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Notes of the meeting held on Tuesday 21 September 2010 in Boardroom 1, St
Catherine’s House, Doncaster at 1.00pm

Glyn Butcher (Seahorse Male Carers Group, Rotherham) [Chair]
Nick Arkle (Patient Experience/PSI Lead, RDaSH)
Madeleine Keyworth (Chairman, RDaSH)
Betty Hudson (Dearne Valley Carers Support Group)
Graeme Fagan (Deputy Director of Operations), on behalf of Ian Jerams (Chief
Operating Officer, RDaSH)
Anita Wilson (Phoenix Carer’s Group)
Paul Morton (TUF Group and Doncaster MIND)
Marilyn Corns (Harrop Carers Group)
Steve Crann (CPA Practice Development Manager)
Diana Swanson (Carers 4 Carers)
Jenny Greaves (Community Service Manager)
Karen Cvijetic (Head of Quality Improvement, RDaSH) on behalf of Helen Dabbs
(Deputy Chief Executive, RDaSH)
Sally Wheatley (Deputy Director of Clinical Assurance/Allied Health Professions Lead,
Rosie Johnson (Director of Workforce/Organisational Development/Corporate Affairs,
Kim Gostolo (Health Promotion Lead Older People, RDaSH)
Lew Vizard (Harrop Carers Group)
Charles Thody (Head of Chaplaincy, RDaSH)
Miriam Shores (Involve)

Lindsay Gillies (Involve) [Vice Chair]
Claire Chapman (VOICE of Service Users)
Marion Chapman (Rethink Carers, Scunthorpe)
Samantha Murray (PALS Coordinator, RDaSH)
Sheena Harratt (VOICE of Service Users)
Sheila Barnes (Care 4 Carers)
Christine Boswell (Chief Executive, RDaSH)
Helen Dabbs (Deputy Chief Executive, RDaSH)
Paul Chapman (Scunthorpe MIND/VOICE)
Jim Marshall (Scunthorpe MIND/VOICE)
Graham Estop (Involve)

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Chris Webb (Modern Matron, RDaSH)

In Attendance
Sarah Winfield (Project Manager, RDaSH)
Richard Banks (Director, Performance and Assurance RDaSH)


     The Chairman, Glyn Butcher, introduced himself to the Council and spoke
     about the purpose of the UCPC, and that we should also accept people’s
     differences even though we might not agree while we are all working for the
     good of this Trust.

     All attendees introduced themselves and their group/organisation they
     belonged to.

     Madeleine also raised a point with regard to an email from Claire Chapman;
     agreed to be included as any other business.

     Notes of Last Meeting

     It was noted that the following amendments would be made to the notes of
     the last meeting; Graham Estop was not present, Madeleine Keyworth
     forwarded her apologies. The remaining notes of the last meeting held on
     Tuesday 20 July 2010 were agreed as an accurate record.

     Matters Arising

     Leading to Quality: Rosie Johnson
     Continuing from last meeting, Rosie Johnson informed the Council that the
     Trust is looking for 10 Service Users and 10 Carers (they do not need to be
     connected to each other), to look at; what are the factors that impacts on
     Service User perspective with regard to leadership and leading the way with
     quality. Rosie suggested that anyone who wishes to find out further
     information to please contact Rosie Johnson on telephone number: 01302          ALL
     796482 or if anyone is interested, please forward your details to
     Amanda.scott@rdash.nhs.uk. Madeline asked as to whether she had written
     out to all the council of governors. Rosie response was that they had written
     to everyone twice. Nick asked a question, ‘do they need to attend meetings
     in Bradford’. Rosie responded that the meetings will happen where the
     interested individual is based.

     Further to the concerns raised at the last UCPC meeting (on page 2).
     Madeleine informed the council that she had met with VOICE to discuss

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     there concerns; it was felt that there was insufficient representation from
     PALS. Also, Graeme Fagan, Lawson Pater (Non Executive Director) and
     Nick had also met with VOICE after the last UCPC meeting.
     Nick informed the council that at there was a monthly Collaborative meeting
     in North Lincolnshire, which offers an opportunity to resolve issues brought
     to our attention. This meeting is attended by Nick Arkle and Elaine Pearce,
     Complaints Manager.

     On page 3 regarding ‘Welcome Pack’ it was agreed this would be included
     as an agenda item at the previous meeting, however, this was missing off
     the agenda. Apologies given. Also in the same paragraph correction to be
     made was that ‘A suggestion was that it could be launched at the UCPC
     AMM’ Nick should actually have said at the UCPC annual conference.

     Kim Gostollo from Older People’s Services asked whether anyone would be        ALL
     interested in coming to their carer group. Kim also wanted to thank Betty
     Hudson for coming along to the group.


     Nick Arkle read out an email from Graham Estop (Involve) that he wished to
     be discussed with the council in relation to Alan Pearman’s query of 2
     August 2010. Graham suggested that there should be a response from the
     Council, not individual members. It was agreed for the need to draft a
     response to Mr Pearman, Glyn Butcher, Diana Swanson agreed to produce          GB/DS/
     on behalf of the council with the support of Nick Arkle.                       NA

     Richard Banks informed the council that he had sent a number of email
     responses to Alan in relation to the quality account and answering his other
     enquiries. Also, a meeting had been arranged for Friday with Alan to gain
     further clarification to his concerns and to discuss them.

     Graeme Fagan joined the UCPC meeting.

     A discussion took place with regard to how the UCPC could widen coverage
     and promote the information that is available in the public domain.

     Nick Arkle read out an email from Claire Chapman asking for a couple of
     points to be raised on her behalf; “Firstly we are still hearing concerns about ALL
     our mental health services, particularly about Great Oaks, but Madeleine is
     coming to our meeting today so we will discuss them with her. Secondly, we
     were wondering if it would be worth setting up a working group to see if the
     complaints procedure could be made easier and less stressful for services
     users and carers. I’d be interested to see what the rest of the UCPC think

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     about this.”

     A comment was made about the issue of raising a complaint and the lengthy
     time it takes to respond along with that this is the only route. It was
     acknowledged that it takes 25 working days to respond to a formal

     Sally Wheatley commented that the informal route could involve PALS.
     Madeleine Keyworth suggested the need for publicising PALS and offer
     group sessions. Nick Arkle informed the council that Samantha Murray had
     been to 2 or 3 meetings in the last year. It was suggested the need for
     Samantha Murray to go and promote PALS. Graeme Fagan said that                SM
     VOICE is aware of PALS. An overview was given that Your Opinion Counts
     forms offered a quick response. The concerns in certain instances require a
     quick response route; Advocates can offer informal links with management
     services. A question was asked are all routes made clear, not sure whether
     details on all the above are clear on the ward. Diana Swanson commented
     that the PALS details are available on ward.

     Madeleine Keyworth commented that there is a feeling of isolation and this
     was due to the geographical area and that there concerns are not historical   NA
     but are current. Madeleine Keyworth asked that the Patient Experience
     Team put some time and effort into their concerns quickly.

     A suggestion was made that it would be a good idea to meet with them on a
     regular basis. Madeleine Keyworth informed the council that the group         ALL
     meets every Tuesday. It was suggested that we should write to VOICE and
     ask whether they would like the some of the UCPC meetings to be held in
     Scunthorpe and also for someone from UCPC to come on a regular basis to
     meet with their group.

     Sally Wheatley asked whether we could encourage them to come to the
     Annual Conference on the 8 October 2010. Nick informed the council that
     he had already exchanged emails with Claire and they would be attending.

     Nick asked whether the council would like ‘Complaints Procedure’ as an
     agenda item, Sally suggested doing something at conference; What are the
     routes? What would they like us to do to make things easier and as part of
     the feedback go and find out what the issues are.

     Quality Account: Richard Banks

     Richard gave a brief overview of the quality account;
         It is a requirement by the Department of Health and Monitor
         It forms part of the annual accounts
         The document is produced on an annual basis

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              What information goes in the Quality Account
              The (external regulators) Care Quality Commission and Department
               of Health ratings are published in the Quality Account
              CQUIN (Commissioning for Quality and Innovation) allows the Trust
               to have additional funding by achieving locally agreed targets.

     This forms part of what the New Business Divisions should be working on
     this year to improve the quality of services provided, the three main issues
     are Clinical Effectiveness, service user experience and patient safety. Each
     of the Business Divisions will have to demonstrate to the Trust how this has
     been achieved and if not this will be carried forward.

     Glyn agreed to keep as a standing agenda item.

     Lew Vizard asked a question, are the departments issuing any indicators in
     arriving at the results. Richard answered yes there are indicators.

     Richard Banks asked whether the Council could go back to there groups
     and see if there are further issues.

     Sally Wheatley made a few suggestions to consider: What was the
     experience of transition from one service to another. E.g. From CAMHS to
     Adult Services? Access to advocacy services? Crisis services? These are
     some of the issues that seem to be common currently.

     Nick suggested that the UCPC could suggest the indicators.

     Richard asked whether the council could bring 3 potential issues to the next
     UCPC meeting.

     All agreed to provide their groups with the information about the quality      ALL
     account and bring back 3 potential issues to the next meeting.

     A question was asked as to whether there was an easy read format. Is
     there a DVD. Sally suggested the PowerPoint presentation Richard banks
     gave previously to the Council.

     Richard agreed to provide the council with an overview of the information      RB
     relating to the Quality Account, that the council members could take back to
     there groups that could be easily understood.

     Also, link to the full Quality Account report as follows

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7.   Draft Work Plan for UCPC: Nick Arkle/Glyn Butcher

     Sally Wheatley, Glyn Butcher and Nick Arkle met to discuss and draw up a
     draft work plan. The items that they agreed to put on the draft work plan

         1. Sub group action plans/reports
     It was agreed that each sub-group would draw up an action plan and bring       ALL
     to the group.

       2. Developing the UCPC – AGM/Constitution/Conference
     Update the constitution and review each year at the conference.

         3. Communications – Newsletter / other
     To encourage wider engagement. Need a newsletter to promote what
     happens at the UCPC. Communicate from each meetings in the form of a
     news flash – highlight from meetings including activities and events.
     E-bulletin update from UCPC, information could be obtained from the E-
     bulletin that staff members have on a monthly basis.

     Agreement was that after each meeting a sub-group could come together
     and extract information from weekly bulletin.
     Volunteers to produce the above piece of work: Samantha Murray, Paul           SM/PM/
     Morton, Anita Wilson, Diana Swanson, Glyn Butcher and Marilyn Corns.           AN/DS/
     Agreed that a face-to-face meeting would be preferred.                         GB/MC/
     Time plan – Nick agreed to put together a matrix.                              NA

         4. Awareness raising / education / training
     It was suggested that Council should put together a leaflet that says what     ALL
     the User Carer Partnership Council does. Possibly a piece of work that the
     communication sub-group could put together. Glyn Butcher asked whether
     it would be possible to do a DVD. However, it was felt that a paper version
     would be more suitable.

     Ally Vulli commented about the WRAP facebook page; where they make
     announcements, questions asked and information obtained.

     Good source for letting us know what are your training needs, what training    NA
     is available through the Trust and other sources. A question was asked as
     to what training is available. Training is available through the RED Centre.
     Nick agreed to provide a list.

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        5. Quality account / important issues identified already include:
              Crisis Services
              Transitions
              Access to Advocacy Services

     Nick commented that it would be really useful to know what we deliver well,
     across the Trust. Glyn asked whether this could be communicated via text
     feedback to provide an instant response. A further discussion around how
     this could be fed back to the Council.

     Rosie Johnson left the meeting.

8.   Election of Chair and Vice Chair

     Nick informed the Council that we had come to the end of the year and the     ALL
     need to nominate another Chair and Vice Chair. It was noted that Lindsay
     Gillies wished to resign for her post as Vice Chair. After a lengthy
     discussion around how to proceed with nominating a Chair and Vice Chair, it
     was agreed to defer to the Annual Conference on the 8 October 2010.

9.   Trust Update and New Adult Mental Health Service Model: Graeme

     Graeme Fagan informed the Council that it had been a very busy time with
     the announcement that some of our contracts had been successful for us to
     provide the service and with some of them still under review.

     The following services are to be transferred to this Trust are:

              Learning Disability Services in Rotherham, along with the staff
              Primary Care Mental Health services in Rotherham.
              CAMHS services and staff in Doncaster have now joined this Trust
               (already provide CAMHS in North Lincolnshire).
              Drug Intervention Programme

     Awaiting announcement from NHS Manchester on whether our contract will
     be renewed with regard to the Manchester Early Intervention

     Nick apologised to the Council for not offering any feedback sooner with
     regard to the Business Division speed dating event. The feedback received;
          was very positive
          raised a lot of questions as to what actually does it mean to them

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               no one felt intimidated
               it broke down a lot of barriers
              people know where to go
              put a name to a face.

     It was acknowledged that the event was a success and it was asked                ALL
     whether we could launch one in each locality on a yearly basis. Anyone
     wishing for further events to put their request to Nick Arkle via

     The building in Rotherham is ahead of progress and offering fantastic new        AS/NA
     facilities. At the conference there will be the opportunity to view the model.
     We can arrange to have a visit before it opens – contact Amanda Scott or
     Nick Arkle.

     NHS North Lincolnshire are undertaking a consultation up to the end of
     December 2010 about proposed changes to how mental health services are
     delivered. The consultation document can be found on the front page of the
     RDaSH web site: http://www.rdash.nhs.uk/
     On the NHS North Lincolnshire web site a survey about the changes can be

10. Reports from Sub Groups

     10.1 Recovery and WRAP Group

     Steve Crann informed the Council that interest in WRAP continues to grow.
     Following on from the Inverting the Pyramid document an initial action plan
     was produced to provide more detail of the activity and resources required.
     This was circulated for comments and feedback. A second draft was then
     produced which incorporated a number of the Implementing Recovery 10
     key organisational challenges and again circulated the document for
     comments and feedback.

     Glyn asked whether there will be a WRAP development lead in each
     Business Division for each locality. Steve Crann explained that to support
     the development of recovery focussed services, as outlined in the
     Implementing Recovery document, it would be helpful to identify a clinical
     lead in each locality who could provide leadership. It was hoped that once
     identified they would also support links with and development of the locality

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     WRAP groups.

     Ally Vulli had concerns that the WRAP groups were not service user led and
     that this was the approach usual taken. What level of Service user
     involvement is there right now? People are moving on and no one is
     replacing them at present. There is a lack of service user facilitator input and
     further facilitator training and support for groups is needed in all localities.
     Are we planning to train more service users as facilitators as the need for
     more training was identified over a year ago.

     Steve Crann said that if we were to work to the pure model of WRAP then
     yes the groups would all be service user led but said that feedback from
     existing groups was that professional input has been helpful and is much
     valued. Facilitator training and support for locality groups is a fundamental
     element of the action. Steve Crann apologised for the length of time it has
     taken to progress things.

     It was agreed that Nick Arkle and Steve Crann, would try and put some              SC/NA
     training into place in January or February.

     Diana Swanson commented that we also need to get carers involved right             SC/DS
     now. All agreed. Steve Crann offered to meet with Diana to discuss this.

     Madeleine Keyworth left the meeting.

     10.2 Research group

     Paul Morton gave an update on behalf of Helen Oldknow. Since the last

        1. The group has met with the South Yorkshire PPI lead and discussed
           the work of the group. From this meeting he is going to:
               Put RDaSH Research Group on South Yorkshire’s Research
                 Developments Service (RDS) Website as an example of good
               Writing an article on the group fro the RDS newsletter.

        2. Reviewed semi structural interview questionnaire for the Physical
           Health and Well-being pilot evaluation.

        3. Agreed to act as steering group for a PhD student within the Trust.

        4. Invited to be involved in the redesign of Adult Community Mental
           Health Services by Doncaster Commissioning Consortium.

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     10.3 Conference Planning Group

     Nick informed the Council details relating to the User Carer Partnership
     Council conference. What was being planned for the market place:
     Wellness Recovery Action Planning, Productive Ward Project, New Service
     Model, Quality Accounts, Care Plans – relaunch My Care Checklist.

     Next meeting have elections.

     As a result of feedback in the past about CPA care plans not being very user
     friendly Nick Arkle informed the group that one of the key things he was
     hoping would come out of UCPC conference was feedback about what
     people would prefer. Some example care plan formats from other Trusts had
     been provided by members of the Care Programme Approach Association
     and these would be available on the market place tables. People would
     have the opportunity to share their thoughts and comments.

     Anyone wanting stands to let Kay Batty know as soon as possible. If you            ALL
     need transport to let Kay Batty know. Finally, thank you everyone.

     12. Any other business
     12.1 Talking Shop Pre Opening Photo Call

     Nick informed the Council about Talking Shop, based at Hallgate in the
     Centre of Doncaster, lead by RDaSH. This is a service which allows people
     to opportunity to drop in and obtain information or seek further help if
     experiencing anxiety or depression or any other mental health issues. This
     new service is being piloted and will be evaluated before it is offered in other
     areas and is subject to local commissioning.

     On Monday 4 October 2010 at 10:30, Talking Shop will be having a pre               ALL
     opening photo call, if any service user/volunteer would like to attend, please
     contact Amanda Scott.
     12.2 CPAA Art Competition

     CPAA art competition would like to offer all mental health service users and       ALL
     carers the opportunity to enter an art competition which will be published in
     next years Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter edition of their journal ‘The
     Approach’ which is produced on a quarterly basis. The closing date for the
     competition is 1 December 2010, winners will be notified during the first
     week of January. Winners will receive £30.00 of artist material and a year’s
     free subscription to ‘The Approach’. Runners up will receive £10.00 of artist
     materials and, along with the winners, see their work published in the
     January 2010 edition of ‘The Approach’. Details and submission form can

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     be obtained from Amanda Scott.

     Any Other Business Continued

     Forthcoming Events: Kim Gostolo

     Kim Gostolo informed the Council that on the 29 September 2010, the Older ALL
     Peoples Mental Health Services were organising an appreciation event and
     she wished to extend this to the council. Commencing at 9:30am to 4:00pm,
     any one interested to please let her know telephone number 01302 796080.

     Kim Gostolo also informed the council that they were in the process of
     organising a BME awareness day.
     Finally, on the 7 October 2010 at Wellfield House, commencing at 10:00am
     – 3:00pm will be the opportunity for health checks; diabetes etc.

     Consultation on NHS Doncaster’s draft Pharmacy Needs Assessment
     (PNA): Nick Arkle

     Nick asked the council that anyone who would be interested to forward there ALL
     details to Nick Arkle or Amanda Scott.

     Personalisation- How has it change your life: Nick Arkle

     Nick informed the council that there was an opportunity to be involved; if you
     have had personal experience of mental distress and have been supported          NA
     with your employment or housing aspirations by mental health or support
     services, we would like to hear from you!

     Agreed to send links www.nmhdu.org.uk/news/personalisation-how-had-it-
     changed-your-life-opportunity-for-involvement/ and
     www.nmhdu.org.uk/news/tell-us-about-your-peer-support-iniatives/ .

     2010 Trust DVD

     The 2010 Trust DVD, leading the way with care and quality is now available       NA
     to view on www.rdash.nhs.uk/new/page/3/ or contact Nick Arkle.

     Half day training on spirituality and mental health workshop: Charles

     Charles informed the council he was organising workshops around                  ALL
     spirituality and other faith awareness.

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     Anyone interested to please contact Amanda Scott.

     Diana Swanson informed the council that she was putting in a bid to enable
     carers, across the Trust and in any locality, to gain the necessary skills to
     become e-trainers.

     Date, Time and Venue of Next Meeting
     Tuesday 23 November, at 1:00 – 4:00pm to be held in Boardroom 1, St
     Catherine’s House.

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