Advanced Searching Screen Comparisons Handout by iT3K43x


									                                                            Mr. Stafford
                                                     Information Literacy
Haddonfield Public Library Catalog Advanced Search

EBSCOhost Advanced Search
                                                                                              Mr. Stafford
                                                                                       Information Literacy

       Below and on the next page are partial reproductions of the advanced search screens to three
different digital search tools: Google (an internet search engine), the Haddonfield Public Library online
public access catalog (OPAC), and the EBSCOhost suite of databases. Note that each search tool utilizes
similar searching concepts, but realize that they are searching different kinds of information sources. I make
this comparison to illustrate that searching concepts are universal, and that researchers who have a
fundamental understanding of the different searching concepts will be able to apply that understanding
whether they are searching for books, magazine or journal articles, or websites.

       Note that Google uses simple language directions while the library catalog and database search tools
use terminology that is familiar to experienced researchers. Can you “see” the hidden Boolean logic in the
Google Advanced Search page? Which search screen do you prefer?

Google Advanced Search

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