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                                                      September 2012
                                    CELEBRATING 20 YEARS

Welcome back to my 20th year here at Michelle                                            Lockers:
Ferraro’s Dance USA. Thank you one and all, old                 Our lockers are brand new and they are only $25 to
& new, for experiencing the love and passion for                rent for the year. Those who are in multiple classes
the art of dance that I try to spread throughout                and need various shoes, it is a great way to always
the year. My staff and I welcome you with open                  have everything you need on hand! If you had a
                                                                locker last year, your account has been charged $25
arms. Enjoy and Break a Leg! It is so exciting to
                                                                for the current year. We will also be adding another
see the old faces and of course the very many                   set!
new faces. I hope you enjoy a fun filled year of                                  Automatic Payment:
dance with us. Our monthly newsletter, the                      Please take advantage of automatic payments. Just give
DanceStar, will inform you of all the happenings                us a credit card number and we will put it in the
at the studio. There is so much to tell you in the              computer, where it will be safe. We will charge your
1st edition. So let me begin……                                  tuition each month automatically, so you never have to be
                                                                late again! See the desk for more details.
This publication goes out once a month. It contains all                            Recital 2013:
important information that you will need to know                Our annual recital will be held at JFK Middle
throughout the year so it is very important that you do         School in Port Jefferson. Finalized dates will be
read it! It will be posted on our website as well as on the     in the October edition.
bulletin boards at the dance studio. Our website is                                                                     Tiny Tot Recital:
                                                                Tiny Tot recital will be held at the dance studio. Please
                                                                see the October edition for a finalized date.
In the homework area/cafeteria there are                                        Costume Deposits:
bins for all of the water bottles that                          We will be collecting costume deposits during
usually accumulate in the rooms. Please                         September. Costume deposits are $50 per
                                                                class except for the boys which will be $35.
throw them out in our recycling bin.
                                                                Please remember if your deposit is not in by
Thank you again in playing your part to                         October 1st, I cannot order your child’s
help us recycle.                                                costume.
                 Concerning classes:                                                 Balances:
I can’t say enough how pleased I am about the                   Students with an outstanding balance at the
wonderful transition everyone has made during these             end of the month will not be allowed to take
1st few weeks. Everyone has been very patient. For              class until the balance is paid. The first and last
those who have transferred from other studios, thank
                                                                months tuition should be paid when signing
you for giving the teachers a chance to get to see
what you can do to make sure you are in the correct
level. **The teacher and desk staff must be informed
                                                                                   Dress Code:
of any transfers, changes, additions or dropped
                                                                All students in dance classes should be dressed
classes. There are plenty of classes still open. So
come on down and find that perfect class for you.               properly even in TAP (NO JEANS!!!) Hip Hop
                                                                Dancers (including Boys) must bring in another
pair of shoes. Every time you come in with                        Water bottles are the only bottles allowed in the dance
sand and dirt it scratches the floor. Please bring                room. No Soda! No Juice! No Food! Food should be
in another pair of sneakers to dance in.                          eaten in the cafe area only! Not the dressing and
Ballet: Please make sure you are properly                         certainly not in the Dance Rooms!
dressed & hair is up in a bun
                                                                              Coming In October:
                  Competition Corner:
This will be where we will post our competition results           Bring a friend in the month of October and if they
throughout the year.                                              register you will receive 1 month free tuition ($52
                                                                  value). Two per family limit.
Everyone at the studio is eligible. Just ask the                    Upcoming Events for October: Please check our
desk for any upcoming fundraisers. All of your                                website for more details…..
proceeds will go into your account. Yankee                           Pink Hair for Hope: October 13th 5:30pm-8pm
Candle is now available till October 6th. See                                Bake Sale for Breast Cancer
the desk for a packet. Tropical smoothie
fundraiser: Bring in the flyer on our website                        We will be open for Columbus Day! October 8th!
and 20%of the events sales go to the MF
Dance USA Competition Team!                                         For those who have not heard or seen, Mrs. Kerri
                                                                     Catalano and her husband are expecting!!! Mrs.
                   Special Classes:                                        Kerri’s baby will be here in January!
Special Stars- A class for children with a wide range of
special needs. Creative movement to music, flexibility                      CELEBRATING 20 YEARS!
and strengthening gross motor skills. Ages 11 & Under              Please look out for all of the little surprises to
                                                                          help celebrate my special year!
                Tuition Procedure & Policy:
We follow the school year, so your tuition is based on a
                                                                    * All boys if you register for Breakdance you
10 month year. All tuition is due by the 10th of the
month. If we do not receive your payment by the 10th                              get hip-hop for free!
there will be a $15 late fee added to your account. If you             * Starting in October every registered
do not pay it with your monthly tuition, it will then be            student/family will be entered in a raffle for
added to your next month’s payment. We accept cash,                free tuition for 1 month that’s right everyone
checks, & credit (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). All              gets entered. So please make sure you are in
checks can be made out to MF Dance USA. At                           the computer with the correct information.
registration we require that your 1st and last month’s                     Raffle is worth $52.00 Good luck!
tuition (May (for Tiny Tots) or June) be paid along with
the registration fee. The registration fee is due once a            Again many thanks for joining us for this
year and is NON-REFUNDABLE. If for some reason you                               special year!
discontinue class, your last month’s tuition is refundable
as long as you have no other balances at the studio. No
refunds or credit will be given for missed classes. A
                                                                   Michelle Ferraro’s Dance USA Staff 2012
credit will only be given if the student is ill or injured (for
                                                                  Lisa Evers- Babies, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical
an extended period of time). Make up classes are a
                                                                  Gail Alpert- Babies, Ballet,Tap, Jazz
courtesy of the studio. If for some reason a student is
                                                                  Kerrianne Catalano- Acro, Jazz, Hip Hop
absent from class, they need to ask THE TEACHER
                                                                  Melissa McDermott- Tap, Jazz, Babies
which class they can make it up in. You are still
                                                                  Tracie Williams – Jazz, Tap, HipHop, Acro, Babies
responsible for your regular monthly tuition whether the
                                                                  Alexa Sahagian- Hip Hop, lyrical, Jazz
student makes up the class or not. WE DO NOT issue
                                                                  Leigha Sahagian- Tap, Jazz
credit for classes that are not made up.
                                                                  Frank Dominic Jr- Breaking
                                                                  Bethany Porcail-Tap, Jazz
                      Food & Drinks:
Loren Picciarelli- Cario Barre, Core
Michelle Motorano
Ashley Ferraro- Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip-Hop
Veronica Murphy- Zumba
Anthony Ferrara- Boys Hip-Hop
Sarah- Ballet

Director                                                         9/3- Jayla Sferazo
Michelle Ferraro                                              9/4- Glorianna Gennaro
                                                        9/6 - Amanda Marcinek, Ashleigh
Receptionists                                                         Stepanyan
Maggie Kolligs                                      9/10 - Jenna Fuhrmann, Alexis MaKinen,
Maria Hagenburg                                                     Jillian Queller
Gina Lee                                                      9/12 - Kristen O'Connell
Lisa Hardwicke                                                   9/13 - Kristen Field
Hope Picciarelli
                                                        9/14 – Rachel Hollywood, Jialene
Book                                                                   Westcott
Keeper/Manager- Elly Cami                          9/16 - Jacqueline DiCanio, Nikayla Healey
                                                      9/17 - Marisa Barbier, Emily Dembek,
Here’s to another great year!!! Thank you all                     Addison Rothwell
for your support! Keep up the good work                         9/18- Aaron Codding
dancers. See you next month!                                    9/21- Kayla Haufler
                                                        9/22 - Jamie Hagenburg, Vincent
Miss Michelle                                                        Moscatiello
                                                       9/23 - Jennifer Kelly, Rylie Parsons
                                                                9/24- Arianna Daleo
                                                                 9/27- Tyasia Scott

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