METHOD STATEMENT : Interlock checks,
                            Soak tests & Measurements of MICE Q1,2,3 and D1

Before beginning: - power supply connections to local AC supply signed off (Martin Hughes)
                :- loose metallic objects removed from area. (Hughes/Tilley)
                :- notice placed on side of dipole saying is live & up at 150Volts.
                :- second individual present whilst magnet observations taking place.

Interlock checks

The magnet power supplies will be switched on at low current ~ 10Amps.
The klixon cables will be disconnected from the magnet end and we will look to see if the
appropriate power supply disconnects.

Klixon checks may be made directly using a hot air gun & multimeter if the equipment is

Soak & measurements tests


The water flow rates will be noted in the MICE DSA.

Thermocouples will be attached to the return water flow pipes. (for Dipole preferably both
flow & return).
An IR thermometer will be available to monitor coil temperatures as well as water flow pipes.

Magnet current settings & measurements:-

The magnets Q1-Q3 will be taken up to 200Amps and left at this current for at least 2hours.
The dipole D1 will be taken up to 250Amps for ~1hour or until equilibrium/satisfactory.

The currents will be verified using the Heme Clampmeter.

- Measurements of the field and polarity will be made of each of the above magnets.
- Measurements of temperature will be made at various intervals, on various parts of the
coils/water circuits of the magnets during the tests.

Communication will be maintained with Martin Hughes by walkie-talkie who will be
operating the p/supplies
The dipole D1 will then be taken up to 350Amps until the dipole reaches

- The same temperature and field measurements will be repeated.

At least for the first hour the magnets will be observed directly. Thereafter, as long as it is
safe – the magnets can be observed occasionally, at later intervals.

At least two people should be present by the MICE beamline at one time – one of whom is a
magnet expert. The crew should not let sole persons into the synchrotron whilst this
experiment is taking place.

Any changes to the above procedure must be agreed with K.Tilley. - 07712182350

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