parent intro letter by iT3K43x


									                                    Welcome to 5th grade, Room 13,
                                     “Learning with Lovering!”

       I am very excited to be your child's 5th grade teacher! Zeiger
Elementary has been my "home" for the past eleven years and I bring with me
life experiences as a mother, soldier, scout leader, and teacher. Learning is
my passion! I've earned a Masters in Teaching, Master of Science in
Management, and a Bachelor degree in German (I also know and teach a little
Spanish and French!).
        As an Army veteran I've moved many times over nearly 25 years! My
husband is retired from the Army and we have two awesome kids. Our son
Calvin is a security officer for FedEx and our daughter Jennifer, a graduate of
Ithaca College in New York, works for a marketing design agency in Seattle. I
cannot forget our adorable Jack Russell “kids” (Magee and Jax), who love to
visit the classroom (they like kids and their lunch crumbs!).
       The fifth grade GLO Team (Mr. Gronhovd-social studies, Mrs. Lovering-
science, Mrs. Olson-writing) collaborates on everything and departmentalizes
writing, science and social studies instruction. We will guide your child in the
discovery of our country's history from exploration through the American
Revolution, geography, state projects, and government, along with reading,
grammar and writing activities using the new Journeys literacy curriculum
and novel studies. We will explore hands-on STC science kits, and delve into
mathematical concepts using Bridges in Mathematics. Your child may even
talk in Greek or Latin as I share how to understand new words by knowing
word parts and origins.
       A grade-level handbook explaining procedures, expectations,
curriculum, and grading is available on our teacher SWIFT websites (look in
the Documents tab). Be sure to visit and bookmark my SWIFT site (class
My primary means of contact with parents is via email and the class website.
Please register your email address with me through the Contact Me link on
our class Web page. If you have any questions, feel free to email
( Here's to a great year!

Gail Lovering
“Carpe diem!”

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