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I. Sites about the history on marriage. Note how the institution has evolved.

Homosexual (Same-Sex) Marriage & Civil Unions

I Do! Beverly Downing takes a look at the evolution of marriage customs

The Marriage Contract;

What Gay Marriage Teaches About the History of Marriage

Changes in Marriage: Past, Present and Future.

I. Sites about gay marriage from varying religios/social/economic/political aspects

Black Churches and Gay Marriage
Within the African-American community, the national debate over gay marriage is pitting two
deeply held values against each other

California's Proposition 22
In 2000, California voters not only had to choose between presidential candidates but also to vote
on Proposition 22, the highly controversial Defense of Marriage Act.

Episcopal [Church] Rift
The General Convention of the Episcopal Church met in 2003 in Minneapolis to decide two very
polarizing issues: whether to confirm the election of an openly gay bishop -- V. Gene Robinson of
New Hampshire -- and approve blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples

Gay Marriage and Homosexuality
A controversial 2003 ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court declaring that gay
couples have the right to marry under the state constitution placed the issue of gay marriage back
in the headlines.
Marriage Protection Amendment
In June 2006, the U.S. Senate again debated - and rejected - a constitutional amendment to ban
gay marriage.

Same Sex Marriage
In recent years, the United States has grown more accepting of homosexuality, both in public policy
and in pop culture. But when it comes to the question of marriage, the nation remains sharply
divided. A 2003 Washington Post poll found that half of Americans favor a law defining marriage as
a union between a man and a woman

The Spirit and the Flesh: Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly Viewer's Guide 2004
Journalist Jeff Sheler's essay surveys religious views on human sexuality and how religions wrestle
with sexual issues. Includes discussion questions and additional readings and resources.

Trembling before G-d
This excerpt from an acclaimed documentary tells the personal stories of Hasidic and Orthodox
Jews in Israel, the U.S. and Great Britain who are gay or lesbian and who face a profound dilemma -
how to reconcile their passionate love of Judaism and the Divine with biblical prohibitions that
forbid homosexuality.

United Methodists on Same-Sex Unions
In 2000, nearly 1,000 United Methodist delegates gathered in Cleveland for their church's
quadrennial general conference, where the issue of homosexuality and same-sex unions was at the
heart of debate and divisions.

What is Marriage?
The escalating controversy over same-sex unions has caused many Americans to reexamine the
definition of marriage. What are the religious and moral values underlying the institution of
marriage? Do homosexual unions have something in common with the union of a man and a woman?

II. Other sites that archived videos or broadcast on the debate. : Poll: No Same-Sex Marriage, No Amendment

The Heritage Foundation: "A Defining Moment: Marriage, the Courts, and the Constitution" by
Matthew Spalding, May 17, 2004

Alliance for Marriage
PBS: The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: The Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage, June 5, 2006

BBC - Religion & Ethics - Same-sex marriage

NPR: Calif. Judge Rejects Ban on Same-Sex Marriage (plus other stories on the debate) by Richard
Gonzales, March 15, 2005

The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry: The Marriage Project

Institute for American Values: Center for Marriage and Families

Wikipedia: Defense of Marriage Act

Federal Marriage Amendment - H.J. Res 56: Defines marriage as union of man and
woman only

Citizen Link: Focus on Social Issues: Same-Sex Unions and Parenting

Freedom to Marry

PBS: NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: Gay Marriage, February 13, 2004

PBS: Flashpoints USA: God and Country: Gay Marriage, January 27, 2004

Human Rights Campaign: Marriage

Institute for Marriage and Public Policy

PBS: NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: The Legal Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage
National Conference of State Legislatures: Same Sex Marriage Timeline

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life: Gay Marriage

Religious Same-Sex Marriages (SSM) & Civil Union: All sides to the issue

The Boston Globe: The Same Sex Marriage Debate: Wedding Day (comprehensive exploration of
the debate with polls, feature stories, pro/con arguments)

Institute for Marriage and Public Policy: "Same-Sex Marriage: What Does the Next Generation
Think?" by Maggie Gallagher and Joshua Baker, November 23, 2004 Tracks state legislative activity on gay marriage and more.

PBS: Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg: Gay Marriage, 2003

Christianity Today: Thirteen Bad Arguments for Same-Sex Marriage, September 2004

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