1752 constitiution by ROo94K


                                    Georgia 1752 Club

                                      Article 1-Name

       The name of the Association shall be the Georgia 1752 Club.

                                     Article 2-Objects

        Its objects shall be the furthering of all matters relating to the duties of insurance
representatives and affecting their common interest, and the acquisition and exchange of
information regarding the profession of insurance, including civic or promotional or
philanthropic activities that the club desires to support, in order that each member may be
better able to promote the interests of his or her company and said profession in general.

                                  Article 3-Membership

        Membership shall be personal. An eligible candidate may be elected to
membership at any qualified meeting after favorable recommendation of the executive
committee. A simple voting majority, of the qualified members in attendance at a
qualified meeting, is required for acceptance to membership.

There shall be four categories of membership:

   1. Qualified Member: Any person in an insurance related position i.e. Field
      representative, for a Property Casualty Company, claims representative, premium
      finance company etc…whose work is primarily in the state of Georgia may be

   2. Supporting Member: Employee’s of the professional Insurance Agents
      Association of Georgia or the Independent Insurance Agents Association of
      Georgia are eligible. This category has no voting rights.

   3. Lifetime Member: May be awarded to a member that has;
          (A) Retired from active employment
          (B) Made Specific contributions to the Georgia 1752 Club over a number of
      They shall retain all rights of qualified members but not pay any dues.

   4. Honorary Member: may be bestowed upon anyone the club may wish to confer
      special distinction. They shall pay no dues and have no voting rights.

    The name of an eligible candidate shall be submitted to the Executive Committee by
the candidate’s sponsor at or prior to any regularly scheduled meeting of the membership.
Upon approval of the Executive Committee, the name of the candidate shall be submitted
to a vote of the membership, provided the proposed member is present at said meeting.

       The term “Insurance Company” shall be construed to include any Property and
Casualty Insurance Company, regardless of corporate structure, which operates through
the Independent Agency system.

       Expulsion: Charges warranting expulsion shall be submitted to the Executive
Committee, and the charges and the individual(s) shall be given a hearing before that
committee. If, in the judgment of the committee, substantiated charges warrant
expulsion, written notice shall be given to the entire membership and a three quarters
majority of the membership shall be required to expel the charged member.

                                   Article 4: Officers

        The officers shall consist of a President, a President Elect, a Secretary, and a
Treasurer. They shall be elected annually by ballot and hold office until their successors
are chosen and qualified. Vacancies occurring in offices between annual meetings shall
be filled by the Executive Committee.

                             Article5: Executive Committee

        There shall be an Executive Committee to consist of the officers as aforesaid, the
immediate past President and one other member to be chosen at large, the latter to be
elected annually. One additional member of the Executive Committee is to be elected for
each six members above twenty with maximum number of Executive Committee limited
to nine members.

                                   Article 6: By-laws

      This organization shall make such by-laws as may be necessary for the additional
conduct of its affairs.

                                 Article 7: Amendments

       This Constitution may be amended at any annual meeting, or at any meeting
especially called for that purpose, and then only by a three quarters vote of the members
present and voting at such meetings, four weeks previous notice of such change, and
specifying therein the full text thereof, having been mailed to the address of every

                           Article 8: Nomination of Officers

        Each year a Nominating Committee shall be activated by the President composed
of not less than three, nor more than five, of the most recent past presidents of the club
who are still members, the chairman of the committee to be the immediate past president.
Should the immediate past president be unable or ineligible to service, the President shall
appoint a chairman from the other members on the committee. It shall be the duty of said
Nominating Committee to present to the Secretary at least four weeks prior to the annual
meeting a list of one nomination for each office and executive committee; and the
Secretary shall notify all members of such nominations at the time of the notices of said
annual meeting shall be issued, but not less than two weeks prior to said meeting.

                                  Article 9: Dissolution

       The Georgia 1752 Club may be dissolved by a three fourths vote of the entire
membership. Motion to dissolve shall be by a three fourths majority vote of members at
any annual meeting. A mail ballot of the entire membership shall then be conducted by
the Secretary and the results shall be tallied by the Executive Committee at the next
annual meeting.

        In the event of dissolution, all outstanding indebtedness of the Club shall be
retired and any remaining funds shall be donated to a charitable organization chosen by
the club.

This constitution as worded in revision approved on 4/17/86, 8/15/86, 9/13/90, and

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