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									                     January 2010 Staff Meeting
                              DOOLY’S OTTAWA
 (This is not an option or an “extra”! It is part of your job! All employees will pledge to
              uphold our CREDO!” This is our promise to our customers!)

                           We strive to be the very best

                                   We react quickly

               We smile all the time because we are on stage

                    We are friendly, helpful and courteous

                        We are ambassadors of Dooly’s

                     Our uniforms are always immaculate

                  We always use proper telephone etiquette

                               We are knowledgeable

                              We are always positive

                                  We never say no.

Three Steps of Service
     1. Warm and sincere greeting. Use the guest's name.
     2. Anticipation and fulfillment of each guest's needs.
     3. Fond farewell. Use the guest's name.
                         January 2010 Staff Meeting
General Notes:

Pool Table Lights:
   We have changed all the lights on the pool tables to a new brighter “daylight white” light. All the
lights have been changed. Please be aware of the difference. If a light burns out, make sure you are
changing them with the correct bulb. In addition, a reminder that the two outside lights are to be
switched with the 23-watt bulbs and the two inner lights are to be switched with the 13 watt bulbs.
This goes for all the table lights, new and old. The lights are marked “Daylight” on the outside of the
package and are available on the top shelf of the service station over the POS.

Changing of Beer and Pop Gases:
  A reminder to everyone, that every time you replace either the pop or the beer gas, you must call
and order a new one. Busboys, when you change the gas you must tell the bartenders right away. It
has happened to many times over the past couple of months, where we have completely run out of
gas. For those of you who are unsure of how to do that, under the Membership Database on the
POS, type in “Gas”, scroll to the bottom and you will see Membership “E.3 – Miles Beverage Gases”.
Select this file, click on “INFO” and dial the number. If no one answers, leave a message and tell
them what we require, beer or pop gas.

  Only one on duty staff member is to be out smoking at a time, no more group smoke breaks. In
addition, customers are not to stand inside the staff doors and if you are off duty, you will leave your
drinks at your table or the bar when you go smoke, do not bring them to the back door. Excessive
smoke breaks will result in fewer allowable breaks. Choose your time wisely! Do not expect a break
when the bar is at full throttle.

Work Attitude:
  As hard as it may seem at times, personal issues must be left at the door before you enter to work.
When you come in to work in a bad mood, it not only affects you and your customers, but it also
affects those working with you. No one wants to be served by, or work with, a person who acts as if
they do not want to be there.

When Not on Duty:
  No one is allowed behind the bar, or in the server station, when not on duty. If you are not working,
you do not go behind the bar or in the server station for any reason. If you want to check your
schedule, ask the bartender to pass you the binder. Just to clarify a manager is always on duty, in
uniform or not.

Cell Phones:
  Cell phones are not to be used during your shift at all, unless you are on a quick break. On a break
or not, you are not permitted to use your phone in the server station at all during business hours. If
you are caught using your cell phone, you will have to leave it behind the bar for the duration of your
shift and all your shifts from then on.
                         January 2010 Staff Meeting
Closing Times:
Our hours of operation are as follows:
             Sun – Wed: 11am – 1am
             Thurs – Sat: 11am – 2am

  If there is a minimum of 5 tables running before closing time, Sun – Wed, we will remain open. The
bartender will let the servers and busboys know when to perform last call, and when to shut down the
Auto Frys.

Membership sales:
January 2009 Sales          127 Memberships Sold
January Goal 2010           200 Memberships Sold

February 2009 Sales         201 Memberships Sold
February Goal 2010          195 Memberships Sold

   Everyone seems to have given up on trying to sell memberships. You forget that it is still part of
your job. It is unacceptable for any of you to think that you can just decide not to do a part of your job
anymore. I think at the very least, we as a management team deserve a lot more respect from you
than that. The lack of effort this month was not only pathetic, but nothing short of insulting. With the
referral hour gone you need to find another way to sell them, end of story, and no discussion. Figure
out another way! It is not that difficult, all the benefits are still the same save that one.

Be My Guest Card:
                         January 2010 Staff Meeting
  1.      As stated in the memo posted on January 27th, you will place a menu in the hands of any
       and all customers seated at your bar. Leaving the menus standing on the bar all night is not
       good enough. You will give it to each customer at your bar and you will encourage him or her
       to look at it.
  2.       As the shift supervisor on duty, you are the boss. You need to be authoritative, actually be in
       charge, and actually deal with any issues that may come up. I do need to know about any
       problem that has happened, but there is no reason that you cannot at least talk to the server or
       busboy involved at the time. Often, the issue can be resolved right away if given the chance.
       There is no reason for you to be waiting for the same kind of thing to annoy you for two weeks
       before you finally say something to a manager, without ever having tried to solve the problem
       yourself. That being said, it is also ok for you to give praise if and when praise is due.
  3.      The beer fridge doors need to be cleaned on a nightly basis. This is not being done regularly,
       if at all. They really look terrible in the mornings. After you close, or before if you are not too
       busy, take a cloth with a cleaning product and wipe them down. It is not hard and does not
       take very long; there is no excuse for this to not be done. This also goes for the upstairs beer
       fridge doors.
  4.       Day Bartenders: you need to actually fill out your daily duties checklists. During the month of
       January, according to the checklists, daily cleaning has only been done 11 times, by Mike.
       That is not sufficient. I do see you cleaning, but how are we suppose to know what is being
  5.       Night Bartenders: you need to fill out your night walk around checklists. (I know; me to.) During
       the month of January, according to the checklists, the nightly walk aroundhas been performed
       twice, by Matt. That is just terrible people. How are we supposed to know if the work is being
       done? We have the checklists for a reason and we will all fill them out properly from now on.
       Door checks to be performed on Walk Around Close and signed for. We will create a door
       schedule with numbered doors to add to the checklist so all doors are inspected for closure
       and security.
  6.       Autofry stand by times and minimizing the time the second side needs to be on standby. It
       consumes too much energy and shortens the life of the cooking oil.
  7.       When inputting data into the membership database, always enter a value in the DOB Field,
       01/01/2001 if it is blank on form, and the ZIP (Area Code) Field, A1A 1A1 if blank on the form.
       All data will be entered in CAPITAL LETTERS. If these fields are empty, they will not be added
       to the list when I create a search.
                           January 2010 Staff Meeting
    1.      Go see your customers waiting to pay before you head into the server area to print off their
         bills. In some cases, customers are waiting for well over 5 minutes before they see you, and
         they are unsure if you even know they are there. It does not leave a good “last impression”,
         and they get grumpy while they stand there wondering if you are coming which also will
         decrease the tip they will leave you. When the bar pages you, you will go directly to the bar,
         see your customer first, let them know you will get their bill, and ask them how they would like
         to pay.
    2.      Once again, the woman’s washroom needs to be checked regularly throughout your shift not
         just at the end. Wipe down the counter tops, check for empty product, pick up garbage, and
         flush toilets. It is not that hard, it takes a whole minute or two, just do it.
    3.       The chit chasing needs to stop now! Instead of standing there waiting for your drinks, go
         check the bathrooms, or go take more orders, or go bus your section, or go check the
         bathrooms. I watch most of you stand there all night waiting for your drinks, then when I find
         the woman’s washroom to be a complete disaster, you all tell me that you have not had the
         time to check it… But you have had ample time to stand around waiting for your drinks to be
         made. Ridiculous!
    4.       Some of you, when you are not chit chasing, are leaving your drinks sitting on the server
         counter, waiting to be served, for way to long. Let us try to find a happy medium people! There
         is no good reason for this to be happening. Punch in your drinks, go check the bathrooms,
         come right back and bring out your drinks. If you go back out on the floor, take a couple quick
         orders and then come right back to bring out your drinks. ‘Forgetting’ that you have drinks to
         bring out that often is unacceptable.
    5.        There will be no more complaining about wanting to go home! You are scheduled until
         3:30am; you will expect to work until 3:30am!! If it is not busy, you can ask the bartender for a
         list of things to clean, if you cannot think of anything yourself. The bartender alone will decide if
         and when you can go early, but keep in mind that the bartender does not have to let you go
         early. You will find that the more you complain, the longer you will stay.
    6.       I realize that we all work here because we all want to make money so that we can all pay
         our bills and have some fun. I also realize that the way to make money in this industry is being
         tipped by the customers we are serving. That being said, some of you need to realize that no
         customer actually has to tip you. You have absolutely no right to demand a tip from a
         customer, and you have no right to tell this customer that he has been ‘labeled a bad tipper’.
         The customers will mostly tip you what they feel you deserve, so instead of being rude to them
         you may want to check yourself. Understandably, some people are just bad tippers. This is
         something that we all just have to suck up and deal with.
    7.      Make sure you have your tabs under the proper table number in the POS with the proper
         customer name at the top. Too many times a bartender has been unable to find a customer’s
         tab because it has been mislabeled.
    8.       On Tuesday January 12, a case of Imports was found at the bottom of the pile of Import
         cases, missing 12 beers. As we don’t know when it was left there, all closing bartenders are
         being asked to cover the difference. 12*$5.50 = $66.00. This will be divided by Ras, Kiwi, Matt,
         Chris, Brach and Jay, as all of you have closed the main bar. That is $11.00 per person.
    9.       Every server will introduce a menu to the customers at a new table on their FIRST visit to
         the table. A follow up will be performed on the second visit. The MENU is an integral tool in
         aiding all staff members in selling and UP SELLING!
i.e. –   First visit: “Here is our In House Menu. It may have ideas you have not thought about!”
         Second visit – “Have you had a chance to look at the menu?”
                        January 2010 Staff Meeting
 10.      All servers will be dressed and ready for work for the 2 PM shifts, and ALL shifts, unless
       otherwise told by the bartenders. You don’t even have the option of asking if you are needed.
       Just get dressed and work!

 1.       At closing time when there are two busboys on; one should be circling the floor to bus and
       tidy up, also to keep an eye on the straggling customers. The other busboy should be finishing
       the dishes and cleaning the podium. Once all the customers appear to be gone, go check all
       the bathrooms and get the doors locked immediately. You can ask to smoke just after last call
       time or once all the customers are out of the building.
 2.       Pay more attention during your shift. The bartenders should not have to ask you every time
       they need bar supplies like ice or straws.
 3.        When the bartenders ask you to do something, do it immediately. If you are doing
       something or do not have time, ask the bartender if it can wait until you are done your task.
       Use your common sense; if the upstairs bar asks for something, they probably need it for a
       customer that is waiting at that moment, so that request needs to have priority. Waiting two
       minutes to get at broken glass on the floor is unacceptable.
 4.        Do not forget the mezzanine when you are doing your close. This includes bringing up the
       beer order, bringing down extra glassware, empty bottles, supplies, and even helping to clean
       up if needed.
 5.        When you bring up the beer order, do not forget to log on the inventory sheet what you
       have brought up. Ask the bartender for the sheet if you do not see it, but do not leave without
       writing it down.
 6.        You do not have to wait and watch the food cook. Start your food order and then go do
       something else, like a bathroom check or bus the floor, while it cooks.
 7.        Take extra care when filling the beer fridge. Too often, we are finding cases with a missing
       bottle or two buried underneath other cases. The bartenders actually have to pay for missing
       inventory. You not filling the fridge properly and marrying all the cases is literally costing us
       money out of our pockets. You need to pay more attention.
 8.       Bathrooms. Counters, toilette bowels wiped every visit & urinals wiped every visit WITHOUT
                        January 2010 Staff Meeting

         The senior staff knows the drill already, but for the new people:
You are receiving a package of papers. In this package, you will find self-evaluation sheets and
several peer evaluation sheets. You will fill out these sheets honestly and without personal feelings or
biases. It is important to know what each of you thinks about each other and yourselves, so that I can
have a well-rounded view of each of my employees. This helps me to complete my own evaluations
fairly. The only people with access to read these sheets will be John, Ras, and myself so feel free to
write any and all of your opinions. No one will be told who said what about them. You have one week
to fill out all the sheets and return them to me. That means they are due by closing time on Sunday,
February 7th, 2010. Place all your sheets in the envelope provided and hand them in to a manager or
the bartender on duty. Bartenders will send up all eval packages with the nightly paper work. If you
fail to hand in your sheets by the due date, you will automatically loose 20% on your evaluation.
The evaluation is based on 6 points:
                               1. Sales & Sales Performance.
                               2. Product Knowledge.
                               3. Work Attitude.
                               4. Side & Closing Duties.
                               5. Peer Evaluations.
                               6. Management Assessments.
The busboy evaluations are a little different, for obvious reasons, but are equally important.
If anyone would like to make any comments about Ras or I, feel free to write it on a separate paper.
You may hand those in to John if you don’t want us to know what you have to say.
Now before you all leave, you will all write a product knowledge test. 
Good Luck people!

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