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       Northwest Region
                    Selection of
            Vice Presidents
           to three-year terms of office

    SPEEA Constitutional

The Tellers Committee reviews candidates’ statements to assure compliance with
the statement word-length restrictions. They do not edit the statements or make any
claims as to the statements’ accuracy. The content and accuracy of statements is the
responsibility of the candidates.
                       Northwest Region
                       Ballot Instructions
                           Selection of
         Three (3) SPEEA-Area IFPTE Vice Presidents (pg. 4),

                 SPEEA Constitutional Referendum (pg. 12)

                   SPEEA Northwest Region Delegates
     Thirteen members turned in petitions for the 13 delegate positions from
 the Northwest Region. All advance as delegates. A mail-in ballot is not required.

                                         May 2009
Enclosed you will find the materials for the selection of three (3) SPEEA-Area IFPTE
Vice Presidents to be seated at the convention and the proposed SPEEA Constitu-
tional Referendum:
    Two separate ballots*
         1)    SPEEA-Area Vice Presidents (vote for no more than 3), one of which
               must be from the Midwest Region.
         2)    SPEEA Constitutional Referendum

    Coin envelope

    Return Mailing Envelope

    Booklet
      1) Containing 250-word or less statement from each candidate
         for Vice President positions.
         2)    Constitutional Referendum language and Pro/Con statement.

Article 12 of the SPEEA Constitution outlines the election challenge and appeal procedures.

The Tellers Committee will begin validation and counting of ballots at noon local time on Wednesday,
June 10, 2009. Observers are welcome. Ballot results will be known some time that evening.

            (Please follow instructions, to avoid invalidating your ballot)

    1. Indicate your choice of candidate(s) on the enclosed IFPTE Vice-
       President ballot in the appropriate square(s). Do NOT make any
       other marks on the ballot, or Federal regulations require the Tellers to
       invalidate your ballot.

    2. Indicate accept or reject on referendum ballot in the appropriate squares.
       Do NOT make any other marks on the ballot, or Federal regulations
       require the Tellers to invalidate your ballot.

    3. Insert both the IFPTE ballot and the Constitutional Referendum
       Ballot into the coin envelope.

    4. Do NOT mark on the coin envelope.

    5. Insert the coin envelope into the white return envelope. Fill out the
       back of the mail envelope: Print your name on the back of the mail-
       ing envelope in the assigned area. The Tellers require a legible name for
       validation purposes. Your Employee ID is optional, but helpful in the
       validation process.

    6. Sign the mailing envelope on the back in the assigned area. Federal
       regulations require that all ballot envelopes be signed. The Tellers will
       invalidate any ballot envelope that is not signed.

Ballots may be returned in one of the following ways, but must be received by the
deadline noted in order to be counted:

MAIL TO SPEEA’S POST OFFICE BALLOT BOX (as noted on your return enve-
lope). Send back the postage-paid, return envelope so that it reaches our Post Office
box by noon local time on Wednesday, June 10, 2009.

HAND CARRY TO ONE OF THE SPEEA OFFICES and place in locked ballot
box by noon local time on Wednesday, June 10, 2009.

      Tukwila – 15205 52nd Ave South             Everett – 2414 106th St SW

                           Wichita – 973 S. Glendale Street

If you invalidate your ballot and would like to obtain a duplicate, please call your local
SPEEA office to make arrangements prior to the ballot deadline.

Everett – (425) 355-2883       Tukwila (206) 433-0991 Wichita – (316) 682-0262

 IFPTE Vice-President Candidate Statements
                   SELECTION OF SPEEA-AREA

   IFPTE Vice - Presidents
When SPEEA became an IFPTE Local, the International agreed to create a separate “Area”
for SPEEA. (We are the only local with our own area.) We are allowed to elect three (3)
Vice Presidents to represent our Area. These vice presidents are elected at the triennial
convention, and serve a three (3) year term. SPEEA-Area Vice Presidents serve as members
of the IFPTE Executive Council along with the IFPTE President, Secretary-Treasurer and
area Vice Presidents from other IFPTE regions throughout the country. The SPEEA-Area
Vice Presidents are responsible for communicating SPEEA’s concerns and priorities to the
IFPTE President on conditions and progress in their respective areas. Vice Presidents should
have demonstrated leadership involvement in SPEEA, and be familiar with and supportive
of SPEEA and its purposes. These Vice Presidents are expected to attend IFPTE Executive
Council meetings twice yearly and be present at all convention sessions and convention-
related meetings for the Executive Council.
This election allows the members to choose who their SPEEA-Area IFPTE Vice Presidents
will be for the coming three-year term. The names of the two candidates with the highest
number of votes will be submitted to SPEEA’s delegates for seating at this August’s convention.
   SPEEA By-Laws Section 2.2.4: “If SPEEA is eligible for more than two Vice Presidents, then SPEEA
   members shall select at least one Vice President nominee from each region of SPEEA.”
The Tellers Committee has selected the random order of candidates’ names for the ballot.
You may vote for no more than three (3) Vice Presidents, one of which must be from the
MW Region. [In the event of a tie, the winner(s) will be determined by coin toss conducted
by the Tellers Committee.]

 IFPTE Vice-President Candidate Statements
Midwest (candidate order is random by region as drawn by SPEEA tellers)
Debbie Logsdon
I would appreciate your vote in this upcoming election. To be sure your voice is heard
please elect me to another term.
Debbie Logsdon

I have had the honor of representing SPEEA as the IFPTE MW VP this last term. The
experience has given me the opportunity to meet other leaders within our union family
and form networks that benefit our union. This appointment has allowed me to represent
our members by meeting with our elected leaders in D.C. on issues such as the tanker
being built in the United States, and other labor issues that impact our families and their
futures. In the last two years I have completed my Bachelor of Science degree in “Orga-
nizational Management and Leadership” with hopes that what I have learned will benefit
                                                                       continued on page 5
 IFPTE Vice-President Candidate Statements
Debbie Logsdon – continued from page 4
our union. I am involved in several areas of our union and have served as the MW Chair
for two terms, MW Treasurer for one term and the MW L&PA Chair for three terms. I am
energetic and a hard worker. I will always remember the members, and will communicate
issues that will impact them. I would appreciate your vote in this upcoming election. To
be sure your voice is heard please elect me to another term.
Thank you,
Debbie Logsdon

Joe Newberry
IFPTE Delegate in 2003 and 2006
SPEEA Executive Board from 2001 through 2004
WEU Negotiation Team chair
SPEEA Council Rep from 2004 through present

I am a Boeing Wichita employee and SPEEA Local 2001 member and would appreciate
being elected as a SPEEA Vice President to the International Federation of Professional and
Technical Engineers (IFPTE). I am qualified having demonstrated leadership within SPEEA
as Executive Board Midwest Vice President and Secretary, as the Wichita representative on
the Ed Wells Partnership Policy Board and as the team chair on three Boeing WEU negotia-
tion teams. I have attended previous IFPTE conventions as a delegate from Wichita and I
am familiar with the responsibilities of an IFPTE Vice President. If elected as your VP, I will
diligently perform all of the Vice President responsibilities during the 2009 through 2012 term.
I would appreciate your vote as both an IFPTE convention delegate and as your IPFTE
Vice President representing the Midwest region. If I am fortunate to be elected as vice
president, the incoming VPs are seated on the last day of the convention, making it easy
and appropriate to serve as both a delegate and as a new VP.
I supported the affiliation with IFPTE and believe the affiliation with IFPTE continues to be
a correct action. I understand that SPEEA represents diverse groups of employees at Boeing,
Spirit Aerosystems, BAE Systems and Triumph Composite Systems and I will work hard,
if elected as a delegate, to represent all SPEEA members equally. Thank you for your vote.

Donna M. Castaneda
Midwest CHAIR 2007 – 2009
C. Representative
Central States IFPTE
SPEEA MW and National L & PA
WHLF and KCWR - E-Board
Stephan Pezzini HOPE Award 2008                                           continued on page 6
 IFPTE Vice-President Candidate Statements
Donna Casteneda – continued from page 5

I am a Spirit employee, former Boeing employee with overall more than 25 years of service.
Having become more involved with the SPEEA membership through the process of the
Boeing Commercial sale to Spirit. As Chair the position has led me to an understanding
of how to best serve our Midwest area, should it be BAE in Irving Texas, Boeing Wichita
IDS or Spirit. I have wanted to become more involved in helping our membership with
the association of our union and the companies SPEEA now deals with daily. These factors
have led me to become even more involved in our union here and with the surrounding
unions we relate to. Never has the “We are family” meant so much to myself and others who
have devoted themselves to our cause of promoting unions and the working middle class.
I would very much appreciate your vote to allow me to step out even further to become the
MW IFPTE Regional Vice President. I know I would bring to this position the knowledge
and understand of our membership I have brought forth in my current position I hold
as CHAIR of the Midwest now. I look forward to working with others to help solving
problems at the IFPTE level as I have the Midwest level. Thank You very much for your
vote of confidence into this position that I accept warmly if elected.

Northwest (candidate order is random by region as drawn by SPEEA tellers)
Judy Mogan
Because of my experience and the associations I have had at SPEEA, I ask you to consider
voting for me as your Vice President.

I was a new Council Representative when the Council decided to affiliate with our inter-
national; IFPTE. I remember sitting in the Council, listening to the debate whether we
would decide to join the house of labor or stay independent.
It was one of many major debates that I have listened to and been involved in over the
years, but it was one of the most important.
I voted ‘yes’ because I thought we needed to make that transition. Soon, after that, when
the members decided to strike, it proved to be the best choice we ever made.
Since we joined the AFL-CIO, I have taken advantage of many of the classes offered. One;
a three day ‘boot camp’ type class on organizing that was beneficial when I was a member
on the Organization Committee. Another class I attended, taught me to teach others
‘Why Unions are good for Workers and their Community’. I have gained knowledge and
insight from being a delegate to the Washington State and Pierce County Labor Councils.
Last year, I represented SPEEA by attending IFPTE’s first Legislative Convention in Wash-
ington D.C. and lobbied Congress on SPEEA issues, including the Tanker deal.
                                                                      continued on page 7
 IFPTE Vice-President Candidate Statements
Judy Mogan – continued from page 6

Experience:                                             Committees:
Area & Council Representative                           Organizational, Past Chair
Auburn ‘Strike’ Picket Captain                          SPEEA/Boeing Joint Benefits
2002 Technical Negotiations Team                        Governing Documents
200 hours + Community, AFL/CIO                          NW Legislative & Public Affairs – Chair
Organizing/CR training                                  SPEEA L&PA
                                                        ACT Secretary

Keith Neal
Six-Term Council Rep
SPEEA Outstanding Activist 2003, 2004, & 2008
Organizational Planning Committee
SPEEA, & NW Legislative & Public Affairs Committee
24 years membership

SPEEA members are the best people to design and build the greatest Aerospace products in
the world. Employees of Boeing, Spirit, and Triumph must be treated with respect and be
compensated fairly. I am concerned about anti-labor legislation and the pervasiveness of
corporate impunity. Many of these issues can only be adequately addressed at the national
level. Fair treatment for work performed is a core value, and why I’m seeking IFPTE office.
Employers utilizing the H1B visa program must be verifiably required to pay a prevailing (USA)
wage and benefits so as not exploit the guest worker, and not distort the fragile national job market.
I believe the Employee Free Choice Act needs to be national law now. In my view a “50%
plus one” vote by employees wins the right to form a union. Employers or their agents
must play a neutral role and not interfere in the process of forming a union. This is about
fairness and democracy. Union bashing, worker intimidation, and reprisals should be a
thing of the past, not in our future.
I will work for you and members of other IFPTE locals to bring positive, meaningful
change to our work life. There is much to do and I am eager to do it. I ask for your vote
as your IFPTE vice president.

Larry Marrell
IFPTE SPEEA Area Vice President
 SPEEA NW Regional Vice President
 2002, 2005 and 2008 Negotiation Team
 SPEEA Activist since 1990
 Picket Captain
 Everett Roundtable
                                                                               continued on page 8
 IFPTE Vice-President Candidate Statements
Larry Marrell – continued from page 7
As your current IFPTE Vice President, I have been honored to serve you and look forward
to the future and the struggles that lie ahead. My involvement and commitment to SPEEA
over the years has made me uniquely qualified to serve you. My experience as a Council
Representative, three-time Negotiation Team member and NW Regional Vice President
has given me the knowledge of the issues that has made me an effective voice.
IFPTE President Greg Junemann commented at the 2008 SPEEA Leadership Conference,
“Since Marrell’s election to the IFPTE Council, he has made his presence known”. With
your support I will continue to carry SPEEA’s message to the IFPTE and ensure that we
are heard. Last year, I along with other labor leaders travelled to Washington D.C. to lobby
Congress for the Tanker. With the help of the IFPTE we were successful in getting that
decision overturned. I intend to continue working for that contract and ensuring that the
members that make up our union build it.
There are many challenges ahead that will demand someone who can work together with
others to form solutions, not problems, someone who can find compromise but is not
afraid of confrontation. The economic challenges of the next few years will continue to
place great demands on us.
I welcome the chance to face these challenges and see them as opportunities to create an
even better future for ourselves, our families and our Union.
Thank you for your support and your vote.

Joel Funfar
Serve as SPEEA Council Chair, Council rep since 2000.
Represented SPEEA at 2003 & 2006 IFPTE convention.

I would like to represent SPEEA as an IFPTE Vice President. I proudly represented SPEEA
at the 2003 & 2006 IFPTE conventions. I have increased my activity at SPEEA and my
knowledge about issues affecting members. Being a 2008 Negotiation Team member
broadened my understanding and I will advocate on behalf of our membership.
I will work to provide better two-way communication and cooperation between SPEEA and
all other IFPTE locals. At both conventions I observed a number of reasons why SPEEA needs
to do this. One is labor related issues which we need to better communicate to our members.
I am known at SPEEA for communicating and sharing issues at places I represent SPEEA.
I attended the first IFPTE Legislative Week on the Hill last year and worked with IFPTE
locals there.
Working closely with many at IFPTE in the past, I have an excellent working relationship
with staff and leaders. I will do my best to represent the SPEEA membership’s wishes if
chosen to represent SPEEA.
                                                                     continued on page 9
 IFPTE Vice-President Candidate Statements
Joel Funfar – continued from page 8
Below are some of my qualifications:
9 years Council Representative
Current SPEEA Council Chairman
2008 Negotiations Tech Team member
Four SPEEA Outstanding Activists awards.
Member of SPEEA/Boeing Leadership-Partnership and Joint Workforce committees
SPEEA Representative at labor councils
Former SPEEA Council Secretary, Northwest Council Chairman and Secretary
Elected NW Council delegate to two CESO World Conferences.
I ask for your support and vote to represent you as an IFPTE Vice President.

Alan Rice
SPEEA Member since 1980                         Area Rep/Council Rep 26 Years
Executive Board 4+ Years                        Negotiation Team 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008
IFPTE Delegate 2000, 2003, 2006

My core driver is that I want what is best for SPEEA’s members. This means ALL members
– not a select special interest or demographic. I am as fervent a supporter of our newest
members as I am those with long careers here. The way I achieve this is by getting involved,
by listening to our members and by taking a stand for what I believe to be right.
You want me for this position because…
TRUST - Having devoted my career to serving you on our Board, as a Council Rep and
having represented the members of the Northwest faithfully through FOUR negotiations,
I can assure the members that I have the ability, knowledge and desire to be an effective
and trusted advocate.
I have served as an IFPTE delegate, a CESO delegate and as a leader of our recent negotia-
tions. With this experience and having been active in discussing what matters most to you,
our members, I am extremely confident in the role of speaking up for the interests of SPEEA.
We are in tough economic times and we are fighting to save our careers and our industry
in the US. As VP I will work to reinforce that our dues be spent to return top value and to
ensure that the priorities of the Convention and the needs of SPEEA members are carried
out by the IFPTE Executive Board.
For all these reasons I believe that you will find me to be the most qualified and capable candidate.

 IFPTE Vice-President Candidate Statements
Jimmie Mathis
As a very involved SPEEA member, I have been elected SPEEA Vice President, SPEEA
Treasurer, SPEEA and Northwest Council Treasurer, Chairman, IFPTE Delegate and VP.

I would like to serve you as SPEEA’s Vice President because:
The IFPTE Vice President needs to know how SPEEA operates and works directly with
the members of SPEEA to best represent the interest of our members. The VP needs to
understand and work with IFPTE on organizing.
My years helping SPEEA organize members is valuable for being the IFPTE Vice President
whose primary responsibilities are organizing and being the bridge for information and
assistance between SPEEA and IFPTE.
My experience as SPEEA’s Treasurer, SPEEA and Northwest Council Treasurer, along with
my experience as a financial trustee has given me a significant advantage for our members
by assisting and working with IFPTE’s budget and expenses. My knowledge and hands
on experience will be able identify more effective use of our IFPTE expenses and to ad-
dress new opportunities.
Another responsibility that is important is keeping our members informed of what is hap-
pening and improving with our affiliation with IFPTE. I believe that my long history of
keeping the membership informed is self evident.
As the IFPTE Vice President for SPEEA, I will work with IFPTE and SPEEA in coordinat-
ing and communicating External and Internal Organizing. I will ensure that all responsible
groups are working together including the SPEEA Council, Organization Planning, and
the Executive Board. By ensuring coordination of activity between these groups and
working to ensure the financial support, we will be able to maximize our effectiveness in
representing our members and our future members.

Cynthia M. Cole
Currently serving as SPEEA President & IFPTE Vice President
SPEEA member, 31 years
2002, 2005, 2008 Negotiation Team member
Picket Captain during 40-day strike

Building coalitions with other engineering and technical organizations multiplies SPEEA’s
influence, especially in the legislative arena. In that arena, IFPTE represents a collective
voice for those union members who work in professional and technical occupations. As
your SPEEA President and as a current IFPTE Vice President, I want to be sure SPEEA
continues to have a vital role.
                                                                      continued on page 11
 IFPTE Vice-President Candidate Statements
Cynthia Cole – continued from page 10
Professional and technical workers are affected by many issues: use of foreign worker visas
and outsourcing of technical work; potential loss of or reductions in pension plans and
early retiree medical benefits; attacks on the right of workers to organize and bargain col-
lectively for wages, benefits and working conditions; and retaining defense industry jobs
for American workers -- to name a few. IFPTE works to keep these issues in the realm
of public discussion.
The past three Puget Sound Contract Negotiations and my term as an IFPTE Vice President
have improved my ability to work out solutions to difficult issues. I believe this qualifies
me for another term as one of the IFPTE Vice Presidents.
Truly, “Labor stands strong when labor stands together.” Collective action by unions does
indeed affect strategies, strategies that will potentially reverse the current decline in union
representation and continue building our relevancy in the realm of public opinion. SPEEA
and IFPTE are standing in the gap for engineering and technical workers’ wages and benefits.
With your vote, I will work to make sure we continue to stand firm.

            Note: The Referendum ballot is separate
                   from the IFPTE election

           To accept passage of this referendum to change the constitution
                       requires a 60% yes vote of ballots cast.

April 22, 2009

To:         Bill Hartig, SPEEA Secretary
From:       Alan Rice, SPEEA Council Secretary

The SPEEA Executive Board authorized the proposed amendment of the SPEEA Con-
stitution in accordance with SPEEA Constitution Section 14.1(3) by a unanimous vote.

In accordance with SPEEA By-Laws 14.2, the SPEEA Council is including both Pro
and Con statements in this referendum.

Approval of this referendum to amend the Constitution shall require approval by
sixty percent (60%) of the legal votes in the referendum in accordance with SPEEA
Constitution Section 14.2(5).

Submitted by                 Received by                Validated by

____________________         ____________________       ______________________
Alan Rice                    Bill Hartig                Bill Hartig
SPEEA Council Secretary      SPEEA Secretary            SPEEA Secretary

Proposed Constitutional Amendment
Revise Section 2.1.1 to consolidate two separate processes for adding additional
Bargaining Units into a single process:

   [Additions indicated by bold face; deletions indicated by italics.]
   2.1.1. Addition of Bargaining Units
   SPEEA-IFPTE Local 2001 shall be devoted and dedicated to organizing and
   shall embrace within its jurisdiction all individuals who are professional,
   engineering, scientific, technical, administrative, clerical and allied workers
   for the purpose of representing them in collective bargaining and otherwise
   improving their economic status and conditions of employment.
   The addition of new Bargaining Unit(s) shall require ratification by a simple
   majority vote of the SPEEA Council.
   The addition of new Bargaining Unit(s) to SPEEA or any change in the composition
   of any Bargaining Unit shall meet the following requirements:
   The addition of any Bargaining Unit(s) which contain(s) either Boeing, Boeing
   wholly-owned subsidiary, Boeing joint venture or Successor employees or a change to
   the composition of any existing Bargaining Unit(s) shall not require ratification by the
   Regular Membership of SPEEA.
   The addition of any Bargaining Unit(s) employed in the Engineering, Technical &
   Scientific Community which does not contain either Boeing, Boeing wholly-owned
   subsidiary, Boeing joint venture or Successor employees shall require ratification by a
   simple majority vote of the Regular Membership of SPEEA by referendum.

Leaders in SPEEA voted to support this referendum: SPEEA Council (81-9) and the SPEEA
Executive Board (unanimously) approved submitting this refendum to our membership.
SPEEA Engineers, Technical and Professional members’ expertise is used in research, de-
velopment, manufacturing and maintenance of our products in the aerospace and defense
industry. We are exposed to cyclic employment and move between aerospace, defense,
partner and supplier companies as programs are authorized or relocated.
Today, SPEEA represents members in Aerospace, Commercial and Defense jobs at Boeing
and companies where the work was formerly conducted at Boeing including Triumph,
Spirit and BAE. Boeing and these companies are continuing to increase the amount of
SPEEA work they outsource to even more companies. SPEEA members often follow their
jobs to new companies and need representation.
The SPEEA Constitution currently requires a membership referendum to create a bargain-
ing unit when employees seek SPEEA representation.
This referendum will allow the SPEEA Council to take an overall view of SPEEA’s makeup
considering our focus on aerospace and defense. The Council will determine if a group
of employees seeking representation is a good match in SPEEA and if we should use our
resources to help them organize.

This referendum will

  • Reduce administrative process time (aka “striking when the iron is hot”)  : Union
    organizing drives are usually started due to a single, outrageous action by employer
    management. For our newest unit, the Wichita WTPU the driving action was
    either not receiving a benefit given to union-represented engineers (1987 “WEU”
    campaign), or due to a reduction in benefits not imposed on represented employ-
    ees (1998 SPEEA campaign) or management failing to live up to their promised
    protections from the previous campaign (2000 SPEEA campaign). In each of those
    instances, employees contacted local union staff within a week of the employer
    action to request union representation. Fortunately, this was a “Boeing” unit and
    the petition drive could begin almost  immediately; signature collection was fairly
    easy because the employees were still angry with the employer and motivated to
    sign up for representation. This would not be the case were it a non-Boeing unit,
    however, because organizing a non-Boeing unit requires the long process of a
    membership referendum, rather than just the member-elected Council’s approval.
         The member referendum process takes months to complete. (For example, this
    referendum to change the organizing approval process began with a motion passed
    at the SPEEA Council meeting of January 15, 2009.) Unfortunately, an organizing
    campaign can’t wait months to get started. If it doesn’t start immediately after the
    employer’s initiating “outrageous” event, as time goes by many employees will grow
    complacent or resigned to the employer action and lose the motivation they need to
    sustain the petition drive.
  • Eliminate differentiation between organizing Boeing and non-Boeing units : The
    proposed change to the constitution streamlines the language of adding bargaining
    units. It eliminates the consideration of whether the bargaining unit was/is a Boe-
    ing subsidiary or successor company (i.e., from the sale of a Boeing division). It also
    streamlines the approval process to organize these bargaining units by having only the
    approval of the SPEEA Council for SPEEA to begin organizing procedures for those
    employees.  If we do not differentiate between Boeing and non-Boeing employees
    for organizing, then we can eliminate the differences between the two processes and
    streamline it to the common elements.  
  • Reduce administrative costs associated with printing / mailing referendum information
    and ballots :  Printing and mailing costs for ballot packages to all of SPEEA’s 25,000
    members is approximately $25,000. Granting approval authority to the member-
    elected Council members will completely eliminate this cost.
  • Delay employer preparation for anti-union campaigns : Passage of this referendum
    would allow SPEEA to get to work quickly on organizing new non-Boeing units
    without giving the target employers prior notification, allowing them to start working
    on anti-union campaigning.
  • Does not prevent future process restrictions/controls : This change mandates only
    one requirement for bringing in a new Bargaining unit and that if we wanted more
    restrictions, the member-elected Council can change SPEEA Policy as they see fit. This
    change allows the Council to be flexible enough so that if in the future we wanted to
    expand or narrow our vision we could. 


  • Maintain member control : The approval of the SPEEA Council to begin organizing
    bargaining units has been a usual part of the organizing process. Typically, the SPEEA
    Council Organizational Planning Committee sends a proposal for a membership
    referendum to the SPEEA Council for approval. The SPEEA Council review and
    approval of the membership referendum is the same as approving the organizing
    process for that bargaining unit. 
SPEEA’s vision is to be the world’s leading aerospace union. To do that, SPEEA cannot
limit itself to Boeing and Boeing-successor location employees only. SPEEA already has
bargaining units at BAE Systems, Triumph Composite Systems and Spirit Aerosystems.
It is readily conceivable that we may be asked to help organize employees at these and
other aerospace companies in the future. If we want to have a chance representing
engineering, professional and technical employees within our competitors, we have
to make our process more efficient and ensure that that process gives us the chance to
quickly implement a strong campaign. We recommend that the membership vote
FOR this referendum.
“Per SPEEA By-Laws and SPEEA Policy II-B, this statement has been reviewed by the
SPEEA Review Committee, which is composed of Council Officers.”

 Note: Italicized text represents opinion

Adding new Bargaining Units is a good idea.
However, we respectfully request you consider our statement for not approving this
amendment and vote No on this proposal.
  • It does not guarantee the members we organize will be in Aerospace.
  • Transfers all bargaining unit membership addition(s) without constraint
    to the SPEEA Council.
  • Cost is a limit on organizing, which will be a burden on current dues.
These are the reasons why we respectfully request you vote NO.
Our Bargaining Unit members currently work for Aerospace companies. With this
change, we will not know that to be true in the future.
    A proposed change to limit our organizing to aerospace, modifying this section
    of our constitution, was proposed at a SPEEA Council meeting in January of
    this year and was turned down by a majority of the SPEEA Council.
    We have not organized all the units we are authorized to organize. That is
    thousands of Engineers, Technical, and Scientific employees in the Aerospace
    companies we currently work at.

This amendment transfers all membership control of Bargaining Unit addition(s) to the
SPEEA Council without constraints. This means members will have less direct control.
    SPEEA’s Constitution section 2.1 currently requires a referendum to the mem-
    bership for the addition of bargaining units comprised of employees which do
    not contain Boeing, Boeing wholly-owned subsidiary, Boeing Joint venture or
    successor employees. Members will not get to vote on adding bargaining units if
    this referendum passes. It will be the SPEEA Council’s decision.

Costs for existing members will be incurred when organizing additional Bargaining
Units. These costs may be for members that never materialize to join SPEEA.

    Our Dues will be used to sustain organizing. Money will be needed for additional
    staff, organizing, travel, legal representation (legal battles and court challenges to
    organizing), contract negotiations and grievances.
    Organizing will require spending our dues for members that may never materialize
    in companies that may not be in Aerospace.
In Summary:
We respectfully request you vote No on this proposal.
  • As the proposal does not guarantee the Bargaining Unit(s) organized
    will be in Aerospace.
  • Transfers all bargaining unit membership addition(s) without
    constraint to the SPEEA Council.
  • The cost to current members may be substantial.
These are compelling reasons to vote NO on this proposal.
“Per SPEEA By-Laws and SPEEA Policy II-B, this statement has been reviewed by the
SPEEA Review Committee, which is composed of Council Officers.”


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