Historic Ships in Baltimore by Ic4bxY9


									                                       Site Manager – Pier 1, Pier 3, Pier 5
                                                      Job Description
Site Managers report directly to the Marine Superintendent and are responsible for carrying out the mission and objectives
of Historic Ships in Baltimore and those of the President and Board of Directors of the Living Classrooms Foundation.
Site Managers are directly engaged in the preservation, maintenance, and ongoing restoration of the museum asset to
which they are assigned. The site managers will oversee the day-to-day preventative maintenance of their assets,
supervise employees assigned to them, and manage the asset’s associated volunteer and internship programs. The
majority of volunteers can only assist on weekends so the regular work week for this position is Tuesday thru Saturday.
Site managers will work on the implementation of capital projects, assist with Historic Ships special events as required,
and perform other duties as assigned by the Marine Superintendent.

Primary responsibilities include but may not be limited to:

       Implementing the day-to-day preventative maintenance program for the assigned asset.
       Overseeing maintenance staff, volunteers and interns assigned to the asset.
       Ensuring that the conditions of all spaces, on and off the public tour routes, are regularly monitored for
        cleanliness, safety, and water intrusion.
       Bringing any maintenance or safety issues to the attention of the Marine Superintendent.
       Implementing restoration and preservation projects as assigned by the Marine Superintendent.
       Implementing the sound and security plan throughout the site, keeping good records.
       Performing site-specific safety, security and systems training and orientation for live-aboard staff and guests and
        monitoring compliance.
       Serving as the primary point of contact for maintenance emergencies.
       Alerting the Marine Superintendent immediately in the event of a maintenance emergency.

Coordinated Responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

       Working with the Marine Superintendent in the planning of short, mid, and long term maintenance and
        preservation initiatives for the assigned assets.
       Working with the Curator and the Marine Superintendent to ensure that maintenance, preservation and restoration
        plans made and projects performed by Historic Ships staff and/or volunteers meet the Secretary of Interior’s
        standards and the overall approval of the Curator for Historic Ships.
       Assisting the museum’s Director of Catered and Special Events and Deputy Director for Operations with events
        and programming as approved by the Marine Superintendent.
       Developing, managing and maintaining a site-specific volunteer program as directed by the Marine
        Superintendent utilizing the resources provided and offered by the Living Classrooms Foundation Volunteer
        Coordinator whenever possible.
       Repairing exhibits, maintaining lighting, and ensuring that the public tour routes are presentable and well marked
        in coordination with the Curator and as directed by the Marine Superintendent.
       Assisting with maintenance projects at the other Museum and Foundation sites as assigned by the Marine
General Responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

       Providing safe working conditions for ship’s staff, apprentices and volunteers.
       Conducting one’s self in a manner which does credit to the site, Historic Ships in Baltimore and the Living
        Classrooms Foundation.
       Practicing and exhibiting safe work habits realizing that you are a role model for the museum’s staff, apprentices
        and volunteers
       Being an effective co-worker who promotes a positive work ethic and good morale among museum’s staff,
        volunteers and apprentices.
       Being an effective spokesperson for Historic Ships in Baltimore and the Living Classrooms Foundation.
       Such other duties, as necessary, assigned by the Marine Superintendent.

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