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									Publication Order Form
Please print & mail, email, or fax this form to the Latin American Studies Program
Address:                                                  Fax: 607.254.5000
Latin American Studies Program                            Phone: 607.255-3345
190 Uris Hall                                             Email:
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Please add up the total cost of your order using the shipping information provided below. Multiply the
number of publication(s) you are requesting by the cost (+ shipping charge), and add the total cost of
publication(s) ordered to obtain the final cost.

Andean Past Volumes                        Other Books
United States       US$7                   United States             US$6
Canada & Mexico     US$10                  Canada & Mexico           US$8
All other countries US$12                  All other countries       US$10
Publication                            Cost       +    Shipping Rate     x    # of    =     Total Cost of
                                                        (see above)          Copies          Publication
                                                  +                     x             =
                                                  +                     x             =
                                                  +                     x             =
                                                  +                     x             =
                                                  +                     x             =
                                                       Total Cost of Order (US $)     =

New York State Residents must add an additional 8% tax:
(total cost)+ (total cost x .08) = (total cost for NY state residents)

                                                      Total Cost for NY Residents (US$) =

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Please make all checks payable to Latin American Studies Program

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