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									  Compare WildCard SSL Prices from Platinum Certificate Authority

WildCard SSL Features   GeoTrust WildCard      Thawte WildCard SSL     RapidSSL WildCard

CERTIFICATE             GeoTrust               Thawte                  RapidSSL
PRICE FOR 1 YEAR        $439.00                $499.00                 $149.00
PRICE FOR 2 YEARS       $768.00                $878.00                 $260.00
MULTIPLE YEAR           Yes                    Yes                     Yes
DOMAINS SECURED         Unlimited sub          Unlimited sub domains   Unlimited sub
                        domains on a Same      on a Same Domain        domains on a Same
                        Domain Name            Name                    Domain Name
ISSUANCE SPEED          1-2 Days               Less than 2 Days        1-2 Working Days
VALIDATION REQUIRED     Business and Domain    Business and Domain     Domain and
                        Validation             Validation              Organization
NOTIFICATION LEVEL IN   Domain Name and        Domain Name and         Domain Name and
BROWSERS                Business Name          Business Name Shown     Business Name
                        Shown On Certificate   On Certificate          Shown On Certificate
ENCRYPTION STRENGTH     Up to 256 Bit          Up to 256-bit,          Up to 256 Bit
                                               Automatic step-up
BROWSER                 99%                    99%                     99%
INCLUDES SITE SEAL      Yes                    Yes                     Yes
NUMBER OF FREE          FREE self-service      30 Days                 FREE self-service
REISSUES ALLOWED        reissues during                                reissues during
                        validity period                                validity period
SERVER LICENSE          Unlimited Server       Single Server -         Unlimited Server
                                               Additional server
                                               licenses may be
SUPPORT OPTIONS         Yes                    Yes                     Yes
REFUND POLICY           30 Days                30 Days                 30 Days
WARRANTY                $10,000                $250,000                $10,000
GREEN ADDRESS BAR       No                                             No
SSL COUPON CODE         SUPER10OFF             SUPER10OFF              SUPER10OFF
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