Use AC hair To Teach Math by IL716Q


									                           Use A Chair To Teach Math


The student will learn some basic operations of math by measuring a chair.

Materials needed:

Folding chair or desk chair         paper
desk                                graph paper
tape measure                        a box


Place a folding chair or desk chair on top of a desk so all students can see.

Have students measure the various parts of a chair. (back, legs, seat, height,
width, etc.)

All students should make a list of these measurements for their personal use
later on.

After measuring the chair, ask the class for answers to questions like the
a. What size box would it take to mail the chair?
b. Could two chairs fit in the same box?
c. How many chairs could fit in this room?
d. What area of space does the chair occupy per floor space?
e. These questions should also serve to motivate students to think up questions
     of their own.

Give each student a sheet of graph paper and pencil and ask them to plan a
drawing of the chair.

Then give them a second piece of graph paper and ask them to make a second
drawing. This time half the size of the first one.

How many chair lengths in one km? Solicit additional math questions from the
students. Allow time for the students to discuss problems that exist; for
example: "It depends which way the chair is turned!"

Have students use the measurement to find answers to the question asked and
list the operation used. Make sure the students make or find a box for the chairs
to fit in for mailing.

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