BARKSDALE ENLISTED SPOUSES GROUP (BESG)

                                            CONSTITUTION OF THE

                                           Barksdale Enlisted Spouses Group

                                    ARTICLE I- NAME AND AUTHORITY
Section 1:

Name. The name of the organization shall be the Barksdale Enlisted Spouses Group, hereafter referred to as

Section 2:

General Provisions. Authority for the creation of this type of private organization is AFI 34-223, Private
Organizations. The BESG shall operate on Barksdale Air Force Base only with the written permission of the
Installation Commander or his/her designee. The organization is not a non-appropriated fund instrumentality, nor
is it entitled to the privileges and immunities of the Federal Government. All members of this Private Organization
must be aware that they cannot do any act that could be interpreted as representing or holding itself out as part of
the U.S. Government.

Section 3:

Membership. The membership is liable under the laws of the United States of America for organizational debts in
the event the organization’s assets are insufficient to discharge its financial obligation.

Section 4:

Conduct. The BESG will not conduct any activities that bring prejudice or discredit upon the US government or
conflict with governmental activities. Nor will it conduct any business that states or implies official Air Force
sponsorship or endorsement. It will not engage in activities that duplicate or compete with any base services activity
or non-appropriated funds instrumentality (NAFI), including AAFES. All requests for fundraisers will be submitted
through appropriate channels for consideration and action.

Section 5:

Finances. When requested by the 2d Bomb Wing Commander or designee, an audit of the BESG’s financial status
will be conducted by the Air Force Audit Agency to protect the Air Force’s interest. All books and records of the
BESG will be made available for such audits, which will not be conducted more than once each year unless special
circumstances warrant.

Section 6:

Amendments. This Constitution cannot be amended to omit a statement of the nature and purpose of the BESG or
omit provisions for disposing of residual assets and liabilities when it is dissolved.

                                  ARTICLE II- PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES

The BESG is classified as a Private Organization as described in AFI 34-223. It is formed to foster interest among
its members in charitable, cultural and social activities; and to promote base/community relations in keeping with
the ideas of the United States Air Force. While being organized in compliance with Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal
Revenue Service (IRS) and operates to promote social, recreational and other similar non-profit activities for its
members. The charitable part of this organization is a private, nonprofit organization which is organized in
compliance with Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS and is organized exclusively for donations to eligible scholarship
candidates, organizations that qualify as exempt under 502(c)(3) of the IRS Code and other persons or groups in
furtherance of charitable or education purposes.
                             ARTICLE III- OFFICERS AND GOVERNING BODY

The officers of the BESG forming the Executive Board will be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
and Parliamentarian. Any active member not delinquent in his/her payment of dues or other money owed to the
BESG shall be eligible for election to office subject to the following additional condition:

1. All officers will serve a 1-year term with elections being held in September. Officers will assume responsibilities
on October 1.

                                         ARTICLE IV -- MEMBERSHIP
Section 1:

General. Membership in this organization will be voluntary and consist of one class: active. It will not
discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, national origin, ethnic group or gender. This organization’s
membership is open to spouses of active duty, reserve, guard, retired and Department of Defense members of any
branch of service ranks E-1-E9 or GS-7 and below that are assigned to Barksdale AFB and its community. “Active”
will be defined as: member’s dues are paid, member attends monthly meetings and member participates in BESG
activities (i.e. revenue producing activities, membership drives, etc). The BESG reserves the right to form and
accept auxiliary membership. Active members will be eligible to hold office (except Advisor), vote on any and all
matters and entitled to full use of services and privileges offered by the BESG.

Section 2:

Dues. Each member of the BESG will be assessed dues as provided in the Bylaws. Members will pay their dues at
the beginning of each year; the year for the BESG runs 01 October – 30 September. A member whose dues are not
current will not be eligible to vote, be elected to office or be appointed to chair a committee.

Section 3:

Applications. Each prospective new member will have the option to review the BESG Constitution and Bylaws
gaining understanding of the following: Each member agrees, as a condition of membership, that in the event the
BESG ever becomes indebted or liable to such member, whether adjudicated, admitted or claimed, or whether
based on contract or tort, said member will seek, request and demand satisfaction of such liability only from the
assets of the BESG, each member hereby covenants not to sue or present any claim for liability of damage against
any other member based upon debt or liability of the BESG and each member specifically waives and releases any
and all rights which he or she may hay have to hold other members individually liable for debts and/or liabilities of
the BESG except that such covenant, wavier, and release shall not operate to preclude a claim or suit against
individual members who personally participate in the act or omission creating the debt or liability.

Section 4:

Termination. Membership termination will be by action of the Executive Board for the following reasons below.
Termination will include dropping member from rosters but will exclude removal from the BESG distribution
listing, unless specifically requested by the member.

1. When the member submits a written or oral resignation.

2. Upon permanent departure of the member from Barksdale AFB or its community. Retirement alone is not
justification for automatic termination of membership.

3. Civilian employees (not married/retired to/from the Armed Forces): upon termination of employment on
Barksdale AFB resulting in the loss of base ID card.

4. For causes deemed sufficient by a majority vote of the Executive Board. A notice of termination will be provided
to the individual in writing. An application for reinstatement must be submitted in writing, by the individual, to the
Executive Board for review and approval/disapproval.
                                           ARTICLE V- FINANCING

Section 1:

The BESG is not a NAFI and is not considered under Air Force control. It will be self-sustaining and will not
receive direct financial assistance from appropriated or non-appropriated funds. All BESG assets (monies and
property) will come from donations, dues, payments or other receipts. No act or omission of the BESG, nor any of
its officers or members, shall create a debt of liability upon appropriated funds or NAFIs.

Section 2:

Banking. An account will be maintained in the name of the BESG at an FDIC approved institution into which all
funds will be deposited. All withdrawals and expenditures will require co-signature of the Treasurer and at least one
other member of the BESG Executive Officers. The monthly financial statement will be mailed directly to the
BESG address on file.

Section 3:

The President, Vice President and Treasurer of the BESG are individually accountable for the group’s assets and
liabilities, and for assuring responsible financial operational management. Members of the BESG are jointly and
severely liable for the financial obligations of the group.

                                           ARTICLE VI- ACTIVITIES

Section 1:

Activities. The BESG will provide civic, social and recreational activities for its members, not otherwise prohibited
by Air Force directives. Members will not receive profit from the BESG but will derive benefits through
participation in, or patronage of the activities for which the BESG is established.

                                           ARTICLE VII- MEETINGS

Section 1.

General. Except as otherwise specified in this constitution, a majority vote of the Executive Board members
and/or a majority vote of the active membership present at the meeting is required to pass any motion or transact
any business. The President reserves the right to “table” an issue when, in his/her judgment, a representative
number of members is not present to adequately represent the BESG.

Section 2:

Regular Meetings. There will be a regular membership meeting each month at a time and place determined by the
President. Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, all procedural matters (motions, etc) pertaining to the
conduct of meetings will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 3:

Board Meetings.       The Board will consist of all members of the Executive Board as well as all Committee
chairpersons. There will be a regular board meeting each month at a time and place determined by the President.
Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, all procedural matters (motions, etc) pertaining to the conduct of
meetings will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 4:

Special Meetings. Special meetings will be held at a time and place determined by the President whenever the
conditions in Sections 1 or 2 above exist. All requests for a special meeting will be submitted to the President.
                              ARTICLE VIII- ADOPTION AND AMENDMENTS

Section 1:

General. The BESG Constitution and Bylaws may be amended or altered by an affirmative vote of the majority of
the active membership at any scheduled meeting.

Section 2:

Amendment. A proposed amendment must be in writing and presented to the Executive Board. A change of the
Executive Board will be conducted annually, which requires a page insert, name changes only. Review and/or
revision of the Constitution and Bylaws will be conducted every year, or as needed. The Parliamentarian will notify
the active members of the substance of any proposed amendment and inform them that it will be voted on at the
next meeting.

Section 3.

Adoption. This Constitution and Bylaws shall become effective upon adoption by an affirmative vote of the
majority of the membership present at any regular or special meeting, provided it is thereafter found to be legally
sufficient and approved by the 2d BW Force Support Squadron Commander or his designee.

                                          ARTICLE IX: DISSOLUTION

Section 1:
In case of dissolution of the organization, funds in the treasury at the time will be used to satisfy any outstanding
debts, liabilities or obligations. The balance of the assets will be disposed of as determined by the Executive Board.

Section 2:

Specifics. The BESG will be dissolved if the 2d BW Commander or his/her designee, or the membership feels the
need and purpose for which the organization was organized no longer exists. Dissolution in accordance with this
provision will require the same formalities with respect to notice and number of votes required to pass the motion as
required to amend this Constitution, with the exception of direction from the 2d BW Commander or his/her

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