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									                                       Cabinet Minutes
                                      February 24, 2004

Present: Chris Farren, Donna Rees, Julie Morales, Julie Miller, Barbara James, Chris Casey,
Tony Macias, Junius Logan, Marcia Bourdette, John Counts, Duane Elms, Kathie Gilbert.

Dr. Kathie Gilbert:
    We have now completed three systems portfolio forums and have had a total of 100
      different people attending--123 total attendance. Every part of the campus has
      participated. The next forum is March 12 and will be facilitated by Dr. Julie Miller. Julia
      Gabaldon, QNM, will be returning to Silver City in April. She was unable to fly into
      Silver City because of the weather. The QNM Conference is now a little over a week
      away, and the NMHEAR conference is this week. We still have one registration available
      for the QNM conference but not at the primary hotel. Dr. Gilbert will contact AQIP co-
      chairs to see if any of them would like to go. We are in the middle of getting AQIP/QNM
      three-panel display put together with the help of Marie Leck. The AQIP teams provided
      the material/content. The three themes are planning, research, and action. Duane Elms
      has ordered a CD duplicator to enable us to put QNM application/display materials for
      handing out at the conference.
    Dr. Counts commented on the systems portfolio which is our national accreditation. Dr.
      Counts displayed the new Handbook of Accreditation and pointed out that Dr. Gilbert is
      following the systems portfolio process with broad faculty and staff involvement.
    Dr. Gilbert also mentioned the project with SIGRED. SIGRED is putting together New
      Mexico First, a non-partisan group which will look at issues in New Mexico. The group
      identified the need for an on-going leadership institute. Dr. Gilbert has worked with
      SIGRED to put together an initial proposal to Qwest which was funded for $15,000. They
      are now working on a $50,000 grant to Qwest which will allow the New Mexico
      Leadership Institute to get off the ground. Dr. Counts has talked with Linda Kay, and
      WNMU will commit dollars to the project.

Dr. Julie Miller:
    The Library is interviewing for the public services manager position today. On Thursday
       there will be an open forum and one this afternoon at 3:00 in the Library. There is bond
       money for the New Mexico state libraries that passed through the legislature and will be
       on the ballot in November. WNMU should get at least as much as we did on the last
       bond--$88,000 over two years.
    Dr. Counts stated that legislative money is divided into two pieces--capital money and
       budget operating money. Dr. Counts went into this legislative session requesting full
       formula funding; we will receive it but it won't be quite as much as we thought. The
       amount will be approximately $530,000. WNMU will get about $2,000,000 in capital
       funds for the addition to Harlan Hall, infrastructure money, IT funds, Gallup IT,
       videoconferencing for distance classes, and extension on campus wiring into the dorms.
       The mobile media classroom money is still in the budget, and we don't know how this
       will be apportioned among the state institutions. Salaries will be increased 2%. The
       athletic budget will be increased. The child care budget will be $575,000 and should be
       recurring. The nursing expansion money we received last year was not reduced. We will
       receive overall increase of approximately 7.6% over last year.
       Governor Richardson will be our graduation speaker this spring.
       The Playas project is moving forward.
       The Ft. Bliss project must be coordinated with CHE. The 135-mile rule states that any
       resident of Texas who lives within 135 miles of any constitutionally created institution in
       New Mexico can receive in-state tuition. We now have 107 students at Ft. Bliss, and this
       could potentially be a financial detriment if we are asked to pay this money back.
       Our enrollment is comparable to last spring’s. Our overall enrollment is up 4% for
       headcount and credit hours. The Displaced Workers Assistance Team meeting will be
       two weeks from tomorrow. Enrollment verification will be next month.
       The Council on Social Work Education has reviewed WNMU's program and has voted to
       accept the report.
       The CHE will receive $1.3 for teacher education and nursing--$300,000 for nursing and
       $1m for education. The Network for Teacher Licensure which is part of the $1m should
       come to WNMU. There is an additional $2.3m for nursing at the state level; WNMU
       should receive part of this.
       The Staff Employee Sick Leave Recognition Plan has been approved and will recognize
       and reward those employees that are on the job.

Chris Casey:
    Tonight is the last men's basketball game at home; the team will be playing Utah Valley
      State University. Women's basketball has scheduled a game for this Saturday at 7:30; this
      will be their last home game and the graduating seniors' game. Women’s softball has
      played Highlands and Eastern and is 8-4.
    The PD-Martinez project s out to bid and will close on March 24. Construction will start
      in May after classes are over.
    Faculty positions have closed, and there are approximately 500 applications.
    The TAC representatives will be on campus to look at the issues we are still dealing with
      on climate control in the buildings. They have done some minor modifications to the
      software, but much of what they have found are people closing vents and turning on room
      heaters. If anyone has a problem, please call Ray in maintenance so we can establish a
      problem pattern that TAC can rectify. Chris Farren suggested a memo to include this
      information. We have made savings on electricity and gas usage.
    Work will start on the Fox complex expansion. Work will start on the ramp and stair
      project behind Sechler Hall to comply with ADA requirements.
    We are working on installing security gates in the PE complex because activities on the
      weekends leave the building open. The security gates will limit access to the building.
    Working on putting the card locks in Chino to help with security and in the swimming
      pool area.
    We are addressing one of Terry Anderson's requests in Glaser Hall which is that the front
      wall cinderblock and is cold. A false wall will be built in front for better insulation.
    Work in PD-Martinez is progressing to get ready for the NCATE visit.

Barbara James:
      A 6% increase in the midpoint of the salary funding formula has been approved. The
       Salary Committee will continue to look at different areas such as longevity and
       performance-based rewards.
      The reward for employees who use three days or less of their sick leave during a year is
       one day off with pay. Donated sick leave does not constitute use of sick leave. This
       process will start July 1, 2004.
      At Staff General Assembly next Wednesday, nominations for president will be requested.
      The Staff Handbook Committee has worked very hard on updating the handbook and
       clarifying some areas.
      The February employee of the month is Kathy Cordo from OT. Staff at T or C and
       Deming were included in the Employee of the Month meeting last week through ITV.
       Staff Senate is encouraging election of senators from these locations. The June General
       Assembly meeting will be sent via ITV to any extended campus who requests access.

Tony Macias:
    Getting ready for onsite visit from Carl Perkins tomorrow between 8 am and 11 am. We
      have one more year with Carl Perkins. President Bush is pushing for zero funding for
      Carl Perkins next year and will put money into No Child Left Behind Budget instead.
      Discussed that Gov. Richardson has $10m for skill centers to develop and build
      vocational centers. This year and next the Carl Perkins and DOE or Cabinet Secretary
      will focus on coordinating post-secondary and secondary as far as courses and concurrent
      enrollment with universities. On-site visitation for ABE.

Duane Elms:
   Demonstrated new server called Steel in Academic Council. Intended to replace
      Adamantite. Allows access to general use and department information via browser and
      normal method and from anywhere in the world. The whole point is to simplify
      communications and put large pieces of information out there with easy access.
   IT Strategic plan meeting--reviewed gaps and identified and started prioritization process.
      Working on gaps that had as resolution a training component. Convening a task force to
      look at training delivery and content to see that people get training as needed.
   Student Government sent out a request for fees—IT responded with a formal request to
      continue IT fee and double it. Justification and a list of ongoing projects was included for
      use of this money. $30.15 to $60.30 in student fees is proposed.

Chris Farren:
    For the Fall semester, as of yesterday, we had processed 4,000 inquiries, 210 early
       scholarship, and 1,100 regular applications. We are about 2% behind what we did last
    A new PMT is looking at document imaging. If we go with document imaging, it will be
       the largest IT project attempted on campus including Banner. Chuck Kelley has been sent
       to other institutions to see their use of document imaging. High quality scanners are a
       must. Document imaging will eliminate file chasing, arguments that paperwork was lost,
       and cut down on clerical work. We will need well trained people to input documents. The
       downside of this project is on the IT side. We will need an appropriate infrastructure to
       support this process. The greatest advantage of document imaging will be in Financial
       Aid and Admissions. It should improve accuracy and relationships with student
       prospects and improve in-house processing.
      New federal regulations require partial refunds on all Ws or all Fs. When students finish a
       term, we need to be able to document that students were here 60% of the time. if not, we
       will be forced to do a refund. The number of students affected last term was 110. The
       plan is to put out verification rosters the second week, the third week we will get census
       count, and the end of the seventh week we will send rosters to faculty to verify that
       students are in classes. We will work on a letter with Dr. Vowell to impress faculty with
       the seriousness of the situation--also contact Faculty Senate.
      A task force has been put together to review web information. Most things on the web
       have not been updated for several years. Found also in Student Affairs that the
       application process for undergraduate and graduate will allow students to fill out
       applications and e-mail them Admissions. Some application processes are not electronic
       and have not been updated. Need to identify people in each area to update their portion of
       the website.
      We are looking at revising the Student Handbook and have a group working on it. The
       Regents Manual will be used as the lead and will be consulting other handbooks.

Junius Logan:
    A one hundred page institutional report was completed by Gail Gruber, Jerry Harmon,
       and Faye Vowell and mailed to NCATE. NCATE will be on campus on Thursday for a
       pre-meeting to make sure that everything is in place for the visit in April.
    Last Friday there was a meeting with Cobre and Silver school superintendents regarding
       the Playas project.
    The Perkins people will be here tomorrow.

Donna Rees:
    Mary Billings and Dean Foster have been working on Extended University’s webpage.
    Met with Dick Pool and Candelaria Jaurequi last Friday and talked about the gap analysis
      in curriculum for alignment with advanced math and science. Tony Macias stated that
      Dick Pool indicated that the schools will begin paying concurrent enrollment tuition--
      uncertain at this time.
    Dick Pool and Donna Rees talked about the Gila Instructional Consortium Gila High
      School will become part of the Consortium. Pool will pay for equipment and charge line
      charges to e-rate.
    Discovered a problem with lottery scholarships in T or C. The lottery will only pay on-
      campus tuition rate, so if we have students with increased tuition, they can't be given
      more money. Will continue to look at this situation. May look at leveling the Extended
      University tuition with Silver City.
    GED testing in T or C and Deming--initiative from Larry Rucker and Andy Hernandez--
      found external founding. Deming will receive $30,000 from Luna County. Hired Acting
      Program Manager in Deming, Amanda Hervol, starting March 1.
    EU staff has been participating in systems portfolio and with IT's ITSP meetings.
    GED--Deming is receiving community inquiry about GED classes in the evenings. Tony
      Macias stated that we have them in the evenings.
      Julie Miller and Junius Logan responded to letter from NSF regarding grant--responded
      Mary Billings is putting together an application to expand computer networking--
       $500,000 over five years.
      Dr. Farren stated that the Noel-Levitz survey was administered at T or C and Deming this

Julie Morales:
     Good meeting of community relations committee with a good turn out. Tony Macias
       spoke about the Playas project, Mike Martinez reported on construction projects such as
       the rock wall replacement in front of Light Hall, cutting down the trees along 12th street
       and College that are dead and replacing with pine trees, Dr. Farren reported on
       enrollment figures, and the Silver City police chief was at meeting. The residents talked
       about excessive speeding along 12th street. Pledged to have stop sign on 12th &
       Mississippi. Post speed limit signs also. Next meeting April 7.
     Working on West Wind--deadline for submissions is tomorrow.
     Performance Measurement PMT meeting tomorrow.

Next Cabinet meeting will be two weeks from today.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

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