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									Environmental Policy
  TCM, dedicated since its creation to managing its impact on the
  environment, has been certified with the ISO standard 14001:04. This
  standard guarantees the highest control, monitoring and law compliance
  standards in the manufacturing of mortar.

TCM Silo Systems
  Our fleet of tractor-trailers transport the silos to the construction site.
  When the silos need to be refilled, our tank trucks supply the material
We are leaders in a market that has become more and more demanding
thanks to our desire to continuously exceed and our strictness when it comes
to quality.
As a consequence of our everlasting strive to adapt to new technologies and
to research new formulas and our constant effort to incorporate new products,
we are continually becoming more competitive.
A dry mortar mixing plant made up of 12 silos for storing raw material, 16 silos for
storing additives and two silos for storing finished product, enable our plant to have
a manufacturing capacity that is a leader in the market.
Our mortar mixers, which are made using m-tec patented German technology,
have a capacity of over three tons and offer an output that allows for production on
demand in the most demanding delivery periods.
A state of the art automated bagging, palletising and baling line. Cleaning hood
for sacks, Redler dust collector, gear motor, extractor hood for bagging dust,
vacuum filters, etc.
It is made up of three baggers in a row, on the same discharge belt, which offers
excellent output. Palletiser and automatic baler leading directly to the pallet loading
warehouse (1 pallet = 1600 kilograms or 64 sacks of 25 kilograms).
The laboratory. Equipped with modern systems such as bending and compression
presses, climate controlled dry and humidity chambers, planetary mixers, heaters,
adhesion meters, entrained air meters, separators with screens, pulse jet
separators, shake tables and triple moulds.
Silo transport. The silos are brought from the plant to the construction site with silo
transport trucks. Afterwards, tank trucks are used to keep the silos filled with
More than 300 silos for storing product at the site, both gravity and pressure silos,
with varying capacity: 24 m3, 20 m3, and 6 m3, equipped with D20, D30, D40, D50
and D100 mixers.
Pumping equipment for pneumatically transporting the mortar to the construction
site, until a distance of up to 150 meters, both vertically and horizontally.
Three storage warehouses for offices, repair shop, site silos and bagging pallets.
A staff of professional at your service with vast experience in the manufacturing,
innovation and commercialisation of mortar for construction projects.
Management systems audited according to ISO International Standards 9000 and
multi-channel customer service platforms (Internet, Call Centre) assure full guidance
when purchasing a product.
Merchandise Control
The process begins when the merchandise arrives at the warehouse, its state is
verified and it is weighed on a scale (scale, Control Centre).
Raw material is stored in silos (raw material loaded, blue piping).
The plant is where the mixed mortar is made, mortar mixers.
The bagging process is a completely automated process that consists of four
phases: filling of the product, moving the product with the discharge belt, placing
the product on pallets and final baling.
Loading bulk mortar
The transport trucks load the material using the gravity system for it later to be
taken to the construction site.
Silo transport
The silos are brought from the plant to the construction site with silo transport
trucks. Afterwards, tank trucks are used to keep the silos filled with material.
Quality certificates
The main objective at TCM® is to apply a philosophy of continual improvement to
all of its processes. To achieve this goal, it uses all of the organisation's resources
to search for new products.
The company Tecnología del Cemento y Mortero, S.L., located in Puente Arce, is
the first company in Cantabria (Spain) in the design and manufacturing dry mortar
sector to obtain this certificate.
Research and development
The fact that TCM is constantly working on researching and developing new
products and production processes guarantees that it can meet the demands of
the most advanced markets.
Environmental Policy
The environmental policy of the company is based on two fundamental pillars of the
business culture. These pillars are the social concern with the environment, with
awareness and with the participation of the entire staff in this goal and the acquiring
of the latest technology in all manufacturing equipment.
This mentality has been a part of the company since the day the manufacturing
plant started working through a manufacturing process design that is completely
piped and automated, which has made it possible for us to receive the ISO standard
certification in record time.
At TCM we are proud of the commitment we have with Cantabria, where we
manufacture our products, and the respect we have for its natural surroundings,
which is guaranteed in our Environmental Policy.
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39478 Puente Arce     Fax: +34 942 575 783
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