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Agenda Date:          May 19, 2008

Action Required:      None

Staff Contacts:       Mike Svetz, Director of Parks and Recreation

Presenters:           Mike Svetz, Director of Parks and Recreation

Reviewed By:          Gary O’Connell, City Manager

Title:                Parks and Recreation Department
                      Aquatic Facility Development Progress Report

Background & Discussion: In 2005 the Parks and Recreation Department conducted a citizen driven
Needs Assessment for the purposes of defining the future direction of park and recreational services. The
result was the development of a Strategic Plan that defined three areas of action for the department:

   1. Create Connectivity
   2. Facility Development
   3. Revenue Development

Below is summary of the progress and timeline that the Parks and Recreation Department is making with
regards to AQUATIC FACILITY DEVELOPMENT, in particular a new Family Aquatic Center at Meade
Park and a new Smith Aquatic and Wellness Center.

 May-July 2006: Parks and Recreation Department completes community driven master plan for
  Meade Park– replacement of Onesty Pool is deemed number one priority by community.
 April 2007: City Council approves $1 million for the design of the new facility and park renovations
 October-December. 2007: Parks and Recreation contracts for the Architectural and Engineering
  services of Kimley Horn & Associates for design development for a new Family Aquatic Center.
  Counsilman-Hunsaker is the primary aquatic sub consultant on the project.
 February – March 2008 – Parks and Recreation meets and reaches consensus with the community
  regarding the development of one master plan for the park that relocates the aquatic facility to the
  front of the park while replacing green space in the back of the park.
 April 2008 – City Council approves $3 million in capital improvement funding for the construction of
  the facility
 April – June 2008 – Schematic Design and Design Development phases; City currently reviewing
  final schematic design documents
 May-September 2008 – Existing Onesty Pool open for business for the last season.
 July 2008 – Parks and Recreation expected to bid the construction package for the new Family
  Aquatic Center and other park improvements at Meade Park.
   September 2008 - May 2009 – Construction of new family aquatic center in Meade Park as well as
    demolition of existing Onesty Pool.
   Memorial Day Weekend, 2009 – Expected Grand Opening of New Family Aquatic Center in Meade

 October 2004-October 2007 – The Parks and Recreation Department conducts numerous public
  meetings and presentations regarding the failing state of the current indoor aquatic facilities.
 November 19, 2007 – City Council approves a new Ground Lease for the Boys and Girls Club for the
  construction and operation for a Youth Development Center by the BGC. Area of Lease includes the
  current location of the existing Smith Pool.
 November 19, 2007 – City Council approves the Smith Aquatic and Wellness Center conceptual
  master plan and provided the direction to begin design of the facility as soon as possible.
 December, 2007 – Parks and Recreation submits an FY 09 Operational Budget that reduces the
  aquatic operation by $200,000 in anticipation of the current Smith Pool being demolished during the
  Summer 2008. $135,000 of the above funds is reallocated for the expansion of neighborhood based
  recreation programs at the direction of City Council.
 December, 2007 – Request for Proposal was issued for Architect and Engineering Services.
 March, 2008 – BH+A, Inc. hired to design new Smith Aquatic and Wellness Center.
 April 2008 – City Council approved the Parks and Recreation Capital Projects and Operational
  Budget for FY 09 with the understanding that current Smith Pool will be demolished and that 65% of
  those funds were reallocated for neighborhood based programs
 April 2008 – Kickoff meeting for the design and construction of New Smith Aquatic and Wellness
  Center – I am attaching a document that outlines the current timetable for design and construction of
  the project.
 April 2008 – Current Smith Pool demolition bid package issued
 May 6, 2008 – Bids due for demolition of Smith Pool; Lowest responsive bid came in at $119,000.
  (The original cost estimate was $300,000, so bid came in $181,000 lower than expected).
 May 27, 2008 – Current Smith Pool closes
 June 9 – August 15, 2008 – Current Smith Pool is demolished to clear way for new BGC and new
  Smith Aquatic and Wellness Center. This information is posted on our current Open Swim Schedule
  that is handed out to the public.
 December 2008 – Completion of Schematic Design and Design Development phases;
 Winter 2009 – Parks and Recreation expected to bid the construction package for the new Smith
  Aquatic Center.
 Spring 2009 – Summer 2010 – Construction of new Smith Aquatic Center.
 Fall 2010 – Expected Grand Opening of new Smith Aquatic Center
 Fall 2010 – Closing of Crow Pool

* Crow Pool will offer and balanced albeit limited complement of aquatic services until the new Smith
Aquatic Facility. Crow Pool will operate up to 102 hours per week during the indoor swimming season
(September-May). Schedules for the 2008-09 indoor swimming season are attached.

Budgetary Impact: NONE

Attachment: Meade Park Master Plan
            Smith Aquatic and Wellness Center Draft Master Plan
            2008-09 Crow Pool Schedules (2)

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