Oedipus the King by Sophocles A by x6eVhef


									             Oedipus the King by Sophocles: Part One Question
1. How would you characterize Oedipus as a ruler?

2. Oedipus has two main interests in locating Laius’ murderer. One is to life the plague from Thebes.

        a. What is Oedipus’ second reason for wanting to bring justice to the murderer?

        b. How is his second reason significant in terms of plot?

3. Although Teiresias is blind, he has authoritative vision.

        a. Interpret his claim that “Of themselves things will come, although I hide them and breathe no
        word of them.”

        b. What is ironic about a seer being blind?

4. Teiresias says, “You blame my temper but you do not see/your own that lives within you.” What else does
   Oedipus reveal about his character in his exchange with Teiresias?
5. Discuss the references to darkness, blindness, and vision in Teiresais’ speech in lines 464—489.

6. Respond to both parts:
       a. Why does Oedipus distrust Creon?

        b. How does Creon try to prove that he has no interest in being king of Thebes?

7. In terms of the plot what is significant about the exact time when Oedipus comes to the crossroad where he kills
the people in the carriage?

8. Respond to both parts:
       a. What reasons does Jocasta give for not having faith in prophecy?

        b. In terms of their approach to destiny, what do Jocasta and Oedipus have in common?

9. What role does the Chorus play in heightening the dramatic tension of the play?

10. Why is it futile for Oedipus to try to escape the circumstances of his life?

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