Please include a copy of your constitution by Ic4bxY9


									Green Communities Small Grants Scheme

Small grants, typically to a maximum of £500 per year, are available to constituted groups to help cover the
costs of tools, safety equipment and training. These grants are available to generally support voluntary
groups to undertake practical environmental projects such as litter picks and clean ups, waste amnesties and
greening initiatives.

The following Section sets out the procedure and conditions of the grant, and how the money can be used to
assist in improving your adopted area.


These procedures and conditions are effective from 1st March 2011

Who can apply for a Grant?
Any ‘grassroots’, constituted voluntary group
(Please include a copy of your constitution, memorandum of understanding or articles of association).

Who cannot apply for a Grant?
      Communities First Partnerships
      Development Trusts
      Charitable organisations/Housing Associations with an annual turnover of more than £250,000
      Schools (except in specific circumstances see separate “Schools” section below).
      Individuals
      Private and public sector organisations e.g. community councils, town councils etc.

Schools may be eligible to apply for a grant provided the following conditions are met and clearly outlined in
the application:
     Project Activities must take place outside of the school grounds
     All project work should fall outside of regular school hours – unless the children are following an
       alternative curriculum.
     KWT grants cannot be used to subsidise school activities. For example, we will not fund children’s
       wellingtons, wet weather gear, science equipment etc.

Allotment Groups
      Allotment projects must show wider community benefit and accessibility i.e. we will not fund individual
       plot holders.
      Allotment projects must demonstrate how volunteers are involved.
      It would assist applications if allotment groups could demonstrate that they have taken the
       environment/biodiversity into account e.g. set aside an area for wildlife garden etc.
      The grant fund can be used to re-instate disused allotments (e.g. pay for skips for clearance), but we
       would expect the group to have liaised with the Local Authority over permissions/roles/duties i.e. we
       will not pay for something that the council should be doing.

Land Use
If groups come forward for funds for community gardens, allotments etc they need to evidence permission to
use the land i.e. letter from land owner, lease, management agreement. A typical agreement would be for a
minimum of 10 years. Although this can be time consuming for groups to obtain it does protect their interests
and ensures that all of their hard work does not end up going to waste.

Applying for a Grant
Before making an application for a grant you should;
   Discuss your proposals with your KWT Project Officer.
   Complete an application form (a copy of which can be found in this pack)
   Please make sure that you have provided all the information requested, and that it is signed and dated.
     NB At least one contact person needs to be a member of the constituted group as named on the
     application form – this demonstrates that the project is community based.
   Then pass the form on to your Project Officer who will add their comments and recommendations and
     countersign the application. If possible please e-mail an electronic copy of your completed form to your
     Project Officer as well. Your Project Officer will then forward your application to the KWT Grants
     Committee for appraisal.

Points to note:
While additional information such as photos are very welcome, it is the application form itself that is
considered by the committee, so please make sure it clearly states the aims, plans and costings for the grant.

 The question – “What will the expenditure items you have applied for in the grant enable the group to do?”–
should include an explanation of the outcomes i.e. what will be achieved e.g. the creation of a community
garden, the clearance of litter from 5 miles of riverbank through 10 clean-up days. If you are requesting
funding for specific items of equipment please explain how these relate to the projects you will be working on.

Grants Committee
The Grants Committee of Keep Wales Tidy meets once a month and checks that all applications are
completed accurately and meet the grant scheme criteria.

If a grant application is successful, the grantee organisation will be notified of any conditions or
recommendations along with an acceptance form. This must be signed by two designated representatives of
the group (NB the representatives must not be related) and returned to Keep Wales Tidy.

Only on receipt of the signed acceptance form will items be purchased


The grant is made possible through funding from the INTERREG 4A Ireland Wales Programme and other
partners therefore the grant will be administered using the procedures laid down in this document.

   1   Only expenditure incurred solely by Keep Wales Tidy for the purposes stated in Keep Wales Tidy’s
       Group Grant application can be covered by the grant. Any grant paid in respect of expenditure which
       it is subsequently discovered was not specifically incurred for the purpose stipulated may be
       recovered by Keep Wales Tidy.

   2   Items requested in the grant application will be purchased by Keep Wales representative and
       supplied/ delivered to the group. It is vital that group liaise with their Project Officer if outside
       contractors are required.

   3   Groups must also provide information such as number of volunteers, number of bags of litter
       collected etc. on a monthly basis to their Project Officers.

   4   The grantee organisation must be a non-profit making body.

   5   Keep Wales Tidy has no obligation to renew financial support.

   6    Keep Wales Tidy shall be informed without delay, in writing, of the occurrence of any of the following:
       a)    A material change in the facts given to Keep Wales Tidy by the grantee organisation in order
             to qualify for grant assistance.
       b)    Failure to use or to continue to use equipment or materials bought for the approved purposes.
       c)    Cessation of the use of equipment or materials for the approved purposes occurring within
             three years of the date of commencement of such use or:
       d)    The disbanding of the organisation.

   7   The Group shall inform Keep Wales Tidy in writing of any proposal for the sale, transfer or disposal of
       equipment or materials within their reasonable working life, or within three years of commencement
       of use for the approved purpose, whichever is the sooner, of such period as Keep Wales Tidy shall
       determine, and shall not sell, transfer or dispose of the equipment or materials without Keep Wales
       Tidy’s approval.

   8 If at any time it appears to Keep Wales Tidy:

       a)     that any of the events specified in the paragraphs above, whether or not they have been
              notified to Keep Wales Tidy, have occurred;

       b)     that there has been failure by the applicant to observe in whole or in part any of the foregoing
              conditions or those conditions set out in the Group Specification;

       Keep Wales Tidy shall be entitled to withdraw its undertaking to pay grant, or where appropriate to
       require repayment of the whole, or such part thereof as may be specified, of the monies already paid.
       Keep Wales Tidy also reserves the right to withhold grant at any time.

   9 The following information shall be made available to the Project Officer for each activity undertaken.

       a)     Number of volunteers involved.
       b)     Number of person hours achieved.
       c)     Area covered e.g. kilometres of riverbank treated, area of coastline etc.

       d)      Amounts of waste removed (bags and/or tonnage).
       e)      Photographs of group activities.
       f)      Gifts in-kind received.
       g)      Other organisations involved, e.g. Scouts, Women’s Institute etc.
       h)      Related projects undertaken.

    10 Publicity:

        A press release must be submitted to your local press acknowledging a successful grant application,
       the tasks you intend to undertake and the support of Keep Wales Tidy. A press release template
       document will be sent with the grant offer letter.

Eligible Items:

Insurance: It is the group’s responsibility to ensure that they are adequately insured for planned activities.
KWT now runs a group insurance scheme to which all community groups working on the Green Communities
/ Tidy Towns project can apply - see separate insurance form. In light of this, only in rare circumstances will
insurance costs be eligible.

Training Costs: It is strongly recommended that groups discuss their training needs with their KWT Project
Officer. A direct link between the training and project planned must be shown in the application. KWT may
fund accredited training such as First Aid, use of chainsaw, brushcutter, spraying etc

Travel: Petrol, travel expenses (actual cost to and from practical and networking events which must be
itemised showing destinations and reason for the travel). If private vehicle, mileage is paid at HMRC rates
currently 40p/mile for standard car. Please note travel expenses must be claimed from KWT using the
volunteer expenses claim form ( Appendix 1). Receipts not credit / debit card slips must be kept as evidence
and submitted with the form.

Tools: Spade, Litterpickers, bow-saw, fork, rake, loppers, grass hook, Irish slasher, wheelbarrow. Groups
applying for chainsaws, brushcutters, spraying equipment need to include a copy of accredited training
certification with their application. Larger items must be discussed with your Project Officer prior to
submission of the application.

Safety Equipment: Wellingtons, rubber gloves, black bags, waterproofs (reasonably priced), antiseptic
handwipes, first aid equipment.

Project Expenses / Materials: Skip hire, native trees, shrubs and bulbs, cement, sand, stone,
FSC/reclaimed timber.

Volunteer Refreshments: Fair Trade tea, coffee and snacks for volunteers, purchased in bulk. If large
amounts of money are applied for under this budget heading, then a full justification of all costs must be
submitted with the application.


Ineligible Items:

Capital items
Cars, computers, televisions, desks, office equipment, photocopiers, mobile phones etc. If you are unsure
what constitutes a capital item then please discuss with your project officer

Trapping and culling of native and non-native species will not be funded by KWT.

Alcoholic beverages


Example: Typical Breakdown of Costs

                                                                            Cost     Priority
Project Costs – please                            Breakdown                  £          of
specify                                                                               need
Training                                 First Aid Training                48.00        9


Tools                                    85cm Litter Picker x 5 (£8.99     £44.95       3                    each)

                                         Handyhoops x 5 (£4.99 each)       £24.95       4                     Garden Fork 28’’                  £20.26       6

                                         Garden Rake 60’’                  £25.02       7

                                         Lightweight shovel 28’’           £14.95       8

Safety Equipment                         First Aid Box small               £19.01       2
Please ensure you have a First Aid Kit
& if you work near water, a throw line

Project                                  Native Hedging                    200.00       1

Volunteer refreshments                   Fair trade tea bags, coffee and   £30.00       5
Other – please specify

                                         Total                             £427.14

Group Grant application process

Step 1: Complete the application form, being as specific as you possibly can, and checking that you
have done everything on the checklist. Send it to your Project Officer.
Application Checklist
   Have all the questions been answered fully?
   Has the budget been broken down? Have you used the “Priority of Need” column? Prioritise the
    items requested in ascending order, starting from “1”.
   Do all the figures add up?
   Has the form been completed in Block Capitals & with a ballpoint pen or typed?
   Has it been handed to the Project Officer on time? (Please liaise with your Project Officer for
    deadlines of committee meetings)
   Do you have appropriate insurance in place? If not have you asked for money to help with this or
    submitted an application to the KWT group insurance scheme?
   Has the form been signed by the first contact of the group and counter-signed by your KWT
    Project Officer?
   Have you attached a copy of your constitution, memorandum of understanding or articles of

Step 2: The KWT Project Officer double checks that the form has all the required information, then
writes a small piece about your group, giving a little more information on your work, plans for the
money and their recommendation. This is passed to the appropriate Regional Manager for comment
before going to the Projects Finance Manager.
Step 3: The Projects Finance Manager checks the application form for the committee meeting.
Step 4: The Group Grants committee meets to discuss and award the grants.
Step 5: Successful groups are sent an e-mail or letter of congratulations with any specific conditions
or recommendations, General conditions of Keep Wales Tidy grant award (as above), an
acceptance slip and press release template.
Please ensure that the acceptance form is returned to the Cardiff Office (Keep Wales Tidy, 33-35
Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11 9HB). This form will require two signatories, at least one of whom
should also be a bank signatory.
Step 6: On receipt of the grant acceptance slip a Keep Wales Tidy representative will purchase the
items requested and organise their delivery to the group at the main contact address stated in the
application form. If you would like it delivered elsewhere please liaise with your Project Officer.

Group Grant Application
Please complete using a ball point pen and block capitals or type directly into form

Contacts should not be related nor be based at the same address

Name of Group:
Geographical Area of Work (e.g. ward(s) and County):
Location of Adopted Area (if appropriate)
Landowner of Adopted Area (if known)
Contact 1 (all correspondence will be sent to this address/e-mail)
Preferred method of contact (please tick): Post       E-mail
Name of contact


Daytime telephone no
Mobile no
E-mail address
Position in Group
Group Website details
Contact 2
Name of contact


Daytime telephone no
Mobile no
E-mail address
Position in Group

Organisation Details if applicable

Group Details
How long have you been working with Keep Wales Tidy?
Will you be applying for KWT group insurance?                          Yes       No
If not, do you have Liability Insurance in place that covers these activities?
                                                                       Yes       No
Have you applied for a grant from us before?                            Yes      No
How many members do you have?
How many regular volunteers do you have?
Do you own any major assets? e.g. buildings, land or vehicles          Yes       No
Please list them

What will the expenditure items you have applied for in the grant enable the group to do?

What are your planned activities/ events? ( dates if possible)

Grant requested

                                                                 Cost   Priority
Project Costs – please                           Breakdown        £        of
specify                                                                  need



Safety Equipment
Please ensure you have a First Aid Kit
& if you work near water, a throw line


Volunteer refreshments
ie.Fair Trade tea,coffee,soft
drinks& snacks.
Other – please specify

                                         Total               £

 Please read and sign the following statement.

     Data Protection Act 1998. The information given will be entered and processed on computer.
The forms will also be kept. The information will be used by KWT for administration purposes of the
grant scheme and for the monitoring and promotion of the voluntary sector in Wales. Personal data is
limited to contact names, position, address, telephone and other contact numbers, organisation and
project; it may be considered as sensitive personal data where the organisation/project is involved with
matters relating to race, ethnic origins, politics, religions or similar beliefs, physical, mental health or
sexual life.

Part or all of the information you provide us with will be held on computer. This information will be used
for the administration of applications and grants and for producing statistics. Copies of this information
will be provided, when necessary to individuals and organisations that KWT consults with when
assessing applications and grants.

Contact details will only be disclosed to third parties for the following purposes: to enable KWT to
process your application; to announce successful projects, and to promote the KWT grant programme
generally via press releases and other bona fide promotional activities including placement on the KWT
and funders’ websites.

Please sign to show that you agree to KWT using your data in this way.

I agree to the above use of my data and I confirm that to the best of my knowledge and belief, all
replies given on this application form are true and accurate.

 Signed by the                                                  Position
 contact person:                                                       in

 Please print                                                      Date:

                   This form must also be countersigned by your KWT Project Officer

 I confirm that I have seen this application; however my signature does not imply any
 endorsement or approval of its contents.

 Signature                                                       Date
 Keep Wales Tidy Project Officer

 Completed applications, signed by you and your Keep Wales Tidy Project Officer, together
 with supporting information should be returned as soon as completed to Your Keep Wales
 Tidy Project Officer who will forward it to the Grants Committee at:

                        Keep Wales Tidy, 33-35 Cathedral, Cardiff, CF11 9HB
                   Tel: 029 2072 6975 Fax: 029 2025 6768

                     Please note that emailed applications cannot be accepted
             Please remember to keep a copy of your application for your own record


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