signs & placing them on appropriate village roads, the board
                                                                      accepted the donation of the signs. The blue, reflective signs say
The AIM/NCOM Motorcycle E-News Service is brought to you              “Look Twice, Save a Life” & have a graphic of a motorcyclist.
by Aid to Injured Motorcyclists & the National Coalition of           “Our feeling is if they are looking out for us they are looking out
Motorcyclists, & is sponsored by the Law Offices of Richard M.        for the bikes & pedestrians too,” Halvorson said. The ABATE
Lester. If you’ve been involved in any kind of accident, call us at   group has now reached agreement to place signs in several other
1-(800) ON-A-BIKE or visit                         area cities, & placing the signs on county highways has also been
                                                                      endorsed by the Kenosha Cnty Hwy Dept director.
NCOM Biker Newsbytes: Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish…
                                                                      From the Gunny’s Sack: California: Transponds: California
Fed E-15 Minimum Fuel Purchase Mandate: “However                      requires a transponder when travelling on toll roads, mounted on
inconceivable it may seem, ethanol has managed to earn itself         your vehicle in a visible location. This is a real problem for
another enemy. To service-station owners, refiners, vintage-car       motorcycles. Where do you mount the things to be in plain sight?
collectors, economists & car manufacturers themselves, add            This has been corrected by AB1890, introduced by Assemblyman
motorcycle riders,” reported the New York Times in announcing a       Jose Solorio. The bill was signed into law by Governor Jerry
new EPA mandate that requires consumers to purchase a                 Brown & allows motorcyclists to store their transponders out of
minimum of 4 gallons of E-15 gasoline. At issue is E15, a             sight in a pouch or saddlebags when on toll roads. This reduces
gasoline blend consisting of 15% ethanol, rather than the typical     the probability of theft from being mounted in a visible location
10% formulation E10. The Fed Environmental Protection Agency          on a motorcycle. Editor’s Note: Gunny Hutcheson is retiring at
has approved E15 for all cars from the 2001 model year & newer,       the end of the year after serving nearly 20 years as the AIM Chief
but the E.P.A. has not approved its use for any motorcycles or all-   of Staff in Oregon for AIM Attorney Sam Hochberg, & everyone
terrain vehicles & its use could void manufacturers’ warranties.      at Aid to Injured Motorcyclists & the National Coalition of
To help keep E15 out of these & other unapproved nonroad              Motorcyclists. Thank him for his years of dedication to bikers’
engines, service stations offering E15 & E10 from the same pump       rights & safety & we wish him All the Best!
station must agree to sell a minimum of 4 gallons of fuel per
purchase in order to protect the engine of the next customer’s        Chicago Team License Plates Available for Illinois
vehicle, as the fueling hose retains roughly a third of a gallon      Motorcyclists: Chicago fans among the state’s 350,000
from the previous customer’s fill-up. But not all motorcycle fill-    motorcyclists now can pay homage to their favorite pro sports
ups reach four gallons, as some motorcycles don’t have tanks with     teams thanks to a new law signed by Governor Pat Quinn on Aug
that volume, or their owners may want to merely top them off.         9. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, a former minor league
Exactly how a service station with pay-at-the-pump equipment          baseball player in the Cubs organization, will make the new
could enforce the rule remains unclear, & the new EPA                 specialty license plates available for North Side fans as well as
requirement announced in a response to an AMA inquiry is              White Sox fans on the South Side. Bulls, Bears & Blackhawks
already generating ire on Capitol Hill where Congressman Jim          plates also will be offered when pre-orders begin Aug. 24 at
Sensenbrenner (R-WI) told the Times; “The E.P.A. has no      Money from the sales is earmarked
business mandating how much gasoline Americans have to buy            to support schools. More than 18,000 sports team license plates
when filling up at the pump. What if a rider doesn’t have a           have been sold to people driving cars, vans, pick-ups & other
motorcycle with a four gallon tank,” he challenged. “Or if            small trucks in less than two years, bringing in almost $800,000
someone wants to fill a canister for their lawnmower or outboard      for schools. “I am proud to make these license plates available to
boat engine, but it only holds two or three gallons? Or what if an    motorcycle enthusiasts as a means of showing team spirit &
American, struggling in this economy, just can’t afford four          further supporting education across the state,” White told the
gallons of gas?”                                                      Chicago Tribune in announcing his expansion of the sports-plate
                                                                      program to include motorcycles.
Electric Motorcycles Extended Tax Credit: Good news for eco-
minded aficionados of two-wheeled transport, as the Senate            NADAguides Releases Latest Motorcycle Trends: The latest data
Finance Committee has approved a tax credit for purchasers of         regarding motorcycle shopping & research trends has been
on-road electric motorcycles amounting to 10% of the purchase         released from NADAguides, an online new & used powersports
pricing & information resource. And though the economy has yet           suspicious of Fed authority? How about really into individual
to recover from the slump, consumer interest & motorcycle sales          liberty? Well according to a new study funded by the US Dept of
are gradually increasing. The Motorcycle Industry Council says           Homeland Security, you very well might be a terrorist. A report
overall worldwide year-on-year motorcycle sales are up 3.6%, &           published earlier this year by the National Consortium for the
NADAguides research shows that consumer interest & research              Study of Terrorism & Responses to Terrorism (START) at the
has grown 15% in the second quarter of 2012 over the second              University of Maryland has surfaced, & in their DHS-funded
quarter of 2011.        NADAguides says the largest segments             findings, Americans “reverent of individual liberty” & others
receiving growth & interest are trikes & touring scooters with a         adamant about protecting their personal freedoms are categorized
step-through chassis. Industry sales of touring scooters are up          as extreme right-wing terrorists. In the paper, “Hot Spots of
5.6% year-to-date & have recorded a year over year traffic               Terrorism & Other Crimes in the United States, 1970-2008”,
increase on of 24% over the past year. Touring            researchers characterize what traits should be considered when
scooters provide a good starting point for consumers who are new         describing right-wing terrorists, & identifies “groups that believe
to motorcycling because they have more stability & are easy to           that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack,”
mount & dismount, & top brands searched on                & those that are “suspicious of centralized Fed authority” &
include models from Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha & Vespa, making                “believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to
up 96% of the traffic in the segment. NADAguides analysts note           personal liberty,” the report adds. START was founded with the
that trikes or three-wheel motorcycles are also gaining in               aid of a $12 million DHS grant, & their most recent report is
popularity, registering a year over year increase of traffic on the      described by its authors as the latest part in a series of studies
site up 27%. Appealing primarily to the baby boomer generation,          sponsored by the Human Factors/Behavioral Sciences Division,
three-wheel motorcycles offer more stability, more comfort for           Science & Technology Directorate & the US Dept of Homeland
long trips & can be customized & outfitted with a variety of             Security in support of the Counter-IED Prevent/Deter program:
comfort & convenience packages, such as independent                      “The goal of this program is to sponsor research that will aid the
suspension, disc brakes, upgraded audio, large lockable storage &        intelligence & law enforcement communities in identifying
more. Top trike or three-wheel motorcycle brands searched on             potential terrorist threats,” write the authors, which is done “using include models from Can-Am, Harley-                       state-of-the-art theories, methods & data from the social &
Davidson, Boss Hoss & Lehman Trikes, making up 93% of the                behavioral sciences to improve understanding of the origins,
traffic in the segment.                                                  dynamics & social & psychological impacts of terrorism.”
                                                                         Apparently, loving America is precisely one of those factors
Sleepy Drivers as Dangerous as Drunks: Being sleepy behind the           found out through the latest space-age understanding of the
wheel is almost as dangerous as drinking & driving, according to         human mind.
a study from France, with drivers who were either drunk or sleepy
at least twice as likely to cause a vehicle accident as their sober or   Weird News: Mind-Reading Helmet: Speaking of the human
well-rested counterparts. For the study, researchers under the           mind, & conspiracy theories, perhaps the latest interrogation
direction of Nicholas Moore at the Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire        device -- a mind-reading helmet -- will help authorities identify us
de Bordeaux analyzed information from 679 drivers admitted to a          freedom-loving “terrorist” bikers. Veritas Scientific is working
hospital in southwestern France for more than 24 hours because of        on an EEG helmet that carries a slideshow of images that could
a serious accident between 2007 & 2009. "Sleepiness carried              reliably identify an enemy. The device is shaped like a
almost as much risk as alcohol ingestion," wrote Moore & his             motorcycle-helmet with metal brush sensors that will read brain
colleagues in a letter in the Archives of Internal Medicine.             activity as images flash quickly across the inside of the visor.
Researchers used information from driver questionnaires & police         Electroencephalography (EEG) is the science of measuring
reports to determine what may have contributed to the accidents.         brainwave patterns produced by the brain in response to internal
Drivers reported what medications they were on, their alcohol use        or external stimuli. Familiar images prompt spikes of electrical
& how sleepy they had been before the crash, while patient files         brain activity that indicate recognition, say scientists. The
provided information on blood alcohol levels. The majority of the        company places its EEG helmet work in the realm of
injured drivers were under 55 years old & men. Over half were on         “interrogation technology,” & sees its device of use to the U.S.
a motorcycle, about one-third in a car & 10% on a bicycle at the         military to help them pick friend from enemy…sure, that’s just
time of the accident. The police determined that 355 of the drivers      what they want you to believe! The technology is also suggested
were responsible for their crash. From that, Moore & his                 as useful for law enforcement.
colleagues found that being between the ages of 18 & 29 years
old, driving a car, drinking alcohol & being sleepy were all tied to     Quotable Quote: "If a man seeks a righteous life, his first act of
an increased risk of causing an accident. "We know from                  abstinence should be from telling others how to think & live." ~
experimental studies that just four hours of sleep loss will produce     Tolstoy (1828-1910), Russian novelist
as much impairment as a six pack (of beer)," said Christopher
Drake, an associate scientist at the Henry Ford Hospital Sleep           A teenage granddaughter comes downstairs for her date with
Disorders & Research Center in Detroit, who was not involved in          this see-through blouse on & no bra. Her grandmother just
the study. "If you have a whole night of sleep loss, that's              pitched a fit,telling her not to dare go out like that! The teenager
equivalent to having a blood alcohol content of 0.19," Drake told        tells her ‘Loosen up Grams. These are modern times. You gotta
Reuters news service. A blood alcohol level of 0.08% is                  let your rose buds show!’ And out she goes. The next day the
considered legally drunk in most U.S. states.                            teenager comes down stairs, & the grandmother is sitting there
Rights Activists Labelled Terrorists: Long-serving National              with no top on. The teenager wants to die. She explains to her
Coalition of Motorcyclists board member Glen Fengstad of                 grandmother that she has friends coming over & that it is just not
ABATE of Montana (Co-Director, NCOM Region III) submitted                appropriate... The grandmother says, ‘Loosen up, Sweetie. If you
the following news item from along with the                   can show off your rose buds, then I can display my hanging
observation that “I think it targets all of us to a tee”: Are you        baskets. Happy Gardening.
Increased Good Time & Programming Credits – July 23, 2012              Legislation to establish a hybrid system of parole & good time
– USA – By Carrie Johnson; - DOJ Proposal:             allowances for Fed prisoners. – July 30, 2012 – USA – By Legal
Extra 7 days a year of good time credit, from the current 47 days      Aide Imagine what 4 Billion dollars can do for the public!! If
to a new ceiling of 54 days | Up to 2 months a year in extra credit    the Fed Gov’t can save over 4 Billion (4 Thousand Millions) by
toward the completion of their sentence. To Reduce Spending On         making some policy changes, that enormous amount of money
Prisons, Justice Wants To Speed Up Release Dates… In a theme           can be spend on feeding the millions of hungry, providing shelter
playing out all over the country, Justice Dept officials are           to thousands of homeless, paying thousands of student loans, &
proposing new ways to put the brakes on massive prison                 creating jobs by hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately, this
expenditures that have been eating up a bigger portion of their        money is wasted in ways you don’t know & could not even
flat-lined annual budget. Speaking at the summer conference of         imagine.
the Nat’l District Attys Association, Assistant Atty General Lanny
Breuer called on Congress to pass 2 proposals that would speed         So What is the Problem with the Fed Gov’t? The FY 2013
up the release dates for well-behaved inmates. The 1st plan would      Budget requests a total of $8.6 billion for Fed prisons & detention,
allow prisoners who take part in educational programs proven to        & 4.5 percent increase over the FY 2012 appropriated level.
reduce recidivism rates to earn up to 2 months a year in extra         Compare this staggering $8.6 Billion budget for Prisons to the
credit toward the completion of their sentence. The 2nd would          following items for Education & Housing in the FY 2013 Budget:
allow prisoners to collect an extra 7 days a year of good time         (all these items below don’t even add up to even a Billion dollars)
credit, from the current 47 days to a new ceiling of 54 days.          $150 million to continue transformative investments in high-
Breuer also submitted a new report to the U.S. Sentencing              poverty neighborhoods where distressed HUD -assisted public &
Commission today that argues the historically low violent crime        privately owned housing is located.         $100 million for more
rates are under threat from budget cutbacks “unless reforms are        communities to develop comprehensive housing & transportation
instituted to make our public safety expenditures smarter & more       plans that result in sustainable development increased transit-
productive.” The overcrowded Fed prison system currently               accessible housing, lower energy costs for consumers, & reduced
houses about 218,000 inmates, & states & county jails hold             air pollution that impacts public health & the climate. $154
another 2 million more. “A criminal justice system that spends         million to expand the supply of affordable housing to seniors &
disproportionately on prisons, at the expense of policing,             persons with disabilities. $50 million to pilot an expansion of the
prosecutions, & recidivism-reducing programs, is unlikely to be        successful Jobs-Plus demonstration $260 million in funding for
maximizing public safety,” Breuer said, according to the text of       science, technology, engineering, & mathematics (STEM)
his speech.                                                            programs. $30 million evidenced-based math education initiative
                                                                       to be jointly administered with a comparable program at the
Petition on Increasing Good-Time Credits – July 25, 2012 –             National Science Foundation.         $80 million for recruiting &
USA – By - Dear Friends: We are                preparing 100,000 high-quality STEM teachers over the next 10
proud to announce that we have started a petition in                   years. $12 million for Institute of Education Sciences research & to United States Congress asking to bring the           development & sustained funding for investing in innovation.
Fed Parole - increased Good-Time credits back. We are also             Over the past 40 years, criminal justice policy in the U.S. was
sending the copy of our petition to over a thousand newspapers,        shaped by the belief that the best way to protect the public was to
internet news-media outlets & radio talk-shows. A copy of our          put more people in prison. Offenders, the reasoning went, should
petition is being sent to you along with this email. As you will       spend longer & longer time behind bars. We should realize that
read in our petition, we are asking to reinstate Fed Parole &          the cost to house an inmate for 12 months is almost $40,000.00,
Increased Good-Time credits, not with reasons previously argued        which rise significantly for all inmates over age 60 & nearly
(such as prison overcrowding, racial disparities, lack of medical      double or quadruple for inmates with medical issues. Compared to
care, etc) by other organizations. We have focused on One issue --     that, probation or supervised release costs about $7 a day per
Money -- an issue the Congress & general public will pay               person. According to the data from Bureau of Justice Statistics,
attention to. If you would like to sign up for our petition, please    state & local criminal justice spending rose from approximately
send an email to with Subject Line as “I          $32.6 billion in 1982 to $186.2 billion in 2006. Fed criminal
Want To Sign The petition”, & our staff will sign the petition on      justice spending increased even more dramatically, from
your behalf. If your family member wants to sign up for the            approximately $4.2 billion in 1982 to $41 billion in 2006. The Fed
petition but doesn’t know how to use the internet, please send us      Prison budget had doubled since 2000, to $6.6 billion with more
their Name, Address & Phone number & we will sign the petition         than 218,000 Fed offenders behind bars & 105,500 on supervised
on their behalf. We also request you to forward the copy of our        release. Overall, the BOP’s 115 institutions are about 40 percent
petition to All your friends & family members & request them to        above rated capacity. The BOP is now the largest police force in
sign the petition online on . We also request           the United States, with more than 37,000 employees.. On top of
you to pass this message around to your fellow inmates & friends       that, the, BOP’s labor union, is battling on the Hill to
in your institutions to get more & more people to sign the petition.   add 15,000 correctional officers because of the concerns due to
All they have to do is to enter our email address                      overcrowding of prisons. In the era of bitter partisanship &
( in their Corrlinks Account. We will             division, one point we can all agree on is that building additional
approve the account immediately & thereafter sign the petition on      bed space in prisons will not resolve the systemic issues of the
their behalf. Let us tell Congress that we want to be a productive     prison system. The increase in the number of inmates in past few
member of the community & not just a burden on Taxpayers               decades was due to mostly non-violent drug related offenses. And
money. We believe that Congress will be forced to act when they        our past corrections policies, based on increasingly harsh &
receive thousands of emails demanding for a change. Thank you,         punitive measures have created a deadly cycle of incarceration
Access legal Aide - P.O. Box 23069                                     that drains Gov’t resources & dissolves the social & economic
Philadelphia PA 19124                          well-being of entire communities. We came to the realization that
                                                                       prison was often exacerbating the very problems that it was
                                                                       intended to solve. Instead of automatically shoveling larger &
larger amounts to prisons, alternative ways should be adopted to        argue that incarceration of non-citizens serves the purpose of
avert looming fiscal catastrophe.                                       deterrence & prevents the commission of future crimes by other
                                                                        individuals by setting out, as an example, the punishment for the
Now that We have Your Attention, Here’s the 50-50 Problem!              present crime. But there can be no plausible argument for
The First 50% Problem which Consumes $4 Billion of Tax-Payers           contending that the punishment or lack thereof, meted out on a
Money… More than 50 Percent of Fed prisoners are convicted              non-citizen inmate would have any general deterrent effect on
of Non-Violent drug offenses. But contrary to popular perception,       other non-citizens disposed to commit similar crimes. The
violent crime was not responsible for six-fold increase of              prevention theory, aimed at deterring the specific criminal, rather
incarcerated population in the United States from 1980 to 2012.         than society, by requiring the non-citizens to endure a hardship
The truth is that violent crime rates had been constantly declining     which he/she will want to avoid in the future, is also inapplicable
over those decades. The prison population was increased                 as to non-citizens as almost all of them enjoy better living
primarily by public policy changes causing more prison sentences        conditions than living free in their native countries. Finally, the
& lengthening time served, e.g. through mandatory minimum               oldest theory of punishment, retribution, seeks punishment as a
sentencing, “three strikes” laws, & reductions in the availability of   means of obtaining revenge or retaliation for the crime
parole or early release. These policies were championed as              committed. As with the other theories of punishment, we can
protecting the public from serious & violent offenders, but instead     realize that retributive theory fails to provide a basis for housing
yielded high rates of confinement for nonviolent offenders.             & feeding non-citizen inmates. It is impossible to obtain
Nearly 3 quarters of new admissions to prisons are now convicted        retribution from non-citizens, who are often unable to appreciate
of nonviolent crimes. Perhaps the single greatest force behind the      the connection between their incarceration & prior criminal acts.
growth of the prison population has been the national “war on           A number of non-citizens convicted for illegal reentry offenses do
drugs.” The number of incarcerated drug offenders has increased         not even feel that they have committed a crime as they feel that
Twelvefold since 1980. Over the past 4 decades, the U.S. has            they have crossed the borders just to seek better opportunities in
spent more than $1 trillion fighting the war on drugs. Of course,       their life. Time has now come that we recognize that while some
great caution must be shown in the reintegration into society of        Americans have to choose between eating cat food, buying
violent criminals. But the objective of the penal system must be to     prescription drugs or heating their homes, the non-citizens should
return those capable of functioning licitly in society as quickly as    not be allowed to suck the limited resources & U.S. Taxpayer’s
practical, allowing also for straight punitive or retributive           money with a $40,000 costly housing, hot meals & full medical
penalties, but not for mindless vengeance.      Prisoners with drug     benefits provided in Fed Prisons. Our economic crisis is due in
sentences & nonviolent histories pose no safety risk. The costs to      part to our penal system where so many first time nonviolent
society can be greatly reduced if the Congress & Fed Gov’t re-          offenders are given Draconian sentences & no means to redeem
instate Parole & increased Good-time allowances & expand                themselves. Once in the prison system, they have no reason to
alternative sentencing programs. It would be hypocritical for           desire rehabilitation or work towards early release.         We can
Congress not to support a measure that not only would save              change the way the judicial system enforces punishment & how
taxpayers millions or potentially billions of dollars each year, but    inmates serve their time in a way that would benefit both the
also rightly recognizing that addiction is a disease that warrants      inmate & society. We should enact smarter sentencing & parole
treatment. While prison reform has taken a back seat to other           practices, increased access to the alternative sentencing programs,
economic issues, it could well be part of the solution. It’s time to    & establishing a comprehensive program to reduce recidivism &
end the hypocrisy & the mandatory minimums & help nonviolent            ensure the successful reentry & reintegration of offenders into the
offenders become contributing citizens again.                           community. We should put into practice a new wave of thinking
                                                                        based on science & evidence based programs designed to
The Second 50% Problem which Consumes $4 Billion of Tax-                successfully rehabilitate & reintegrate nonviolent offenders into
Payers Money: Non-citizens now are approximately half of the            the community with a real chance to live crime free. Now is the
overall population of Fed offenders; see 2010 Sourcebook of Fed         time we should have a starting point for safer, healthier
Sentencing Statistics, Table 9 (showing that 47.5 of Fed offenders      communities. Many states experiencing a prison population crisis
in fiscal year 2010 were non-citizens). Mexico contributes the          have successfully enacted similar reforms. Even states than once
highest proportion of non-U.S. citizen inmates at around 20             endorsed the most severe punishments, such as New York &
percent with most convicted of immigration offenses. Non-citizen        Texas, have significantly reduced both crime & imprisonment
inmates are almost always refused for international transfers to        rates through the use of parole, alternative sentencing & reentry
serve their prison terms in their native countries. This places         programs.        The United States Congress is urged to enact
enormous burdens on U.S. taxpayers as the cost to housing non-          legislation such as parole or increased good-time which will
citizen offenders is increased. One cannot see the social utility in    generate significant & lasting cost savings, estimated at almost $4
forcing foreign nationals, without any prospects for becoming a         billion per year. This comes at a critical moment when America’s
productive member of American society, to serve lengthy prison          finances are increasingly strained & our national debt is
sentence. The foreseeable costs to society of incarceration of          skyrocketing. Adding salt to the wound, a correction spending
unwanted foreign nationals in Fed prisons exceed $40,000 Per            now exceeds spending for higher education in America.
Year. Further, the non-rehabilitation purposes of incarceration-
retribution, deterrence & incapacitation - would all be more than       Fortunately, the solution is a simple one. All the Congress has
adequately served by a far shorter sentence or immediate                to do is to reinstate the Fed laws which existed before 1984. These
deportation & not by providing air-conditioned housing, 3 hot           are: 18 US Code Sections 4161-4166 (which allows increased
meals & recreation facilities. While the rehabilitation theory          Good-Time allowances) 18 US Code Sections 4201-4218 (which
reasons that through imprisonment, treatment, & training a change       allows for Parole Supervision). The Parole laws also include a
can be effected in the criminal mindset, the rationale for              Section 4212, which directs that an “alien prisoner” be ordered
imprisonment is inapplicable to the incarcerated non-citizens who       “Deported & remain outside the United States.” Moreover, when
will be deported immediately after the release & would not apply        the Congress abolished Fed Parole in 1984, the Parole
any rehabilitative treatment in America’s benefit. Some may             Commission was Never abolished. Its period was extended time
& again, & till date, the parole commission has been on Fed           of the Mongols party using any weapons. The prosecution is
Govt’s payroll. By reinstating parole, there should be no extra       expected to continue its case through next week.
operating costs of the Commission & tax-payers money could be
utilized more efficiently. Without any prison reform, the public      Former Mongols see opening in Montebello PD rift – July 28,
is being shortchanged. Past crimes should not be automatically        2012      –    California     -   By      Frank    C.      Girardot;
conflated with current risk. At some point in a prisoner’s life, - A former Mongol believes a rift among
parole supervision & perhaps restrictions on movement (e.g.           top officers within the Montebello P.D. will help him & his
home confinement) may suffice as a cost effective & sensible          brother prove the 2008 Fed indictment that brought down their
punishment. Thank you for your time.                                  motorcycle club was built on lies. Al “The Suit” Cavazos based
                                                                      his claim on a whistle-blower lawsuit filed in June by Montebello
Meth Dealer Sentenced to 16 Years in Fed Prison – July 27,            police officers Gregory Wilsey, Brian Dragoo, Kimberly Lundy &
2012 – Indiana - By Patrick Fazio; -        Ricardo Rojas against the city. “The suit shows there’s a cover-
One of the largest methamphetamine distributors in our area is        up,” Cavazos said. “I want to put them on the witness stand & ask
sentenced to Fed prison. The U.S. Atty for Southern Indiana           them about the cover-ups involving members of the Montebello
announced Fri that Michael Pitts, 51, of Terre Haute was              P.D..” Cavazos said he will subpoena the officers to appear in
sentenced to 16 years behind bars. Authorities say Pitts was a        Fed court this fall when he attempts to get 3 motorcycles seized
member of the Diablos MC that trafficked meth into the Valley.        by the ATF returned. The motorcycles belong to him, his brother
U.S. Atty Joe Hogsett says Pitts received the meth from a             Ruben “Doc” Cavazos & Rueben’s son Ruben “Little Rubes”
member of the Vigilantes MC in Indy & that person will also be        Cavazos, Jr. Without naming the officer, a portion of the Wilsey,
sentenced next week. It’s all part of a larger meth ring, that has    Dragoo, Lundy & Rojas lawsuit details the 2011 arrest in San
included a dozen arrests. Hogsett also announced that Terre           Diego of Chris Cervantes, a Montebello police officer. In their
Haute Fed inmate Daniel Delaney had his sentenced increased to        action against the city, Wilsey & Dragoo said Montebello Police
life without parole for murdering his cellmate in 2010.               Chief Kevin McClure interfered with an internal affairs
                                                                      investigation into Cervantes’ arrest, which “implied McClure was
Blood, Drugs, & Guns at Chapel After Biker Fight – July 27,           trying to sweep the matter under the rug.” McClure has declined
2012 – Nevada – By - The State           to discuss the allegations. Cavazos & his brother Ruben “Doc”
presented witnesses this week in its prosecution of 8 men             Cavazos, onetime president of the motorcycle club, said
associated with the Hells Angels, on charges stemming from a          Cervantes & his partner John Ciccone, a special agent with the
rumble with the Mongols MC at a Las Vegas wedding chapel in           ATF, provided false evidence to a Fed grand jury in a
2008. The fight involved 13 members & friends of the Hells            racketeering case against the Mongols. Their testimony involved
Angels attending a wedding where Mongol members arrived for a         a July 2007 shooting outside Nicola’s, a Commerce topless bar
different wedding scheduled for later the same day. On Fri, Metro     frequented by Mongols & various street gang associates. It
police officer Joel Albert took the stand to guide the jury through   resulted in Fed time for 78 members of the club & a state prison
photos of the fight scene taken by police at A Special Memory         rap for the convicted shooter. David “Little Dave” Santillian, the
wedding chapel. Dozens of photos showed blood on the floor &          Mongols’ current Pres, has declined to discuss the case. He said
doorways, broken & blood-stained items, & a small zipper pouch        the club no longer associates with the Cavazos brothers, whom he
containing drugs that was left near a chapel pew. Testimony           describes as “out bad.”         “Doc” Cavazos said Cervantes’
revealed guns were also impounded from the scene. Except for          statements about the shooting were used to frame club members
decorative items belonging to the chapel, the ownership of the        in court as dangerous felons who needed to be removed from the
impounded items isn’t clear. Two members of the Mongols               streets. “The was used to portray us as a violent group in
wedding party testified about the events leading up to the fight &    front of the Fed grand jury,” he wrote in a July 18 letter from Fed
the ensuing melee, which they claim was an unprovoked attack by       prison. “If someone honest would review the evidence ... justice
the Hells Angels & friends. The defense claims the Hells Angels       may be found.” Montebello & ATF officials have denied the
& friends were fending off an attack, fearful of the Mongols after    claim. In a July 11 letter from Fed prison, “Doc” Cavazos said
the murder several months earlier of San Francisco Hells Angels       Cervantes & Ciccone were motivated to go after the Mongols
Pres Mark “Papa” Guardado by a Mongol. Former Mongol                  because they believed the club had a source inside the Montebello
Eugene Formica was stabbed in the chest during the fight. He          P.D. & the detectives wanted to smoke out the source. In 2006,
testified that he was treasurer & sergeant-at-arms of his Mongols     the inside source gave “Doc” Cavazos the results of a Los
club, but quit the club when he was released from the hospital,       Angeles County District Attorney’s probe into a Montebello
because being a Mongol no longer seemed worth it. Formica also        police lieutenant’s allegations that Cervantes lied to obtain a
filed a civil lawsuit against the entity that owns wedding chapel,    search warrant in a 2002 drug case. The District Attorney’s
claiming management should have engaged security on the day of        Justice System Integrity Division investigated the allegations
the wedding because the Hells Angels presented a threat. An           leveled by Lt. Don Ramos. The D.A. declined to file charges,
employee of the chapel testified earlier in the week that she was     according to documents on file with the Montebello P.D. Al
not aware that it was a “Hells Angels” wedding, according to an       Cavazos’ quest to clear his name began earlier this year when the
attorney who was present during the testimony. Another witness,       West Covina resident started collecting information about the
Tim Jameson, is a H-D employee who became friendly through            2007 Nicola’s shooting, which he witnessed. “The Suit’s” story
his job with the groom in the Mongols wedding party. He               will soon be featured in an hour-long Australian documentary on
testified that he attended the “black-and-white” wedding wearing      the Discovery Channel titled “Hidden America.” In March, he
Mongols colors because a member of the club asked him to,             filed a complaint with the Montebello P.D., which led the Dept to
although he was not a member or a “prospect,” that is, a friend       conduct an “inquiry” into Cervantes’ conduct, Montebello Police
who is interested in becoming a member. Jameson described the         Capt. Brad Keller said. By July, Al Cavazos came to believe his
fight, including having seen Hells Angels lunging at Formica with     own fight with the ATF & Montebello PD parallels the plight of
a knife. Jameson did not see any guns, he said, & did not see any     Kent & Josephine Terry. The Terrys’ son Brian, a Border Patrol
                                                                      agent, was shot & killed in December 2010 by members of a
suspected Mexican drug cartel. The gun that killed him was             a downtown Las Vegas wedding chapel. Clark County District
supplied to the cartel through an ATF program known as “Fast &         Court Judge Michael Villani ruled Wed that prosecutors failed to
Furious.” “My situation ain’t as bad as theirs,” he said. “But we      fully turn over to defense attorneys evidence including
have to do something to stop the Gov’t from lying.”                    photographs & documents to be used during the trial, court
                                                                       officials & defense lawyers Tom Piraro & Chris Rasmussen said.
Double shooting at Camden motorcycle club – July 29, 2012-             Prosecutors Chris Owens & Sonia Jimenez weren’t immediately
New Jersey – By - Police are                    available for comment. An aide to Clark County District Attorney
investigating a shooting at a Camden motorcycle club that left 2       Steve Wolfson said a decision wasn’t immediately made on
men hospitalized. It happened around 3:30 Sunday morning on            whether to seek a retrial. The judge’s ruling was first reported by
the 800 block of Princess Ave. Authorities say gunfire broke out       the Las Vegas Review-Journal. It came on what would have been
at the Wheels of Soul. One man was stuck multiple times & is           the seventh day of testimony in the trial of 8 of 13 men who
listed in critical condition at Cooper University Hospital. Another    pleaded not guilty after their July 2010 indictment. Jury selection
male was hit & is also listed in critical condition. So far police     began July 16. Five other alleged assailants are due to stand trial
are still investigating what sparked the shooting.                     in coming weeks. Villani is scheduled to meet with prosecutors &
                                                                       defense attorneys Aug. 7, ahead of one scheduled trial Aug. 13.
Undercover agents created neo-Nazi motorcycle club to dupe             Each of the 13 defendants is accused of attempted murder,
racist bikers – July 30, 2012 – Florida - By Barbara Hijek;            battery, assault, conspiracy & taking part in activities of a - 1st SS Kavallerie Brigade            criminal gang. Each has pleaded not guilty. Defense attorneys say
Motorcycle Division, a neo-Nazi motorcycle gang, was created by        their clients were at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel to attend
an undercover law-enforcement unit to topple white supremacists        a wedding, & acted in self-defense when they unexpectedly
& racist bikers in Central Florida, reports the Orlando Sentinel.      encountered Mongols arriving for another wedding. Six people
The new club’s “Fuhrer,” Brian Klose, a 6-foot-6 giant known for       were hurt, including 2 who were stabbed. No one was arrested
drinking from a 70-pound beer stein, was such a doting son of his      immediately after the brawl. Police spent months developing the
elderly parents that he opened the clubhouse within walking            case before serving search warrants in Nov 2009 at 6 sites in &
distance of their St. Cloud home, according to reports. One biker      around Las Vegas & Henderson. Hells Angels & Mongols have
bigot is accused of offering $1,000 to anyone willing to shoot a       feuded for years, & tensions were high before the wedding chapel
black man riding an ATV in rural Osceola County, records show.         confrontation. Three months earlier, in Sept 2008, a Mongols
Motorcycle club member sentenced – July 31, 2012 – Indiana –           member in California killed the president of the Hells Angels’ San
By - The USA Atty announced Tue that                    Francisco chapter outside a Bay Area bar. The assailant in that
Stephen Davis, Jr., has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after a   case is now serving life without parole in Fed prison. The 2
guilty plea to conspiring to distribute methamphetamine. Davis,        outlaw motorcycle clubs also clashed at a 2002 motorcycle rally
59 of Indianapolis, was a member of the Vigilantes MC in               in Laughlin, a resort town about 100 miles southeast of Las
Indianapolis & acted as a meth distributor. Davis admitted to          Vegas. Two Hells Angels & one Mongol member died in a
receiving large amounts of meth from a member of the Sons of           gunbattle inside a casino, & more than 12 people were injured.
Silence MC. Investigation revealed a primary customer of Davis         Swedish biker gang member held in Germany – Aug 1, 2012 –
was Michael Pitts, a member of the Diablos MC in Terre Haute.          Germany / Sweden – By - German police
Davis later admitted to distributing one pound of meth per week        confirmed on Wed that they stopped a Swede & 2 Danes equipped
from Mar 2011 until Aug 2011. In addition to his 10 years in           with explosives, detonators & bullet-proof vests last month in an
prison, Davis was also sentenced to 5 years of supervised release      operation based on a tip from their Swedish counterparts. The
following his prison term. During this release, he will be subject     arrests give justification to fears that the Scandinavian gang war
to random searches by a probation officer. He will also be             between biker gangs Hells Angels & Bandidos could spread to
restricted from associating with members of motorcycle clubs.          Germany in the wake of police pressure, the closure of some clubs
US Attorney Joseph Hogsett said, “This prosecution serves as           – & crucially, some members switching between gangs. A tip
further notice that it doesn’t matter whether you drive a sports car   from Sweden led to the arrests in the northern port town of
or ride a motorcycle, who your friends are or how powerful you         Rostock of a Swede, a Macedonian & an Iranian – the latter 2 of
may think your gang is, Fed law enforcement will not tolerate          whom live in Denmark. Two men are alleged to be Bandido
organized criminal activity on Hoosier streets.”                       members while the third was said to be in close contact with the
No Big Problems During Hells Angels Event – July 31, 2012 –            gang. Arriving in a rented car from Denmark on the ferry, the 3
South Dakota – By - Law enforcement                   men had almost a kilogramme of explosives, a detonator & bullet-
officials report no major problems during a gathering of Hells         proof vests. The men are still in custody, the Tagesspiegel
Angels MC members in Spearfish, though traffic citations spiked        newspaper said. Authorities in Berlin are keeping the men they
during the 5-day event. The club’s annual USA Run ended                think would have been targets of the attack under observation.
Sunday in the western South Dakota city. Law officers stepped up       Police sources told the paper this would probably include the
their presence during the event. Spearfish Police Lt. Curt Jacobs      former head of the Berlin Bandidos chapter who switched to the
says there were about 90 more calls for service than last year at      Hells Angels in May in order to avoid an official ban. Those who
the same time but no fights or other major incidents. Jacobs says      know the scene say that switching loyalties is punishable & that
officers issued 58 traffic warnings & 41 citations, & made 5           the Bandidos have lost influence within Berlin to the Hells Angels
drunken driving arrests.                                               & could thus be launching attacks to win back territory. Violence
                                                                       between the gangs has escalated in Germany over the last few
Mistrial declared in Hells Angels case in Vegas – Aug 1, 2012 –        months, while the Hells Angels issued what amounted to a
Nevada – By Ken Ritter, AP; -         declaration of war at the start of July, saying no other gang would
A state court judge declared a mistrial Wed in a felony attempted      be tolerated in Berlin.
murder & gang activity case against 8 Hells Angels stemming
from a December 2008 brawl with rival Mongols MC members at            Some people just need a hug … around the neck with a rope…
Craig Newcomer’s pretrial conference is Friday for West                Outlaws Appeal Denied – Aug 2, 2012 – Virginia – By The
Virginia bar fight charges – Aug 2, 2012 – West Virginia – By          Aging Rebel; - The Fourth U.S. Circuit
Beth Anne Heesen; - A                      Court of Appeals refused to vacate the convictions of former
Waynesboro Borough Council member accused of seriously                 American Outlaws Association President Jack “Milwaukee Jack”
injuring a man during a Feb 2011 bar fight in West Virginia is to      Rosga & 4 other members of the motorcycle club. Those men are
attend a pre-trial court conference Friday in preparation for his      Leslie Werth, Harry McCall, Christopher Timbers & Mark Jason
upcoming trial. Craig Newcomer, 47 -- a man known for his              Fiel. All 5 had been convicted of racketeering & violence in aid of
charity work in Franklin County -- is charged with malicious           racketeering in separate trials in 2010. The unpublished decision
assault & conspiracy to commit malicious assault. “The whole           describes the Outlaws as: “a ‘one-percenter’ motorcycle gang,
case is based on hearsay,” Newcomer said during a phone                meaning that its members are part of the one percent of
interview Thursday. “I feel confident because God knows what           motorcyclists who decline to abide by societal rules & laws.
happened.” Newcomer allegedly punched Virginia resident                Central to the organization is the culture of violence that it fosters.
Ernest Cumbie, 45, in the face Feb. 13, 2011 at Dirty Dawg             As relayed through trial testimony, frequent territorial disputes,
Saloon in Martinsburg, W. Va. Cumbie was flown to a Virginia           particularly with the Outlaws’ main rival, the Hell’s (sic) Angels,
hospital with injuries that included facial fractures & severe brain   involved the use of force or threatened force as the Outlaws
bruising.      Newcomer stepped down from his position as              sought to expand & maintain its territories for the sake of
Waynesboro Borough council president shortly after he was              notoriety & financial gain. Within the organization, violence &
charged, but continues to serve as a regular council member. His       the threat of violence were also used to maintain compliance with
trial is set to begin Aug. 14 in Berkely County Court,                 internal rules. The organization has a multi-level, well-organized
Martinsburg, W. Va. Newcomer said there’s a good chance the            chain of command.
trial will never happen, confident that the prosecution has            Ghosts Of Black Rain: The infiltration of the Outlaws in the
“nothing.” “Not one witness of the 60 people there saw me do           Southeast was really one of the closing chapters of Operation
anything,” he said. Newcomer is looking for a full acquittal,          Black Rain – the infiltration of the Mongols MC by undercover
saying he’s innocent & will accept no plea bargain.           Alexa    agents & confidential informants working for the ATF. In Sept
O’Connell, co-owner of the Dirty Dawg, told Public Opinion last        2008, shortly before the government returned a racketeering
year that she’s heard about the good work Newcomer has done,           indictment against 79 Mongols, searched the homes of 100 more
but that makes no difference. “To us, he’s a criminal,” she said.      & attempted to seize the Mongols back patch, ATF Agents Jeffrey
Newcomer is being jointly prosecuted with Benjamin “4th Grade”         Grabman & Daniel Ozbolt as well as ATF Tactical Field Officers
Bean, 36, Sharpsburg, Md., who is accused of providing false           were patched into the Mongols MC & began discussions with
information to police in the same incident. Newcomer & Bean            Outlaws in Richmond, Virginia about “developing a relationship
were at the Dirty Dawg for a Valentine’s Day party with                with the Mongols as a support club in the area.” As described in
Newcomer’s fiancé & 2 other men. Newcomer & Bean were                  the court’s decision, “By late Oct, Outlaws members expressed
identified as members of the Avengers MC.                Newcomer      interest in the undercover agents joining the Outlaws & starting a
previously told Public Opinion that he rides a H-D & associated        chapter in the Richmond area. The agents were voted into the club
with the Avengers to teach bikers about God. “What you have is         in Jan 2009 as prospective members & ultimately started an
an officer (of the law) who was overzealous in trying to make this     Outlaws chapter in Petersburg, Virginia. By May 2009, the
about a motorcycle club,” Newcomer said. The Fed government            undercover agents had set up a clubhouse in the Petersburg area.
removed the Avengers from a gang list in the 1980s, he said.           Unbeknownst to the other Outlaws members, the undercover
Newcomer said 40 people were involved in the bar fight.                agents had wired the clubhouse for video & audio recording.
Martinsburg police officers made it look like only 2 participated,     During their time undercover, the agents participated in numerous
he alleges. “There’s a very good chance that the person who was        Outlaws activities in a number of different states.” The ATF
coming after me that I struck back was not the person who was          Agents actually patched into the Outlaws on July 4, 2009.
injured,” he said.       Newcomer’s attorney Daniel James &            Grabman, whose club name was Gringo, was the president of the
prosecuting attorney Pamela Jean Games-Neely could not be              new Petersburg chapter. He had previously infiltrated the
reached for comment Thursday. Newcomer is involved with                Warlocks MC in Florida. The infiltration resulted in the arrests
Chambersburg-based Maranatha Ministries & runs the                     of 27 members & associates of the Outlaws on June 15, 2010.
Candleheart program, which provides food, counseling &                 Grounds For Appeal: The 5 appellants alleged numerous judicial
transitional housing for those in need. He remains free on $50,000     errors during the course of the trials including errors in sentencing
bail.                                                                  & the admission of evidence of wrongdoings by members of the
                                                                       AOA that were unrelated to the cases against the defendants. The
Fed appeals court in VA affirms convictions of 5 Outlaws               greater part of the appeal concerned instances in which defense
motorcycle gang members – Aug 2, 2012 – Virginia – By AP;              attorneys were not allowed to delve into the professional histories - A Fed appeals court in Virginia has           ATF agents Grabman & Ozbolt. For examples, defenders were
affirmed the convictions & prison sentences of 5 members of a          unable to examine sections of Grabman’s personnel file because
violent motorcycle gang. A 3-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit       the ATF had destroyed those documents. The appeals court stated
Court of Appeals on Thu rejected several claims raised by              that the government “did not clearly err” in not turning over the
Outlaws MC Pres Jack Rosga of Milwaukee & 4 of his associates.         destroyed documents stating that “because the documents were no
The men were convicted on racketeering & other charges in 2            longer available, the defense cannot prove ‘that the evidence was
separate trials in 2010. Evidence introduced at the trials showed      suppressed by the government.’” As a case law precedent, the
the Outlaws resorted to violence, including murder & arson, in an      appeals court cited U.S. v. Moussaoui. Zacarias Moussaoui was
effort to gain an advantage over the rival Hells Angels. Along         part of the Al Qaeda plot put into actiona on Sept 11, 2001. The
with Rosga, those convicted were Leslie Werth of the South Hill,       learned judges also dismissed the appellants’ claims that they
S.C., chapter, Harry McCall of the Lexington, N.C., branch, &          should have been allowed to question Ozbolt about his conduct
Christopher Timbers & Mark Jason Fiel, both of the Manassas,           during the investigation. The court replied, “If the defense had
Va., chapter.                                                          been permitted to cross-examine Ozbolt about these incidents, the
government likely would have had to question Ozbolt about                States unite to restrict bikie movements – Aug 3, 2012 –
agency rules & policies for working undercover & about the               Australia – By - A meeting of state & territory
dangers to Ozbolt & the investigation on whole if Ozbolt’s cover         attorneys-general has agreed to make it tougher for outlawed bikie
had been blown. Permitting inquiry into these issues would have          gangs to move across state borders. The meeting in Melbourne
needlessly complicated the case & confused the jury.” Because            has decided to put into law mutual recognition provisions to stop
the opinion is “unpublished” it does not become part of case law.        criminals escaping the law in one state by moving to another. To
But, it still counts.                                                    bring it into line with the laws implemented in other states,
                                                                         Victoria will toughen its approach to dealing with the gangs later
City of Lancaster, Officials Are Spared Litigation by MC –               this year. Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark says it means
Aug 3, 2012 – California – By - The City of              if bikie gangs are outlawed in one jurisdiction, they will not be
Lancaster’s appeal of the denial of its anti-SLAPP motion in a           able to head interstate to escape. “We’ve agreed to form a group
civil rights case was dismissed as moot yesterday & the trial court      that will ensure all the states, including Victoria, have got strong
was ordered to terminate the action because the plaintiff, a             & effective mutual recognition laws, so if a bikie gang has been
corporation, had filed a certificate with the secretary of state’s       outlawed in another state, that can be enforced here in Victoria,”
office saying it had wound up its affairs & had no assets. The           he said. Clark says the latest moves will give bikie gangs
action was brought by the Mongols Nation MC, Inc. against the            nowhere to hide. “The states & territories agreed to cooperate on
city & its officials, including Mayor R. Rex Parris who, in a July       getting tough & effective mutual recognition provisions into anti-
15, 2009 television interview declared that “The Mongols are             bikie gang laws,” he said. “So what that will mean is there will be
domestic terrorists.” The group, comprised chiefly of Mexican            nowhere to hide, outlaw bikie gangs that are banned in one
Americans & native Americans, is widely perceived as a crime             jurisdiction won’t simply be able to hop across the border into
syndicate.       Parris, a prominent Antelope Valley attorney, also      another jurisdiction.”
said in the interview that the hotel where the group was planning
to hold its convention “will be closed forever tomorrow,” &              ‘Nike bikies’, the Bandidos Centro, in Crime & Misconduct
proclaimed: “I don’t care about the civil rights of gang members.”       Commission’’s spotlight – Aug 7, 2012 – Australia – By Josh
Parris directed this message to the Mongols: “We will direct law         Robertson; - Motorcycle gang members
enforcement to incarcerate you, we will not tolerate your                who don’t even pretend to ride are part of the rise of new
presence. Anybody wearing Mongol colors will serve as a beacon           organised crime groups in Queensland. Their key figures met as
for law enforcement.” The following day, a chain was wrapped             children doing traditional Serbian dancing in a Wacol church.
around the Desert Inn Hotel, precluding use of the facility.             Some of their number first came to police attention after a
Mongols Inc. had already paid it about $14,000 to reserve more           humiliating pack rape on a Gold Coast teenager.               Now
than 100 rooms, plus about $2,500 by way of a food & beverage            Queensland’s newest outlaw motorcycle crew, the Bandidos
guarantee. The group sued under civil rights statutes & for              Centro chapter, is embroiled in a Crime & Misconduct
negligent & intentional interference with contractual relationships,     Commission investigation of murder, drugs & violence. The
intentional infliction of emotional distress, & libel per se &           archetypal new school of “Nike bikies”, Centro is stacked with
slander per se. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Malcolm                 recruits who don’t ride motorcycles, & their attempts to open a
Mackey denied the defendants’ anti-SLAPP motion, & they                  Fortitude Valley clubhouse have so far foundered. But they have
appealed. In filing its certificate of dissolution, the group did not    stamped themselves as serious & violent players, according to the
list the litigation as an asset. In her opinion dismissing the appeal,   CMC, which is investigating whether some of their members were
Presiding Justice Joan Dempsey Klein of this district’s Court of         involved in the murder of Eight Mile Plains man Jei “Jack” Lee in
Appeal said: “Although a dissolved corporation continues to exist        April. One Centro bikie fled overseas 19 hours after the murder.
for the purpose of winding up its affairs, the discrete issue            Days later, Bosnian-born clubmates were allegedly involved in a
presented is the impact of the instant certificate of dissolution,       brawl with Hells Angels associates in a Mt Gravatt restaurant.
filed by Mongols Inc. under penalty of perjury…. “The continued          That triggered a cross-club feud & a spate of bashings, arson &
pursuit of this lawsuit cannot be part of the winding up process of      gun attacks. The last was on Inksanity, a Milton tattoo parlour co-
Mongols Inc., in that the certificate of dissolution indicated the       owned by convicted cocaine trafficker George Bejat, 26, who met
corporation was at all times devoid of any assets, debts or              some of his fellow bikies as children at the Serbian Orthodox
liabilities, & therefore had nothing to wind up.” The case is            Church in Wacol. Weeks later - as associates were put behind
Mongols Nation MC, Inc. v. City of Lancaster, B230908                    bars for contempt for refusing to answer questions in relation to
William Litvak of Dapeer, Rosenblit & Litvak represented the             the Lee murder probe - Bejat & other Centro bikies travelled to
city & its officials & Albert Perez Jr. acted for the Mongols, Inc.      Phuket, Thailand.       Visiting Bandidos were earmarked for
Perez said of the decision: “It’s unfortunate because the City of        attention by Phuket police in May, after Denmark police shared
Lancaster wronged the Mongols.” Filing the dissolutuion “cost            intelligence on Danish Bandidos & Hells Angels laundering
them the lawsuit,” he observed. As to why the lawsuit was not            money in Thailand. Busted for trafficking at 19 & sentenced to 4
listed as an asset, Perez responded: “Their corporate counsel did        years’ jail, Bejat has become a role model to Centro prospects,
that dissolution.” The lawyer said he disagrees with the opinion         who associates say are offered free bikes & cash for menial tasks
because “case law indicates that the Mongols still could wind up         such as chauffeuring & deliveries. “They see George, the cars,
their business even though they dissolved it.” Litvak did not            the gold chains ... they’re petty thugs who hold down jobs but join
provide a comment.                                                       up thinking they’re going to make money,” one said. “For the
                                                                         club, it’s all about more muscle & more power.” Centro was
Utility Knife: Used to open & slice through the contents of              founded by Matthew Cross, the son of an old-school Warwick
cardboard cartons delivered to your front door; works particularly       bikie who once mowed down a traffic cop on his president’s
well on contents such as seats, vinyl records, liquids in plastic        Harley Davidson. Its multi-ethnic ranks include Fijian-born ex-
bottles, collector magazines, refund checks, & rubber or plastic         rugby player Joshua Vosuqa - who was jailed in 2006 over a
parts. Especially useful for slicing work clothes, but only while in     vicious attack which ended the career of a Commonwealth Games
use.                                                                     decathlon hopeful - as well as an Iranian & a Filipino.
A resurrected Hells Angel – Aug 6, 2012 – California – By              active partner at the shop. “I was truly in love,” she said, “and I
Chris Epting; - “A cement-covered                still am. I glow when I am with him.” Katherine & her “cement-
marshmallow.” That’s how Katherine Coones describes her                covered marshmallow” work hard as a couple to run their
husband Rusty, a 6-foot-5 biker bear of a man who, despite what        business. Rusty, also a former general contractor, actually built
some might consider to be an intimidating presence, is                 the loft his band plays in, & he’s proud of how handy he is. “I
disarmingly warm & engaging. On Goldenwest St right near the           love to create things,” he said. “This space for the band, &
405 Freeway is Illusion Motorsports, the world this couple (along      especially motorcycles. I look at every bike as a canvas.” Before
with Rusty’s business partner, Rodrigo Requejo) has been               I left the shop, Rusty stressed again, “If you’re going to be free,
building for more than a decade. They call it “the premier             you’ve got to be legit.” And for all he puts into his marriage, the
motorcycle customizing shop of Orange County,” & after a tour,         shop & his music, he may just dedicate the most energy to that:
it’s obvious why. Though they’ll do tune-ups & other bike              being legit.
maintenance here, it’s the design & building that they’re primarily
focused on. Several dozen bikes in various stages of creation &        Motorcycle deaths drop, but trend is worrisome – Aug 8, 2012
design are on display, including one $80,000 beauty that Rusty is      – USA – By AP; - Motorcycle deaths
customizing for a local businessman. Over the thundering,              dropped 2 percent in the first 9 months of last year, but the report
metallic roar of motorcycle engines, Rusty beams as he leads our       by state transportation officials may signal just a blip, not a lasting
tour, stopping to kid with his employees & answer questions            improvement in safety. There were 80 fewer motorcycle deaths
about works in progress. In a second-story loft, a band rehearsal      from Jan through Sept of 2010 than in the same time frame the
stage is set up with amps, drums & guitars. The name Attika 7 is       previous year according to the Governors Highway Safety
emblazoned on a banner. This is where our story starts to come         Association. But fatalities had started to climb back up during the
together. Rusty Coones is a guitar player in a heavy metal band.       last 3 of those 9 months. And that has safety advocates worried.
He’s also a Hells Angel, founder of the Orange County chapter &        “The drop is all in the front half of the year,” said report author
current head of the San Fernando chapter. He’s been an Angel           Jim Hedlund, a safety consultant. “It looks very much as if we’ve
for about 17 years, but we don’t talk a lot about the Angels           hit bottom & may be starting back up again.” Fatalities were
because there’s a code about that. And that’s fine. In 1999, Rusty     down 25% during the first 3 months of last year, & still down 1
went to prison for conspiracy to distribute ephedrine. He was          percent in next 3 months after that. Then they went up 3% in the
looking at 2 life sentences, but was sentenced to 8 years & ended      third quarter of the year, the report said. Annual motorcycle
up serving six. Rusty told me he could have had it a lot easier if     fatalities have more than doubled since the late 1990s, peaking in
he’d named names, but he wouldn’t do that. Because that’s not          2008 at 5,312 deaths. But they plunged 16% in 2009 as the
what Angels do. “I don’t tell on anybody, ever,” he said. “That’s      economy tanked. What caused the drop is a matter of debate.
just not how I am.” While in jail — including a stint at New           Jonathan Adkins, a spokesman for the safety group that issued the
York’s notorious Attica prison — Rusty said he thought about “all      report, said recreational motorcycle riding appears to have
the stupid things I’d done, along with all the good things I’d done.   declined while the recession was at its worst, & that may explain
I read a ton of books. And I decided when I was in there, if I ever    why the number of deaths went down. Now that the economy is
got another shot at freedom, that I was going to do it the right way   showing signs of recovery, Adkins said he’s concerned a rebound
& never put my freedom on the line again.” He missed his kids          in recreational riding will lead to more deaths. But Jeff Hennie,
(now 29 & 30) & his wife while he was in. And he rediscovered          vice president of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, disagrees. He
his childhood love of making music, so he started writing songs        said the economy - especially the recent rise in gas prices -
on guitar. Soon, he was playing concerts for the inmates, featuring    appears to have increased, not decreased, motorcycle use. “If I
his raw, heavy metal-based songs that reflected his 2 intense years    have a choice between driving a pickup or my motorcycle, I’m
in solitary confinement. Just last week, the band Rusty created        taking the motorcycle that gets 50 miles per gallon,” Hennie said.
once he got out of prison, Attika 7, released its debut album,         “It’s not sport, it’s transportation.” A related data trend is also
“Blood of My Enemies.” The loft at Illusion Motorsports is the         worrisome. The number of motorcyclists wearing federally-
band’s headquarters, where they practice, hang out & even play         approved, impact-absorbing helmets dropped 13 percent in the
occasional shows for fans. You may have already heard some of          first 9 months of 2010. At the same time, motorcyclists wearing
the band’s music featured in the popular TV show “Sons of              so called “novelty” helmets - which are lightweight & offer little
Anarchy.” Now, they’re heading out on tour, in yet another             protection - rose 9%. A helmet that meets Fed standards reduces
improbable chapter in the life of Rusty Coones. “I’m making the        the wearer’s chances of being killed in an accident by about 40%,
most of this second chance I have,” he said. “Freedom, with            Hedlund said. The only reason for wearing a novelty helmet is to
honor, is worth more than anything, & I’m now running my life as       avoid getting ticketed for not wearing a helmet, he added. Twenty
honorably as I can. “Hard work is what I live by now. Here in          states require all motorcycle riders to wear helmets, but only 13
my shop, in my marriage & in my music. And any friends or              states specify that the helmets must meet Fed standards, according
family with drug issues, I try to help them. But I’ve learned that     to the National Transportation Safety Board. The board has urged
the key is, people have to want help before you can really get         states to require all riders to wear helmets that meet Fed
anything done.” Katherine told me that just before Rusty got           standards. Lobbying by motorcyclist groups has led some states
arrested, they had started their bike business, & that she had to      to repeal mandatory helmet laws. Meanwhile, BMW Motorrad
keep everything alive while he was in. But at first, she could not     USA said it will offer anti-lock brakes as standard equipment on
even visit him in prison because they were not married yet. So         all its 2012 model year motorcycles, the first manufacturer to take
they found a biker minister who performed the service over the         that step. Improper braking has been identified as a factor in many
phone — with Rusty on a prison pay phone — with permission             motorcycle crashes. BMW said its sales account for less than 3
from the judge. She also said she knew he was worth waiting &          percent of the U.S. market.
fighting for, & that when she looked up at the sun & the moon &
pictured him under those same bodies in the sky, it gave her hope.     Straight Screwdriver: A tool for opening paint cans. Sometimes
She abstained from doing many things she liked doing until Rusty       used to convert common slotted screws into non-removable
was free so they could enjoy them together, & today she’s a very       screws & butchering your palms.
Richmond Man Killed in Motorcycle Crash - Aug 9, 2012 - St.            has been looking to distance itself from its reputation for violence
Cloud, Minnesota - A Richmond man was killed after a crash             & drug-running. But the Justice Dept states on its website that the
involving his motorcycle, a car & a semi-truck. Waite Park Police      Outlaws are involved in the production, transportation, or
say 52-year-old Paul Hiltner was traveling south on 28th Avenue        distribution of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, & ecstasy.
near Mill’s Fleet farm when a car driven by a Sartell man went         The Outlaws, through their 176 chapters across 20 states & 12
through a stop sign at Second Street South & 28th Avenue &             foreign countries, also engage in arson, assault, explosives,
struck the bike. Hiltner was thrown from the machine into the          extortion, fraud, homicide, intimidation, kidnapping, money
path of an oncoming semi. He was dead at the scene. The driver         laundering, prostitution, robbery, theft, & weapons violations,
of the car, was not hurt. He faces possible charges. Hiltner was       according to the Justice Dept. The Justice Dept also said the
the owner of Hardtails American Motorcycle located on Stearns          Outlaws, the “dominant” motorcycle gang in the Great Lakes
County Road 75.                                                        region, compete with the Hells Angels for both members &
                                                                       territory. Just last month, the FBI announced it had arrested 42
Enfield police prepare for Outlaws rally of hundreds of                members of the Fort Wayne, Ind., chapter on a variety of charges,
motorcyclists – Aug 9, 2012 – Connecticut - By Mike Savino;            including racketeering, mail fraud, money laundering, extortion, - Town & police officials are              wire, fraud, witness tampering, operating an illegal gambling
preparing for a rally of hundreds of bikers this weekend hosted by     operation, & drug charges. The FBI also said that more than 300
the Outlaws MC, a group that’s included on a U.S. Justice Dept         Fed, state, & local law enforcement officers, including 11
list of motorcycle gangs. Police Chief Carl Sferrazza said local,      different SWAT teams, converged on the Fort Wayne clubhouse
state, & Fed authorities have been planning for “several months”       to serve the 42 arrest warrants on July 11. The FBI said a 70-page
for the Outlaws MC rally, which is expected to last for much, if       indictment against the 42 members also described a structure &
not all, of the weekend. The Outlaws, also known as the                hierarchy for the Outlaw MC. Each local chapter — which has its
American Outlaws Association & Outlaws Nation, is listed on a          own officers & enforcers — is part of a regional chapter, which
Justice Dept’s web page of motorcycle gangs involved in                are under the umbrella of a national leadership body, according to
organized crime. Members of the Outlaws did not respond to             the FBI. The Justice Dept estimated the Outlaws MC has more
requests for comment, but the group’s own website denies any           than 700 members in the U.S. & more than 1,700 worldwide.
involvement in organized crime & says it’s working to change the       Sferrazza said it is possible hundreds of members could be in
image of motorcycle gangs. “We may not live by the rules of            Enfield over the weekend. He said he believes the rally could
society, but we do live by its laws,” the group says on its website.   “wind down” by Sunday night, but police have not had any direct
Town Manager Matthew W. Coppler said resident Clifford                 contact with the Outlaws. Sferrazza urged residents to be cautious
Hemmeler first approached him in August 2011 about holding a           of increased motorcycle traffic in town over the weekend, & that
“motorcycle run” shortly after a similar event last year.              officers have been assigned for traffic control should it be
Hemmeler & his wife, Kelly Hemmeler, a former member of the            necessary. He also said he is confident police, with support from
Thompsonville Fire Commission, were arrested in 2010 as part of        state & Fed agencies, are prepared should anything occur this
a ATF investigation into the Outlaws & a search of their home at       weekend. “We believe we’re prepared to keep the residents
101 Hartford Ave. An Enfield police report said the purpose of         safe,” Sferrazza said. Mayor Scott R. Kaupin agreed. “We feel
the search was to find documentation pertaining to Clifford            that the town & the state are prepared for any issues. Our hope is
Hemmeler’s association with the Outlaws. Last Sept Clifford            there are not,” Kaupin said.
Hemmeler was sentenced to 90 days in prison after pleading
guilty to criminal possession of a pistol in connection with the       Rally-Goers Pleased With This Year’s Turnout – Aug 10, 2012
case. He is not allowed to own a gun because of a previous felony      – South Dakota - By Derek Olson; - Things
conviction. Authorities said they also found him to be in              are beginning to wrap up at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which
possession of steroids. Kelley Hemmeler was charged with risk          officially ends this Sunday. It appears that people at the rally
of injury to minor, use of drug paraphernalia, & possession of a       have been enjoying the ride. “Sturgis 2012, unbelievable. Never
controlled substance in connection with the investigation. Her         been here before but the crowds have been really fantastic,”
case was referred to the court’s family relations program, & the       vendor Chad Krog said. “Hey, it’s always fun coming up, lots of
charges against her were later dropped following successful            people, good times,” Colorado biker Lance Lamborn said. As this
completion of the program. Kelley Hemmeler did not respond to          year’s rally begins to wind down, the general consensus among
a request for comment about the rally. An effort to reach Outlaw       vendors & rally-goers is that the numbers are up from last year.
members in Florida also was not successful. Coppler said               Krog brought his concessions stand to the rally for the first time
Clifford Hemmeler wanted to know if he needed to meet any town         this year. And he’s pleased with the results. “We’ve done well.
requirements for an event again this year on a property on Moody       We had no idea what to expect but I think we’ll call it successful,”
Road near the Public Works Dept’s garage. No permits were              Krog said. The same is true for Lamborn, who made his 15th trip
needed, Coppler said. Coppler also said he does not know what          to the rally from the Denver area on Wed. “There was actually a
the group plans to do, but he did not hear about any public safety     lot of people coming up when I was coming up. The traffic was a
issues last year. “I’m not aware of any serious issues when they       lot heavier than usual. There’s definitely more than last year,”
had their run last year,” he said. Still, Coppler noted the town       Lamborn said. And with optimism running high for future rallies,
takes steps to ensure public safety anytime there’s a large            both Krog & Lamborn plan on coming back. “The next few years
gathering. Sferrazza said he has been coordinating with state          are going to be real, real good. Coming up on the 75th
police & Fed agencies to ensure the Dept is prepared. “Since we        [anniversary] will be a big show here too. So I believe that we’ll
have become aware of it, we have spent many, many hours”               be back, definitely,” Krog said. Unfortunately, traffic fatalities
planning for the rally, Sferrazza said. The Outlaws describe           are also up from last year. A total of 7 people have died in rally-
themselves as a club that has a “commitment to biking &                related crashes compared to 3 at this point last year.
brotherhood,” & denies involvement in organized crime. Clifford
Hemmeler himself told the Journal Inquirer at a fundraiser in          Pliers: Used to round off bolt heads. Sometimes used in the
2004 that “it’s a new time, a new era,” & that the motorcycle club     creation of blood-blisters.
DPP seeks tougher penalties on brawl bikies – Aug 9, 2012 –              should it go to trial. Opening arguments are expected early Tue
Australia – By - The Director of Public                   morning.     Spitko is charged with aggravated assault, simple
Prosecutions (DPP) has urged the Supreme Court to toughen                assault, recklessly endangering another person, possessing an
penalties on 9 Finks MC members convicted over an Adelaide               instrument of crime and firearms offenses, stemming from an Oct.
nightclub fight. Six Finks were given four-month suspended jail          31, 2010 incident outside the defendant’s home on Rambo Street
sentences, while another 3 were ordered to serve custodial               in Bridgeport. The judge reminded the jury that the defendant is
sentences because of other criminal matters. The brawl, also             presumed innocent unless and until they find him guilty of the
involving members of the Hells Angels, erupted at a city                 charges against him, and to weigh the evidence and consider
nightclub in Hindley Street in May last year. Security vision            reasonable doubt, defined as anything that would cause a
showed the men using bar stools to attack each other. Charges            “reasonably careful and sensible person to pause and hesitate
against the Hells Angels were dropped because it was deemed              before acting upon a matter of importance in his or her own
they effectively were defending themselves. DPP Adam Kimber              affairs.” According to published reports, Bridgeport police were
sought a Supreme Court review of the penalties given by an               dispatched to the 400 block of East Rambo St around 5:48 p.m.,
Adelaide magistrate, arguing the four-month sentences were               with reports of shots fired. Soon thereafter, Spitko was arrested at
manifestly inadequate. “The only reason for their attendance [at         his home. Police reportedly found a .38 caliber Charter Arms
the nightclub] is to engage in a violent assault of the Hells Angels.    revolver with one spent round in the chamber. The shooting was
They entered en masse with a premeditated violent intent,” he            believed to have erupted from an argument amongst the 2 Pagans.
said. “This is a particularly serious offence for its kind. It was not   If convicted of the aggravated assault charge — a felony of the
a spontaneous incident which unexpectedly ... got out of control.        first degree – Spitko could face 3 to 4 ½ years in prison, but
It was an act committed in retaliation & revenge (for an earlier         because of the element of the illegal handgun, O’Neill said that
incident). “A head sentence of 4 months is in no way an adequate         imposes a “deadly weapon enhancement,” which could expand
sentence for this kind of offending. How does a sentence of 4            the guidelines and thus, lengthen the sentence. Montgomery
months send a clear message that this kind of behavior is                County Assistant District Attorney Matthew Quigg is prosecuting
unacceptable?” Kimber said the community was concerned about             the case. Spitko is represented by Francis Recchuiti, of the
the actions of gangs & the sentences failed to send the message          Vangrossi & Recchuiti law firm of Norristown.
gang violence was unacceptable. “This is conduct which is to be
abhorred. It is not conduct that should be accepted in our               Former Berkeley police officer gets nearly four years in biker
community & it is conduct that calls for condign punishment.             case – Aug 14, 2012 – Missouri – By Robert Patrick;
Here, on the face of it, we have an incident when the Finks are - A former Berkeley police officer and part-
acting to defend their honor, should they have any,” he said. “The       time security officer at St. Louis City Hall was sentenced to 46
court shouldn’t turn its back on what’s happening in the                 months in federal prison Tuesday in the ongoing prosecution of an
community & that is that the community & the Parliament is               “outlaw” biker gang.        As part his plea to a racketeering
concerned about the actions of gangs.”                                   conspiracy charge in February, Norman “Justice” Vick, then 45,
                                                                         admitted destroying the "colors," or biker group membership
Man affiliated with motorcycle club faces weapons charges -              patch, that had been stolen from a rival group at gunpoint on Aug.
Aug 11, 2012 – Illinois - By James Long; -                10, 2009. Vick was one of 21 people from around the country
Deputies say a man affiliated with a motorcycle club is facing           indicted in June and accused of being part of a Wheels of Soul
weapons related charges after an incident at a bar on Friday night.      motorcycle gang. U.S. District Judge Catherine Perry said the
According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, 40-year-old            sentence, which was on the low end of the federal sentencing
Chance W. “Slick” Townsend was arrested Friday night on an               guideline range, reflected his “somewhat” limited role in the
outstanding warrant for failure to appear for speeding 40+ over          conspiracy and the length of time that he was involved. Vick has
the speed limit. He was also charged with unlawful use of a              not been a member of the gang since his marriage and was not at
weapon (possession of a dangerous weapon in establishment                the time he was hired as a part-time security officer for the St.
licensed to sell intoxication beverages), unlawful use of a weapon       Louis marshal's office, his lawyer, John Stobbs, said last year.
(possession of metal knuckles), & unlawful use of a weapon               Vick was a Berkeley officer from 1993 to 2008.
(possession of dangerous knives with intent to use). Deputies say
they received a call shortly before 10:30 on Friday night that
Townsend was in Club Coyote in rural DeSoto on North U.S.                A female CNN journalist heard about a very old Jewish man
Highway 61 carrying several knives & possibly a handgun.                 who had been going to the Western Wall to pray, twice a day,
Employees reportedly talked to Townsend about the knives, &              every day, for a long, long time. So she went to check it out. She
deputies say Townsend became aggressive & threatened violence            went to the Western Wall & there he was, walking slowly up to
against them.       Deputies say it was reported Townsend was            the holy site. She watched him pray & after about 45 minutes,
wearing colors indicating he was affiliated with the Outlaws MC.         when he turned to leave, using a cane, & moving very slowly, she
According to the sheriff’s office, Townsend had 3 large fixed            approached him for an interview. “Pardon me, sir, I’m Rebecca
blade sheath knives on or in his belt. Deputies say no handgun           Smith from CNN. What’s your name? “Morris Feinberg,” he
was found, & a gun was inferred but never displayed. Townsend            replied. “Sir, how long have you been coming to the Western
was taken to the Jackson County Jail.                                    Wall & praying?” “For about 60 years.” “60 years! That’s
                                                                         amazing! What do you pray for?” “I pray for peace between the
Jury selected in biker shooting trial – Aug 13, 2012 –                   Christians, Jews & the Muslims.” “I pray for all the wars & all
Pennsylvania - By Jenny DeHuff; - Jury               the hatred to stop.” “I pray for all our children to grow up safely
selection began on the first day of the court proceedings in the         as responsible adults & to love their fellow man.” “I pray that
Commonwealth v. Jason Spitko, the 30-year old Bridgeport man             politicians tell us the truth & put the interests of the people ahead
accused of shooting a member of a Pagan’s MC on Halloween                of their own interests.” “How do you feel after doing this for 60
night in 2010. The Hon. Steven O’Neill gave a jury of 12 and 2           years?” “Like I’ve been talking to a fuckin’ wall…
alternates instructions on how to consider evidence in the case,
'Give anyone too much power and they're going to abuse it':             members of the same bowling club. "If this consorting law is
state's first consorting verdict overturned– Aug 14, 2012 –             enforced to the letter, it will criminalize a huge number of people
Australia – By Stephen Jeffery; - The first man          who are no danger to the community. On the other hand, if the
convicted under the state government's consorting laws has had          law is selectively enforced, it will make the law dangerously
his conviction overturned, with prosecutors admitting the case          unpredictable, and give the police too much discretion," he said.
against him was inadequate. Charlie Foster, 21, was jailed for at
least nine months for associating with other convicted offenders in     FBI wants info about tattoos – Aug 15, 2012 – USA – By
the NSW town of Inverell. You consort with two people and you           Kelsey Bray; - The FBI is looking for
are punished by being put in jail, thereby consorting with another      information from law enforcement agencies nationwide about
couple of hundred. The sense of that is somewhat lost on me The         tattoos and the meanings behind them. The FBI Biometric Center
laws were introduced to curtail bikie-related violence in Sydney's      of Excellence requested information recently about any current
west, although Foster has no connections to outlaw motorcycle           databases containing tattoo/symbol images, their possible
gangs or organized crime. Foster's legal aid solicitor had entered      meanings, and possible gang, terrorist or other criminal
pleas of guilty to the charges on Foster's behalf, but a review of      organization affiliations. The center already collects tattoos and
the requirements of the legislation following his conviction led to     other identity markers in a database. Officials believe combining
today's appeal. His barrister, Wayne Baffsky, told Armidale             the databases could improve crime-fighting efforts. Eventually,
District Court today his client withdrew his plea of guilty to          agency officials hope to have an improved, searchable database of
consorting with the trio - his friends and housemates - because the     tattoos, scars and birthmarks, according to an article by the
evidence did not support such a conviction. Prosecutors had no          Orlando Sentinel. Cheyenne Police Department officer Jason
opposition to the application for the case to return to the Armidale    Tafoya said this expanded database could help identify possible
Local Court, conceding their evidence was inadequate. District          members of gangs officers are unfamiliar with. “I’ve stopped
Court judge Clive Jeffreys ordered the case to return to the            several people with tattoos I didn’t recognize,” he said. “I
Armidale Local Court for rehearing on a fresh brief of evidence.        couldn’t tell if they were part of a criminal organization.” Certain
Speaking outside Armidale District Court today, Baffsky said he         symbols or tattoos can be a characteristic of a gang or terrorist
was unsurprised the law had been used for reasons other than            group. For instance, the number 13 is a popular symbol associated
those flagged by the Gov’t. "I knew that was going to happen            with the Surenos, a Hispanic street gang, Tafoya said. Some law
here, because you give anyone too much power and they're going          enforcement agencies in the U.S. photograph the tattoos of
to abuse it," he said. "If you look at the history of consorting        suspects and input them in databases. These databases are not
legislation in NSW, as soon as the police used it to target the razor   used in Wyoming correctional facilities, according to Wyoming
gangs, they then used it to target people that they didn't              Department of Corrections spokesman Tim Lockwood. There is
particularly like. "I knew it would happen eventually; I just didn't    no formal database at the Cheyenne Police Department or the
think it was going to happen this fast." Baffsky also provides          Laramie County Sheriff’s Department either, although tattoo
counsel to the Hells Angels and United Motorcycle Council. He           information is documented through arrests or by working the
said it did not make sense for somebody to be punished with             streets, Tafoya said. Officers are careful about documenting the
imprisonment for consorting with criminals. "You consort with           information. Some tattoos traditionally associated with gangs may
two people and you are punished by being put in jail, thereby           be used by the public, as is the case with the number 13, Tafoya
consorting with another couple of hundred," he said. "The sense         said. “Some people have 13 just because it’s their favorite
of that is somewhat lost on me." Baffsky remains hopeful the law        number,” he said. This is troubling for Cheyenne’s T.R.I.B.E.
will be repealed, but said the appeal was unlikely to achieve that.     Zoo tattoo shop owner Trinidad Serrano, who said he feels the
"You don't need these sorts of laws in a democratic society; they       database may be excessive. “Anything and everything can be
target people for who they are," he said. "I will certainly be          considered gang-related,” he said. An example is the five-point
speaking up publicly about this legislation because it's dangerous      star, typically used as a symbol for the Bloods gang. “But stars
and has too great a chance of being misused." Foster's mother           are one of the most common tattoos, especially among women,”
Tricia Harrison said Foster shared a cell in Tamworth with one of       Serrano said. He said he is on the fence about the database. “It is
the men police claimed he was consorting with. She expressed            good for some reasons, but it might be going overboard,” he said.
relief at the overturned conviction. "I just felt like a whole weight   “Pretty soon every tattoo could be in the database.” However,
had lifted off me, knowing that he's going to be out," she said.        Tafoya said possible gang members are not identified simply
Ms. Harrison said the police had deliberately targeted her son. "It     because of their tattoos. “There are other circumstances and
seems that they've deliberately targeted my son for some reason         criteria,” he said. “We look at what else about this person would
that I don't understand," she said. "He's never done anything like      make them a part of a criminal organization.” This criteria
what they brought the law in for." Foster is serving a sentence for     includes factors like what the person is wearing, who they’re with
an unrelated offence and will be released from Tamworth                 and what they say. Overall, Tafoya said he believes it is a good
Correction Centre on September 22, before a new hearing takes           idea. He said the expanded database could provide insight about
place in Armidale Local Court on Sept 24. He is required to             gang tattoos and symbols. “Nationwide, there are so many
reside at his grandmother's house in Inverell as part of his bail       gangs,” he said. “There are many thousands of gangs that could be
conditions. He appeared in the court via video link from                passing through town.”
Tamworth. He thanked the judge and Baffsky for the result.
Edward Santow, chief executive officer of the Public Interest           Phillips Screwdriver: Normally used to stab the vacuum seals
Advocacy Centre, said the consorting law was far too broad and          under lids or for opening old-style paper-and-tin oil cans &
could criminalize people who were no threat to the community.           splashing oil on your shirt; but can also be used, as the name
"It risks catching in its net people who happen to have been            implies, to strip out Phillips screw heads.
convicted of an indictable offence, but who are nevertheless            Table Saw: A large stationary power tool commonly used to
meeting up for legitimate reasons," he said. Santow said it would       launch wood projectiles for testing wall integrity.
be an offence if two people with criminal records spent time a lot
of together simply playing in the same football team or were
Biker club Pres gets 10 years for manslaughter – Aug 15, 2012         Gordon, Georgia, a member of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club of
– Canada – By - The head of a New Brunswick                Georgia, & Howard Brown, 63, of Milledgeville, Georgia, the
motorcycle gang has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for          Georgia Pres of the Black Pistons MC. The Black Pistons MC is
manslaughter. Matthew Thomas Foley, 50, pleaded guilty last           an affiliated club of the Outlaw MC. McDaniel, King & Brown
month to the charge, after first being charged with second-degree     are charged in a criminal complaint with obstructing the FBI
murder in the death of 31-year-old Michael Thomas Schimpf.            undercover investigation in connection with the disclosure to
Schimpf's body was found July 14, at the corner of Pitt and           other club members who were targets of the investigation that a
Leinster streets, near the Bacchus MC's headquarters. Several         member of the Cleveland, Georgia chapter of the Black Pistons
rounds were fired from a handgun. Schimpf was struck once and         was working as an informant for the FBI. McDaniel, King &
the bullet clipped his heart, the court heard. Both the Crown and     Brown made initial appearances before United States Magistrate
the defence lawyers had suggested a 10-year sentence.                 Judge Susan S. Cole in Fed court in Gainesville today. King &
                                                                      Brown were released on bond during today’s hearings. The
23 charged with drug, gun offenses in Fed investigation of            United States moved for McDaniel to be held without bond, & a
North Georgia motorcycle clubs – Aug 16, 2012 – Georgia –             detention hearing for McDaniel has not yet been set.
By - Defendants Include Regional Pres of
Outlaw MC & Georgia Pres of the Outlaw-Affiliated Black               Also charged in Fed indictments unsealed today:
Pistons MC… Twenty-three defendants, most with ties to the            Phillip Alexander, a/k/a “Skullf**ker,” 49, of Buford, Georgia,
Outlaw MC in Georgia & its affiliated clubs, have been charged        with aiding & abetting the possession of cocaine &
with Fed drug & gun offenses arising from a undercover                methamphetamine with the intent to distribute it.
investigation conducted by the FBI. FBI agents & local law            Walt Verrill, a/k/a “Black Piston Walt,” 48, of Sautee, Georgia,
enforcement officers cooperating in the investigation arrested 21     with cocaine conspiracy, & aiding & abetting the possession of
of these defendants today, while also executing seven search          cocaine & methamphetamine with intent to distribute it.
warrants at the Outlaw MC clubhouse on Cascade Road in                Benny Leverett, a/k/a “Outlaw Benny,” 46, of Buford, Georgia,
Southwest Georgia, the Hoodlums MC headquarters on South              with aiding & abetting the possession of methamphetamine with
Waterworks Road in Buford, Georgia, & the residences of several       the intent to distribute it.
defendants.      Six indictments charging 20 defendants & one         Dan Redding, a/k/a “Hoodlum Dan,” 26, of Fort Worth, Texas,
criminal complaint charging 3 defendants were unsealed today in       with aiding & abetting the possession of methamphetamine with
Fed court in Gainesville, Georgia, & 20 of the defendants arrested    the intent to distribute it.
this morning began appearing before United States Magistrate          Reynol Castrojon, 21, of Gainesville, Georgia, with conspiracy &
Judge Susan S. Cole for their initial appearances. Another            possession counts relating to methamphetamine.
defendant, arrested in Dallas, Texas, appeared in Fed court there     Larry Samples, a/k/a “Duke,” 42, of Hull, Georgia, with cocaine
today. Agents continue to seek the whereabouts of two                 conspiracy, aiding & abetting the possession of cocaine with
defendants. The indictments charge crimes including                   intent to distribute it, & using & carrying firearms during the
methamphetamine & cocaine conspiracy & possession, using &            commission of a drug trafficking crime.
carrying firearms during the commission of drug trafficking           Darren Lloyd, a/k/a “Panhead,” 48, of Winterville, Georgia, with
crimes, conspiracy to illegally make & transfer a destructive         cocaine conspiracy, aiding & abetting the possession of cocaine
device, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of   with intent to distribute it, & using & carrying firearms during the
a firearm with an obliterated serial number, & knowingly              commission of a drug trafficking crime.
transferring a firearm to a convicted felon. The criminal complaint   George Jordan, a/k/a “Hammer,” 45, of Hull, Georgia, with
charges three defendants with obstructing the FBI undercover          cocaine conspiracy, aiding & abetting the possession of cocaine
investigation. “All but two of the defendants charged in this         with intent to distribute it, & using & carrying firearms during the
investigation have direct ties to the Outlaw MC or other              commission of a drug trafficking crime.
motorcycle clubs that are affiliated with & controlled by the         Winfred Turner, a/k/a “Outlaw Bubba,” 61, of Watkinsville, GA,
Outlaws,” said United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates. “The      with cocaine conspiracy, aiding & abetting the possession of
charges unsealed today allege that these motorcycle club members      cocaine with intent to distribute it, & using & carrying firearms
engaged in substantial drug trafficking & weapons offenses. This      during the commission of a drug trafficking crime.
case is a big step forward in making sure that these groups don’t     Dennis Riley, 35, of Hull, Georgia, with cocaine conspiracy,
threaten the safety of our North Georgia communities.” Brian D.       aiding & abetting the possession of cocaine with intent to
Lamkin, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Atlanta Field Office,            distribute it, & using & carrying firearms during the commission
stated: “Today’s arrests of the numerous members of the Outlaw        of a drug trafficking crime.
MC & those of several of its affiliate clubs represents the unified   James Brown, 41, of Danielsville, Georgia, with cocaine
efforts of our region’s law enforcement in addressing a serious &     conspiracy, aiding & abetting the possession of cocaine with
very structured Crime problem. The Outlaw MC, its affiliate           intent to distribute it, & using & carrying firearms during the
clubs, & its membership are not above nor beyond the law &            commission of a drug trafficking crime.
today’s arrests, the culmination of a two-year intensive              Tony Parrott, 45, of Ellijay, Georgia, with methamphetamine
investigation, should serve as clear evidence of that.” The           conspiracy & distribution, & conspiracy relating to cocaine.
criminal charges all relate to acts by individuals or small groups    Howard Haney, 41, of Alpharetta, Georgia, with
of individuals, & do not allege that any of the criminal acts were    methamphetamine conspiracy & distribution.
performed on behalf of the motorcycle gangs or as an official part    Davey Honeycutt, 41, of Gainesville, Georgia, with cocaine
of membership in the gangs.                                           conspiracy & possession charges & being a convicted felon in
                                                                      possession of a firearm.
Among those arrested today was Larry McDaniel, a/k/a, Larry           Brandon Musser, 27, of Gainesville, Georgia, with cocaine
Mack, 65, of Atlanta, Georgia, who is the President of the Silver     conspiracy & possession charges.
Region of the Outlaw MC. The Silver Region encompasses                Thomas Coley, a/k/a “Preacher,” 58, of Elberton, Georgia, with
Georgia & Alabama. Also arrested were Sean King, 40, of               cocaine conspiracy & possession charges.
Phillip Honeycutt, 46, of Gainesville, Georgia, with cocaine             America's acceptance of homosexuality, is protected under the
conspiracy & possession charges.                                         First Amendment to perform their demonstrations. "I think [the
                                                                         act] is great," said Bob Weatherford, a member of Georgia's
All the above defendants, with the exception of Howard Haney,            Patriot Guard Riders. "I was surprised Obama signed it, especially
are either members of, or otherwise affiliated with, the Outlaws,        considering the Supreme Court decision last year." The Patriot
Southern Knights, the Black Pistons, or the Hoodlums MCs. The            Guard, which was born out of the desire to protect the families of
Southern Knights, Black Pistons, & Hoodlums MCs are affiliated           fallen service members from the protesters of military funerals,
with the Outlaws MC. George Norwood, 48, of Cumming,                     has transitioned to honoring and respecting military members and
Georgia, & Raymond Sellers, 65, of Dawsonville, Georgia, were            their families as the protection mission has tapered off. Protection
arraigned on charges that they conspired to unlawfully make a            is still a large priority for the group, however; according to
destructive device, specifically, a bomb, & to unlawfully transfer       Weatherford, 50,000 people joined the Patriot Guard Riders in the
the bomb to an undercover agent. The indictment alleges that             week after the Snyder decision. Cobb citizens are already coming
Sellers provided the undercover agent with a list of ingredients he      out on both sides of this contentious issue. "I am totally against
would need to make the bomb. According to the indictment, on             people demonstrating at military funerals but I am also against
July 21, 2012, the undercover agent delivered to Sellers a quantity      this man we call President violating our constitutional rights
of sulphur, which was one of the ingredients that Sellers stated         because this will end up being a lot more than just military
that he would need to construct the bomb. According to an                funerals," said Nicki Merck on the Northeast Cobb Patch.
affidavit filed in support of a search warrant for Sellers’ residence,
Norwood claimed that Sellers is capable of building a bomb
strong enough to destroy a house. Norwood is charged separately          Vise-Grips: Generally used after pliers to completely round off
with possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number.          bolt heads. If nothing else is available, they can also be used to
                                                                         transfer intense welding heat through your glove to the palm of
In their initial appearances before Magistrate Judge Cole today,         your hand.
the government asked for Norwood & Sellers to be held without
bond, & Judge Cole scheduled a detention hearing on August 21            Band Saw: A large stationary power saw primarily used by most
at 1pm. Norwood & Sellers are both connected with the Black              shops to cut good aluminum sheet into smaller pieces that more
Pistons MC. James (Bobby) McGlothlin, 48, of Dawsonville,                easily fit into the trash can after you cut on the inside of the line
Georgia, is charged with providing a firearm to another individual       instead of the outside edge.
with knowledge that the other individual was a convicted felon.
McGlothlin was released on a bond. In their initial appearances          Oxyacetylene Torch: Used almost entirely for lighting various
before Magistrate Judge Cole today, the government asked for             flammable objects in your shop on fire. Also handy for igniting
Mcdaniel, Alexander, Verrill, Leverett, Redding, Castrojon,              the grease inside the wheel hub out of which you want to remove
Norwood, Sellers, Samples, Lloyd, Jordan, Turner, Riley, Brown,          a bearing race.
Parrott, Haney, Davey Honeycutt, Phillip Honeycutt, Musser, &            My inconclusive travel plans 2012:I have been in many places,
Coley to be held without bond, & Judge Cole scheduled detention          but I’ve never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can’t go alone.
hearings for these defendants on August 21 at 23.                        You have to be in Cahoots with someone. I’ve also never been in
                                                                         Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however,
Members of the public are reminded that the indictment only
                                                                         been in Sane. They don’t have an airport; you have to be driven
contains charges. The defendant is presumed innocent of the
                                                                         there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my friends,
charges & it will be the government’s burden to prove the
                                                                         family & work. I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have
defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.
                                                                         to jump, & I’m not too much on physical activity anymore. I have
This case is being investigated by Special Agents of the FBI with        also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go, & I try not to visit
assistance from the North Georgia Major Offenders Task Force             there too often. I’ve been in Flexible, but only when it was very
which is comprised of the law enforcement officials from the FBI,        important to stand firm. Sometimes I’m in Capable, & I go there
Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Hall County Sheriff’s Office,           more often as I’m getting older. One of my favorite places to be
Gainesville Police Dept, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office &               is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenalin flowing & pumps up
Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office. In addition, the White County          the old heart! At my age I need all the stimuli I can get! I may
Sheriff’s Office provided significant assistance in the                  have been in Continent, & I don’t remember what country I was
investigation. Assistant USA Attys William L. McKinnon, Jr. &            in. It’s an age thing. Please Do Your Part! Today is one of the
Sally Molloy are prosecuting the case.                                   many National Mental Health Days throughout the year. You
                                                                         can do your bit by remembering to send an e-mail to at least one
Act Limiting Military Funeral Protests Signed – Aug 8, 2012 –            unstable person. My job is done! Life is too short for negative
USA – By Justin Ove; - The                drama & petty things. So laugh insanely, love truly & forgive
"Honoring America's Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune                 quickly! From one unstable person to another... I hope everyone
Families Act of 2012" will place restrictions on when protesters         is happy in your head - we’re all doing pretty good in mine…
may appear at military funerals… In a move sure to inflame First
Amendment tensions, Pres Barack Obama has signed into law an             U.S. Defenders:
act that will limit the activities of persons wishing to protest            - We don’t accept applications. We accept commitments…
military funerals. The "Honoring America's Veterans and Caring              - If we all do a little bit, Then no one has to do a lot…
for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012" requires groups that are             - There can be no “I”, there has to be “We”...
protesting military funerals to restrict their activities to two hours      - One heart, One Voice…
before and two hours after the funeral itself. This act seems to fly
in the face of the Supreme Court decision in Snyder v. Phelps,                     National Coalition of Motorcyclists…
where the Court ruled 8-1 that the Westboro Baptist Church, a                          An Idea Whose Time Has Come…
religious organization that pickets military funerals because of

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