What I did During My Summer Internship! by IL716Q


									             What I Did During My
             Summer Internship!

STEP-UP Leadership 2008 Summer Internship
Final Project

Madelyn James
UIC – Ph.D. Candidate
     Summer Internship with Center for
     Capacity Building on Minorities with
     Disabilities Research
The Center’s Mission
The Center for Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities
Research (CCBMDR) seeks to increase the capacity of State
Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies (VR) and community-based
organizations (CBOs like Centers for Independent Living and/or other
agencies serving minorities with disabilities) to document the impact of
their programs and develop culturally competent services. The Center
is funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation
Research (NIDRR). This effort is conducted in order to promote
positive rehabilitation outcomes for minority individuals with disabilities.
We propose to develop long-term relationships with agencies, conduct
participatory research and demonstration projects, engage in active
dissemination efforts, and provide state-of-the art training and technical
assistance to professionals and researchers in the field.

    CCBMDR Contact Information
   CCBMDR is located at            Fabricio E. Balcazar, Ph.D.
    the Institute on                Department of Disability and
                                    Human Development,
    Disability and Human            University of Illinois at Chicago
    Development within the          e-mail: fabricio@uic.edu
    Department of Disability    Associate Director
    and Human                       Yolanda Suárez-Balcazar, Ph.D.
                                    Department of Occupational
    Development at the              Therapy,
                                    University of Illinois at Chicago
    University of Illinois at       e-mail: ysuarez@uic.edu
    Chicago                     Coordinator
    1640 W. Roosevelt Rd.           Tina Ritzler, M.A.
                                    Department of Disability and
    MC 443                          Human Development,
    Chicago IL 60608                University of Illinois at Chicago
                                    e-mail: tritzler@uic.edu
   CCBMDR collaborates on
   several research projects
Overview of Five Broad Research Projects:
Project A
   A participatory process for building agency
   capacity for conducting program evaluation
   and improve consumer services.
   Agencies will receive technical assistance and support
   services from Center staff to conduct participatory
   evaluations of their programs.
   Contact Person: Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar
   CCBMDR Research
Project B
  Racial identity and cultural mistrust as
  psycho-cultural correlates of rehabilitation
  success for minorities with disabilities.
  Center staff will work with VR counselors and
  African American consumers to identify positive
  rehabilitation outcomes for minorities with
  Contact Person: Reginald Alston
  CCBMDR Research
Project C
  Investigating the Intersection of
  Disability and Race in Self Views of
  Latinos and African Americans with
  Center staff will work with minority individuals
  with disabilities to understand the intersection of
  disability and race in their self views.
  Contact Person: Carol Gill
CCBMDR Research
Project D
   Disability determination and provision of
  vocational rehabilitation services: How
  good are the tools that are used?
  Center staff will review assessment
  instruments commonly utilized in VR to
  determine eligibility of services.
  Contact Person: Brigida Hernandez
   CCBMDR Research
Project E
  Developing standards for culturally
  competent and linguistically appropriate
  Center staff will review the literature in order to
  develop a comprehensive synthesis and
  analysis of the current status and gaps in the
  methodologies used in research on minorities
  and disability.
  Contact Person: Glenn Fujiura
     CCBMDR Dissemination

1.   Standards for culturally competent and
     linguistically appropriate research with minorities
     with disabilities. Topics include getting entry into
     community settings, sampling, research designs,
     and data collection methodologies
2.   Researchers’ and practitioners´ guides for effective
     outreach to minority with disabilities
3.   Researchers’ guide for dissemination of relevant
     information to minority consumers with disabilities
4.   Practitioners’ guides for providing culturally
     competent services to minorities with disabilities
    My Summer Projects -Training
                 CCBMDR Cultural Competency
                 training of Illinois Vocational
                 Rehabilitation (VR) counselors
                 CCBMDR Training Director, Celestine
                 Willis MA., willisc@uic.edu

Attended cultural competency training of VR
Regional offices sent VR counselors to a full day of training
to increase their knowledge and ability to work with
ethnically and linguistically, diverse VR consumers with
disabilities. Each regional program completed a plan of
action and changes they would implement in their practices
with minority consumers.
    My Summer Projects -Data
   My work this summer focused on data collection of
    CCBMDR training sessions, state training programs
    and of the cultural competency practices of Illinois
    Vocational Rehabilitation counselors.

    Worked on data collection and data entry of feedback from cultural
    competency training.
   Organized and summarized data collected from trainings.
   Created a template and entered information

    Assisted staff in collecting data on the implementation of cultural
    competency models for all 50 state department’s of human services
    or mental health.
   Reviewed state government information online. Called and confirmed the status of cultural
    competency training at state’s departments of mental health, and human services.
   The results were inconsistent implementation of cultural competency training and the state
    department responsible for training varied.
My Summer Projects - VR
“What Works” Study
   This study was a follow-up of research conducted
    by Dr. Reginald Alston on the variability of VR
    outcomes for minority clients and the feedback
    from Illinois VR counselors after cultural
    competency training.
   The implementation of the study was delayed
    because of IRB requests for additional changes.
   The study participants were VR counselors chosen
    by each regional office supervisor. The participants
    were required to have more than 5 years of
    experience as a VR counselor. The sample size
    was approximately 40 counselors.
My Summer Projects

4. VR “What Works” Study
   Vr counselors signed a consent form that indicated:
   the study was gathering information regarding best
    practices of Illinois VR counselors
   the participation was strictly voluntary,
   they would not be compensated,
   and their information would remain confidential
   Information would be summarized
My Summer Projects

The methodology was mixed method.
 Each participant’s identity was converted to
  a code number.
 We collected demographic information
  about the VR consumer and the VR
 We asked several open-ended questions
  during a 30 -50 minute taped phone
My Summer Projects

   I have completed 15 interviews before the
    internship was completed.
   The project is ongoing and I am involved in
    conducting the additional interviews.
   Additional assistance is needed to
    transcribe the taped phone interviews.
   The analysis of the data will begin in late
    September or early October.

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