PROFESSOR X


   Hi. Well obviously you are interested in the art of bartending, or
else you wouldn’t be here. I completely understand. For some of
us, it just feels like a calling. I still remember the first day I stepped
behind a bar. I grew up in a border town and was going to the bars
in Mexico at the age of 15. One night, when I was 16, I went to the
bar where I was a “regular”. The bartender, who I had a major
crush on, had suddenly quit and I was disappointed to say the least.
As soon as I walked in the door the owner approached me and said,
”Hey, do you know how to make these drinks?” He showed me a
list with about 5 recipes. I said, ”YES.” The next thing I knew, I
was behind the bar. A bartender was born. I spent all of my
Thursday nights throughout high school as a secret part-time
bartender. I worked about 6 hours a week, and sometimes made
over $200.00. Not bad for a junior in high school,huh?
  Well, 21 years later. I have to say that I have spent most of my
adult life living the life of a bartender. I love it with a passion. I
have taken breaks here and there. I spent a few years in the Navy. I
gave it up for a while when my daughter was young. But overall I
have compiled over 13 years behind the bar. I have slung drinks in
over 25 bars in 2 countries, 4 states, and 12 cities. Heck, I even met
my wife from behind the bar, and to tell you the truth, she is way
out of my league.
  I have trained many bartenders. I have even taught at a bartending
school. (A waste of money by the way) I really liked the teaching
aspect of it, but I will tell you right now that having “bartending
school” on your resume is actually more of a negative than a
positive. Almost every bar owner I know has been burned by a
bartending school graduate. They come in too wet behind the ears,
with little confidence.

 Look, I am not a computer whiz, by no means. You can probably
tell by the “cheesy” graphics above. I don’t know how to produce
or even post videos for your instruction, although I will
recommend a few websites that do that kind of thing in my
resources section. What I can do, and it actually is my pleasure, is
give you some basic mixology instruction. I’ll teach you the proper
methods for mixing drinks, a few little known tricks of the trade,
and I’ll even throw in the recipes for the top 100 requested drinks,
with a few of my own concoctions. So, I hope you enjoy. Please
feel free, to print this up and share with your friends or give it as a
gift to your friendly neighborhood bartender, they will definitely
appreciate it. Who knows, you might even get a couple of free
drinks out of it. Actually, in my area, there are very few
establishments that don’t have this stashed behind their bar

              TABLE OF CONTENTS
INTRO………………………………………… 2,3
TABLE OF CONTENTS……………………….page 4
THE BARTENDER                             .page 5
ESSENTIALS………………………………… 6
BARTENDERLY ADVICE (do’s and do not’s) pages 7,8
HIGHBALLS: Highball recipes and tips..……...pages 9,10
SPECIALTY DRINKS 101…………………….pages 11-12
MARTINI’S AND SHOOTERS……………….pages 17-20
SHOT POURING 101………………………….pages 21,22
SHOTS………………………………………….pages 23,24
FROZEN DRINKS……………………………..pages 26,26
RESOURCES…………………………………..pages 27,28
FAREWELL……………………………………page 29

                      THE BARTENDER
  So you want to be a Bartender? Well, who doesn’t? To
quote the movie Cocktail, “Bartenders are the aristocracy
of the working class.” After 13+ years behind the bar, I can
tell you that this statement is absolutely true. No matter
where this trade takes you, (I personally have tended bar in
all types of establishments: night clubs, biker bars, karaoke
bars, strip clubs, hotel lounges, sports bars, and pool halls)
one thing that is constant is that the bartender is the MAN.
  The bartender is the center of attention, the confidant, the
psychiatrist, the entertainer, and overall the most liked
person in the bar. The bartender is automatically sexy, no
matter what he/she might look like. It’s true. There is just
something about the job that attracts the attention of the
opposite sex, especially after you gain the confidence that
comes with the job. Confidence is attractive, and my goal is
to give you the confidence to jump right into this recession-
proof career with both feet. Let’s face it, no matter how bad
the economy might get, people are going to drink.
  Now, I don’t know your particular reason for wanting to
learn this trade. Maybe it’s just to impress your friends.
Maybe it’s a career path that you are interested in. Maybe
you just want to pick up some easy additional income. In
any of these cases, throughout this manual, I’m going to
give you enough tools to get you started on the right path.
  The life of a bartender can be very exciting. How exciting
is up to you. To once again quote my favorite movie
(Cocktail), “There is no greater place to learn lifes lessons
than behind three feet of mahogany”.

This is basically for those of you who wish to start their own home
bar from scratch, are having a party, or just wish to practice at
home. All of these tools will be supplied for you otherwise. These
are just the bare minimums to get by on, you of course will want to
add stuff as your creativity, knowledge, and experience progress.

AT THE BAR: A set of mixing tins an ice scoop, a bar spoon, a
muddler,a glass rimmer, straws, and napkins. A fruit caddy with
lime wedges, lemon wheels, maraschino cherries, orange slices,
green olives, cocktail onions, and celery sticks. You might also
need sugar packets, salt, pepper, celery salt, hot sauce,
worcestershire sauce, and whipped cream.
BEHIND THE BAR: To cover your mixers that you will need for
the average crowd you will need: Orange juice (OJ), Pineapple
juice (PJ), Cranberry juice(CJ),Grapefruit Juice (GJ), Tomato
juice, ½ & 1/2 or cream, Sour-mix, Grenadine, Rose’s Lime Juice,
Coke, Lemon- Lime Soda(7), Club Soda, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale,
Strawberry Daiquiri mix, Peach daiquiri mix, Pina Colada Mix,
and Margarita Mix.
THE WELL: Your “well” is your speed rail right behind your bar
where you keep your most requested liquors. They are usually the
cheapest off-brand of these liquors. These are the commonly used
liquors for HAPPY HOUR specials known as well drinks. Every
bartender sets up their well and speed rail differently but I go with
what I have been taught as the traditional well set-up. From left to
right I follow the old acronym: “Virgin Girls Run With Big Studs
To Town.” Which reminds me: Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey,
Bourbon, Scotch, Tequila, Triple- Sec. This set up is especially
handy for making Long Islands and Margaritas. You’ll see what I
mean once you are standing back there.
THE BAR: The liquors you choose to carry are all up to you. I
suggest visiting a local corporate restaurant and building your
inventory off of their set-up.

 Learn from my experience and (sad to say) from my mistakes. So
for you to avoid some major pitfalls that seem to await the young
bartender, I have a list of a few Do’s and Do Not’s. You probably
will not listen to half of these, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.
     likes a sour-puss.
  2. BE FRIENDLY. It will increase your tips.
  3. BE ENERGETIC: Be well rested when you start your shift.
     This job is fast-paced.
  4. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS: Get their name. Commit to
     memory what they drink.
  5. ANTICIPATE: Try to stay one step ahead. Having
     someones drink ready before they even order will increase
     your tips.
  6. THE PACE METHOD: I personally keep on the move,
     even when it’s not that busy. I pace the bar, back and forth all
     night. You can keep a better eye on everything in your site
     range, and keep on top of it. I have logged over 5 miles of
     walking on one shift. Great exercise!
  7. BE INFORMED: If you work in a sports bar watch
     Sportscenter every day. This will give you the opportunity to
     converse on an intelligent level.
  8. BE ABLE TO TELL A GOOD JOKE: Sorry, it’s now
     your responsibility. You can pull up a ton of bar classics
     from the resource page.
  9. THINK BEFORE GIVING ADVICE: People are going to
     come to you for advice. It’s part of the “ART”. Good advice
     can earn you a loyal regular. Bad advice can lose 10.

                               DO NOT’S

1. NEVER SIT DOWN: It gives the wrong impression. There is nothing
that irks me more than to go into a bar and have to wait to be served because
the bartender is sitting at the end of the bar smoking and talking to another
CUSTOMER: I see it all the time, especially with female bartenders.
Working the big tipper. Spending all night flirting with the person at the end
of the bar that is known for his tips. The pitfall to this is that 1. Customers
are jealous of your attention. 2. People get neglected. 3. You can get a bad
reputation as that type of bartender. It all evens out. Let’s say you pull that
big tip, but the rest of the bar gives you less of a tip because of your service.
Is it worth it? The big tipper is more than likely going to tip big no matter
how much you flirt with them.
3. SMOKE BEHIND THE BAR: Find a smoking section away from
customer’s view. It offends more people than you think.
matter how interested and helpful your regulars may seem, it’s a bad idea.
Eventually, people just get tired of hearing your problems. They have
enough of their own. Also, your personal issues give people the permission
to form opinions (wrong or right) of you based on your problems.
IDEA. This will always bite you in the keester. Ask you neighborhood
6. NEVER LET ‘EM SEE YOU SWEAT: No matter how busy, or how
much “drama”, always keep your cool. That has to be your image.
7. NEVER LET ‘EM HAVE AN EMPTY GLASS: Consider it a personal
defeat if there is an empty glass at your bar and watch the tips roll in. Unless
of course someone is getting over-intoxicated, then give them coffee, soda,
or water.
said. You will not listen. You will make this mistake. You will pay. Sorry!
9. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Never let an intoxicated person drive home.
This mistake can haunt you the rest of your life. If someone leaves your
establishment, drives, and kills someone or themselves, you can legally be
held responsible. Not to mention THE GUILT of knowing you had a part in
someone’s death.

HIGHBALLS- These are some of the most popular drinks you
will be asked to make. They all are served in a “highball”
glass,(usually a 5oz. stemmed glass). They mostly have a liquor
ratio of 1-1 ½ oz. then topped off with some kind of mixer. You
can just build these drinks (pour over ice and serve), they are not
required to be mixed or shaken unless by customer’s request. No
garnishment is required unless otherwise specified, but feel free to
have fun and be creative with your garnishing.
AMARETTO SOUR: 1-1 ½ oz. (depending on bar standards) of
amaretto, and sour mix. I personally add a splash of Orange Juice
(OJ). I have had some customers request a splash of grenadine.
ALL sours get a cherry for garnishment.
BAY BREEZE- 1oz. of Vodka. Topped with an equal mix of
pineapple juice(PJ) and Cranberry Juice (CJ).
BLACK RUSSIAN: 1 ½ oz. Vodka/ ½ oz Kahlua. Can be served
in a rocks glass.
BRANDY ALEXANDER:1 oz. Brandy/ 1/2oz. Dark Crème de
Cacao/ ½ & ½ / shake and pour, some even strain into martini
glass, Top with cinnamon or nutmeg.
CAPE COD: 1oz. of Vodka, top with (CJ), gets a lime wedge.
COLORADO BULLDOG: 1 1/2oz. Vodka/ ½ oz. Kahlua/ top
with 1/2 & ½ and Coke.
CUBA LIBRA: “You BITCH, Why didn’t you just tell me it was
a rum&coke?” (Tom Cruise- Cocktail)
                      Yes, it’s just a Rum and Coke with a lime.
FUZZY NAVEL: 1-1 ½ oz. Peach Shnapps and OJ.
GIMLET: 1 ½ 0z Gin/ ½ oz of Rose’s Lime Juice/ a lime.
GREYHOUND: 1oz. Vodka/ fill with grapefruit juice.
HAIRY NAVEL: 1oz. Vodka/1/2oz Peach Shnapps/OJ
HARVEY WALLBANGER: 1oz. Vodka/OJ/ top with 1/2oz. of
HAWAIIAN PUNCH: 1 1/2oz. Amaretto/ OJ/ PJ/ mix with 1/2oz.

KIR: 1oz. of Chambord poured into a glass of champagne. NO

LYNCHBURG LEMONADE: 1 oz. Jack Daniel’s/ 1/2oz. triple-
Sec,/ fill with sour-mix.
MADRAS: 1oz. Vodka/ fill with OJ and CJ
MIDORI SOUR: 1oz. Midori Melon Licquer/Sour Mix/ and a
splash of OJ.
MIMOSA: Mix of champagne and OJ in a champagne glass. NO
MIND BENDER: 1oz Vodka/ 1/2oz Amaretto. Fill with tonic
water. Drink all in one shot through a “TURBO STRAW:.
MIND ERASER: 1oz. Vodka/ 1/2oz Kahlua. Fill with tonic
water. Drink all in one shot through a “TURBO STRAW”
MINT JULEP: 1 oz. Bourbon/ crushed mint leaves/ spoonful of
sugar/ and club soda. Can substitute White crème de menthe for
sugar and mint leaves if you want to be “ghetto” about it.
OLD FASHIONED: Muddle (mush up in the bottom of a glass), a
mixture of maraschino cherries, Orange slice,1 pack of sugar, and
a few drops of Angostura bitters. Then pour in ice to fill glass.
Then add 1 1/2oz of Bourbon then top with club soda.
SALTY DOG: 1oz. Vodka/ ½ oz. Grapefruit juice. Salted rim.
SEA BREEZE: 1 oz. Vodka/Grapefruit and Cranberry juice.
SCREWDRIVER: 1 oz. Vodka/ OJ.
TEQUILA SUNRISE: 1 oz. Tequila/ OJ/ 1/2oz. Grenadine.
VODKA GIMLET: 1 1/2oz. Vodka/ 1/2oz. Rose’s Lime Juice.
WHITE RUSSIAN: 1 1/2oz. Vodka/ 1/2oz. Kahlua/Fill with ½
&1/2 .

               SPECIALTY DRINKS 101
  OK. So these are the recipes that make you a BARTENDER.
Knowing these recipes right off the bat really impresses your
customers, hence increasing your TIP value. The BAD thing is, a
lot of these recipes tend to change from region to region, and
sometimes from bar to bar. For instance, if you ask 100 bartenders
how they make a “SEX ON THE BEACH” you will get about 45
different recipes. What some bars might call a “BLUE
MOTORCYCLE” is the same drink that other bars call an
“ELECTRIC LEMONADE”. This diversion can sometimes cause
problems for the Bar-Keep. The best I can do, is give you the
recipes that I personally use and find to be the most accepted.
These drinks are served in different glasses, depending on where
you work. I personally think the 14-16oz. glasses are the best for
your flavor and liquor-to-mixer ratio. I’ve personally seen these
same recipes served in Hurricane glasses, pint glasses, Carafs,
Tumblers, and yes even Mason Jars. All ranging from 12 to 32 ozs.
But I’ll teach you a couple of tricks to making a good drink in
ANY size glass…..
                        BARTENDER TIPS:
   1. WORK YOUR ICE: While most States only allow a 2oz. of
      liquor maximum per drink, your customers still want a good
      stiff drink where they can taste the liquor. The bigger the
      glass, the more room for your mixers, which covers the
      “bite” of the liquor. A way to avoid complaint of a “weak”
      drink is to “work your ice”. Fill your glass to the rim of the
      glass, then pour in the liquor portion of your drink. The next
      step is to “swirl” the ice around in the glass, this will cause
      some of the ice to melt a little, and it lets your ice settle
      toward the bottom of the glass. Then before you add your
      “mixers” refill the glass to the brim with new ice. This will
      leave less room in the glass for your “mixers”, which in turn
      makes your drink taste more potent.

2. POUR DOWN THE STRAW: OK. Here’s a little known
bar trick that will have people talking about your drinks.
Whenever you finish making a drink, put in the straw, then pour
about 1/4oz. of the drinks most potent liquor down the inside of
the straw. The first sip is the most important, and that first sip is
gonna knock them on their ASS. You hardly ever hear a
customer complain that their drink is too STRONG.
3.RED, GREEN, or BLUE?: Yes, there are people who like to
play “STUMP THE BARTENDER”. They get some sort of sick
satisfaction out of requesting a drink that you don’t know how
to make. Sometimes I think they make these names up at their
table. Now personally, I refuse to play that game. Chances are,
if I don’t know how to make it, then neither do they. I just ask
“Red, Green, or Blue.” RED gets a RUM RUNNER or a SEX
ON THE BEACH. Green gets an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Blue gets
a VOLLEYBALL. You’d be surprised at how many times I
have gotten away with this. On more than a few occasions I
have had the customer say, “WOW, that was the best one I’ve
ever had.” Not even knowing that I had never even heard of the
“drink” they had ordered.
4.COLLECT RECIPES:I can not stress this enough. Always
keep your own rolodex behind your bar with plenty of spare
index cards. Any time you come across a NEW recipe, write it
down and put it in your rolodex. Some bartenders pride
themselves on the size of their rolodex. It comes in handy when:
a. You need to train “newbies” b. You need to reference a
forgotten recipe. C. You are trying to come up with “drink
specials” or a new specialty menu.

                  SPECIALTY DRINKS
ALABAMA SLAMMA’: 1oz. Southern Comfort/ 1/2oz. Sloe
Gin/ 1/2oz. Amaretto/ OJ.
BAHAMA MAMA: 1oz Light Rum/, 1/2oz. Coconut rum/ 1/2oz.
Crème de Banana, PJ/OJ. Add grenadine if preferred Red.
BLOODY MARY: This drink you will have to adjust to your taste
and the taste of your crowd, but this is the recipe I use: 1 1/2oz.
Vodka, fill with tomato juice/ add 8 drops Worcestershire sauce/ 8
drops of tobasco/ salt/ pepper/ and celery salt. Garnish with a stalk
of celery. Some people garnish with a pickle, a couple of olives, a
rimmed glass of Old Bay, and even a cucumber. Know your
BLUE HAWAIIAN:1 ½ oz. rum/ 1/2 oz. Blue Curacao/ fill with
BLUE MARGARITA: 1 1/2oz. Tequila/ 1/2oz. Blue
Curacao/margarita mix. Salt the rim of the glass, pour, and add a
lime wedge.


need to understand is that the better (higher priced) the tequila
is…the better the Margarita. Next is the importance of the
“ORANGE” factor. There are 4 basic “ORANGE” licquers that
can be used in a MARG. 1. Triple-Sec (bottom-shelf) 2. Blue
Curacao (bottom shelf, but BLUE),4. COINTREAU(mid shelf) but
good. and #4. GRAN MARNIER (very good and worth the price).
Also, an even better alternative to “Margarita-mix” is just plain
sour-mix, a squeeze of lime, and a splash of OJ. You can
experiment and decide your favorite recipe.

BLUE MOTORCYCLE: This is the one that is confusing: The
most accepted recipe is 1/2oz.Vodka/ 1/2oz. Gin/ 1/2 oz. Rum/
1/2oz. tequila/ 1/2oz. Blue Curacao/ fill with sour-mix and maybe
a slash of 7-up/Sprite.
While in some areas a BLUE MOTORCYCLE is: 1 1/2oz. Jack
D./ 1/2oz. Blue Curacao/ fill with PJ. You may want to ask which
they prefer.
CALYPSO COOLER: 1 1/2oz.Spiced Rum(Capt. Morgan’s)/
1/2oz. Peach Shnapps / OJ/ PJ/ and a quick splash of Grenadine.
Throw in a cherry.
COTTON CANDY:I believe this might be an original recipe of
my own, but it went over real well in a few bars. 1oz. Coconut
Rum/ 1/2oz. Raspberry Shnapps/ 1/2oz. Blue Curacao/ fill with PJ.
X’S EGG-NOG: A highly-potent “holiday” egg-nog alternative.
1/2oz. Jagermeister/ ½ oz Goldshlager/ ½ oz.Frangelico/ 1/2oz.
Butterscotch Shnapps/ fill with ½ & ½. SHAKE HARD!!!
ELECTRIC LEMONADE: 1/2oz. Vodka/ ½ oz. Gin/ ½ oz. Rum/
½ oz. Tequila/ Sour Mix and 7-up/ Sprite.
GREEN DINOSAUR: ½ oz.Vodka/ 1/2oz. Gin/ ½ oz.Rum/ 1/2oz.
Tequila/ ½ oz. Melon Licquer/ Sour-mix and 7-up.
HURRICANE: My favorite Hurricane recipe is: 1 oz. Light
Rum/ 1 oz. Meyer’s Dark Rum/ PJ/ OJ/ 1oz. Simple Syrup(sugar
water)/ a splash of grenadine. Shake and pour. Then top with a
1/2oz. of Bacardi 151.
ILLEGAL ALIEN:A fun drink at parities or just to trip somebody
out. 1oz. Coconut Rum/ 1/2 oz. Banana Licquer/ 1/2oz. Melon
Licquer. Fill with PJ. Shake and Pour. Then dump in a heaping
spoonful of Pina Colada Mix. LOOKS COOL AND TASTES
LONG BEACH ICED TEA: 1/2oz. Vodka/ 1/2oz.Gin/
1/2oz.Rum/ 1/2oz. Tequila/ 1/2oz. Triple-sec/ CJ/ Sour-mix.
LONG ISLAND ICED TEA: 1/2oz. Vodka/ 1/2oz.Gin/ 1/2oz.
Rum/ 1/2oz. Tequila/1/2oz. triple-sec/ Sour-Mix/ Cola.

MAI-TAI: 1oz. Light Rum/ 1oz. Dark Rum/ 1/2oz. Triple-sec/ OJ/
Splash of Lime juice/ Splash of Simple Syrup. For a better looking
drink float the Dark Rum on the top of the drink.
MARGARITA:A basic MARGARITA has the following
ingredients: 1 1/2oz. Tequila/ 1/2oz. Triple Sec/ fill with
margarita-mix/ squeeze of lime juice/ with a salted rim. But here’s
my award winning Golden Margarita recipe that will make you
want to “SLAP YO MAMA”.: 1oz. Patron Gold Tequila/ 1/2oz
Cointreau/ ½ oz. Gran Marnier/ Sour Mix/ Splash of OJ/ squeeze
of lime juice.
MOJITO: 1 1/2oz. Light Rum/ 1/2oz lime juice/ fresh crushed
mint leaves/ 1tbsp. of powdered sugar/ fill with club soda.
MUDSLIDE on the ROCKS: While most people prefer this drink
frozen, there are some who like a good old MUDSLIDE RX:
1oz.Vodka/ 1/2oz. Kahlua/ 1/2oz. Irish Cream Licquer/ fill with
½& ½.
ORGAZM: 1/2oz. Kahlua/ 1/2oz. Amaretto/ 1/2oz Irish Cream
licquer/ fill with ½& ½.
PURPLE MOTHER F’er: This one has a different name from
region to region, but this was the way I first learned it in Texas:
1/2oz Vodka/ 1/2oz Gin/ 1/2oz. Rum/ 1/2oz. tequila/ 1/2oz. Blue
Curacao/Sour mix/ CJ/ Mix and pour. Top with ½ oz of 151
poured down the straw.
QUAALUDE: 1oz. Vodka/ 1/2oz Hazelnut Licquer/ 1/2oz. Irish
Cream Licquer/ top with ½& ½.
RUM RUNNER: Everybody makes this one different, but this
recipe never fails: 1oz. Light rum/ 1/2oz Meyers Dark Rum/ 1/2oz
Blackberry Brandy/ 1/2oz Banana Licquer/ fill with OJ/ add a
splash of Grenadine.

SEX ON THE BEACH: Like I said before. This drink is a
mystery to me. No matter where I go, the recipe is different. I’ve
even had one sent back to the bar because it wasn’t BLUE. So I did
a little research, and here are 2 S.O.B recipes. The first is
considered to be the Original recipe according to the International
Bartending Institute. It is: 1oz. Vodka/ 1/2oz Melon Licquer/
1/2oz. Chambord/ Fill with OJ.
The recipe I personally use is pretty close: 1oz.Vodka/ 1/2oz
Melon Licquer/ 1/2oz Raspberry Shnapps/ PJ and CJ. Some
bartenders insist on adding Peach Shnapps, but I consider that a
SEX WITH THE BARTENDER: A fun drink to recommend.:
1oz. So.Co.(Southern Comfort)/ 1/2oz. Melon Licquer/ 1/2oz.
Peach shnapps/ fill with OJ and PJ.
SWEET TART: 1oz.Vodka/ 1/2oz Melon Licquer/ 1/2oz.
Raspberry Shnapps/ Sour Mix and a splah of Grenadine. Can
substitute the Rasp. Shnapps with Peach for a different twist.
VOLLEYBALL: 1oz. Vodka./ 1/2oz. Coconut Rum/ 1/2oz Blue
Curacao/ fill with OJ.
ZOMBIE: 1/2oz Dark Rum/1/2oz Light Rum/1/2oz Triple-Sec/
1/2oz Crème De Almond(AKA Crème de Noyaux) Sour Mix/ OJ/
top with 151.

           MARTINIS and SHOOTERS

SO, Why did I put these two together?: Well, it’s mostly due to
the new trend of “Specialty Martini’s”. You know, almost all
restaurants and bar/grills have them now. The “Specialty Martini
Menu”. Well in case you didn’t know, most of these “Specialty
Martinis” are nothing more than glorified shooters. It’s actually
kind of a pet peeve of mine as a bartender….People take these age-
old “SHOOTER” recipes, they pour them in a Martini glass, add
an extravagant garnish, and VOILA you have a Specialty Martini.
So, here’s what I’m gonna do. First, I’m going to give you the
recipes for basic “REAL” Martinis, then I will follow with a
section of shooter recipes that you can either use as shooters or as
Specialty Martinis, depending on what glass you use.
 Here are a few recipes for accepted Martinis. From the classic
“Martini” to a few of the flavored “TINIS”. The method for mixing
these “Martinis” is to shake the appropriate liquors and mixers in
your mixing tins over ice, then strain the liquid into a “Martini
Glass”. Garnish appropriately. Also, all of these can be served on
the rocks, although it is not that common.
APPLE-TINI: This is just my variation, but it has received great
comments and reviews:2oz. Vodka/ 1 oz. Sour Apple Pucker/ 1 oz
PJ/1oz. Sour-Mix. Garnish with a Granny Smith Apple Slice.
CHOCOLATE MARTINI: There are many recipes for the
“Chocolate Martini” you can look them up in your favorite Search
Engine. But, here is the one that I use. I do 1oz.Vodka/ 1/2oz.
Chocolate Liquer/ ½ oz. White Crème de Cocao/ about 2oz. of ½&
½ / then I either swirl some chocolate syrup in a frozen Martini
glass before pouring or I throw in a Hershey’s kiss for

CLASSIC MARTINI: Contrary to popular belief, the CLASSIC
MARTINI is a Gin Martini. The weird thing about Gin Martinis is
that you should not shake them over ice. They should be gently
swirled over ice so as to chill the Martini, but shaking Gin over ice
causes the Gin to “BRUISE” which changes the flavor and makes
the Gin taste rotten. The basic recipe is: 2oz. of Gin/ and about ¼
oz. of Dry Vermouth. Adjust your Vermouth portion to your own
flavoring. As mixed up as this might sound, while the Vermouth is
considered DRY it kind of works the opposite way. The drier the
Martini, the less amount of Vermouth used. For example: an
EXTRA DRY MARTINI has very little or no Vermouth at all. I’ve
even had requests that I just wave the bottle over the Martini, I’ve
also been requested to pour the Vermouth in the glass, swirl it
around, then dump it before adding the Gin. Garnish with 3 Olives
on a skewer or toothpick.
007 Martini: Bond- James Bond. Shaken, not stirred. Just a
straight Vodka Martini: 2oz. Vodka/ 1/2oz Dry vermouth. Shake
hard on ice then strain into Martini Glass. 3 Olive garnishment.
COSMOPOLITAN: A perfect drink for all of you “Sex and the
City” fans. 2oz. of Citrus flavored Vodka/ 1/2oz. of Cointreau/
2oz. of CJ. Garnish with a lime wheel or wedge.
DIRTY MARTINI: This only goes well with the “CLASSIC
MARTINI” or the “007”. Just add about a 1/2oz. of Olive Juice to
either recipe.
GIBSON; Also another version of a “CLASSIC or 007”: Just
substitute the Olive Garnish with a COCKTAIL ONION.
JUNIORMINTINI:1oz Chocolate Liquer/1oz. Green Crème de
Menthe/ 2oz. ½& 1/2. Pour into a chocolate syrup swirled cold
Martini glass.
MANHATTAN: 2oz.of Whiskey/Bourbon/ 1/2oz. Sweet
vermouth. Shake and strain into Martini Glass. Throw in a cherry
for garnishment. Some people actually like this with a bit of
MARASHINO CHERRY juice to sweeten it up.
ROB ROY: The same recipe as a MANHATTAN, but substitute
the Bourbon/Whiskey with a good SCOTCH of your choice.

SHOOTER recipe in the following section which can also be used
for a WATERMELON-TINI recipe. 1 1/2oz. Vodka/ 1oz.
Watermelon Pucker/ 1oz. Sour-Mix. Garnish with either a cherry
or a chunk of watermelon. I have also seen watermelon rind used
as a garnish.
BLONDE SLUT: 1oz. Jager./ 1/2oz. Peach Shnapps/ 2oz. PJ.
Shake over ice to chill, then pour into a shooter glass.
CAPTAIN CAVEMAN: 1oz. Capt. Morgan/ 1/2oz. Amaretto/
2oz. of PJ.
COCK-BLOCK/JAGER-BOMB: First pour about ½ a can of
Red Bull in a 8-12oz. glass. Then on the side pour 1oz. of Jager
into a shot glass. Then you simply drop the shot of jager (still in
the shot glass) into the glass of Red Bull. YUMMY!!!!
ECSTACY: 1oz. of So. Co./ 1/2oz. Melon Liquer/ 1/2oz. Blue
Curacao/ 2oz. Sour-Mix.
GATOR-BITE: 1oz. Coconut Rum/ 1/2oz. Melon Liquer/ 2oz.
Sour-Mix. Shake and Strain. Then comes the “TRICKY” part.
Pour a 1/2oz. of Raspberry shnapps down the inside of the glass. If
done properly, the shooter should “LAYER” which means it
should be two-toned in color.
KAMIKAZE: 1oz. Vodka/ 1/2oz. Triple-sec/ and either one of the
following depending on what you prefer. 1oz. Lime juice or 2 oz.
MELONBALL: 1oz. Vodka/1oz. Melon Liquer/ 2oz. PJ.
OCEAN WATER: 1oz.Vodka/ 1/2oz. Coconut Rum/ 1/2oz. Blue
Curacao/ 2oz. PJ. Shake and strain. Then pour 1/2oz. Raspberry
Shnapps down the inside of glass to layer.
PIECE of A*S*S*: Perfect drink for a Birthday shooter.
Everybody deserves a piece of Ass on their Birthday, right? : 1oz
So.Co./ 1/2oz. Amaretto/ 2oz. Sour-Mix.
Rum/1/2oz. Melon Liquer/ 2oz. PJ. Shake and Strain. Then pour
1oz. of Jager down the inside of glass to “layer”.

RED-HEADED SLUT:1 1/2oz. Jager/1/2oz.Peach shnapps/ 2oz.
ROYAL FLUSH/ROYAL F***: 1oz Crown/1oz. Peach Shnapps/
2oz.CJ. Some people prefer a split of PJ&CJ.
SMURF PISS:I picked this one up from an excellent bartender in
Austin,Tx.. It’s 1oz. Coconut Rum/ 1/2oz. Melon Liquer/ 1/2oz.
Blue Curacao/ 2oz. Sour-Mix.
THONG: One of my originals: 1oz. So. Co./ 1oz. Peach Shnapps/
2oz. Sour-Mix/ a dash of grenadine for color. Should come out a
pretty pink/orange color.
TIC-TAC: First, pour about ½ a can of Red Bull in a 8-12 oz.
glass. On the side, pour a shot of Orange flavored Rum into a shot
glass. Drop the shot into the Red Bull. Tastes just like an Orange
Tic-Tac. I don’t really know about the breath-freshening aspect
WASHINGTON APPLE: 1oz.Crown/ 1oz. Sour Apple Pucker/
WATERMELON SHOOTER: WOW, there are sooooo many
recipes for this one. Here’s the one I personally use: 1oz. So.Co./
1/2 oz. Crème de Noyaux/ 2oz.PJ.
WOO-WOO: 1oz. Vodka/1oz. Peach Shnapps/ 2oz. CJ.

                    SHOT POURING 101

Shots are fun! And easy. Most of the time, when someone orders a
shot, they order their favorite liquor straight-up in a shot glass. It is
a quick way to get the alcohol in their system, especially if they are
on a mission to just get tore-up from the floor up. Shots are good
drinks to buy for a friend, a birthday person, or that hottie of the
opposite sex across the bar. I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on
these next 2 sections, but I will give you a few shot recipes to
impress your friends with. Also, I’ll give you a couple of tips on
shot- pouring.

THE PERFECT POUR: This is actually the most important thing
a real bartender must learn. First you must get your “count”
established. Get yourself a 1 1/4oz. shot glass, preferably one that
has a white line at the 1oz. mark. Fill a 1 Liter liquor bottle with
water, then insert a free-pouring spout. Practice pouring up to the
white line while counting to 4 in your head. Some bartenders use a
3-count but I prefer a 4-count, the reason is that many drinks call
for a shot and a half or just half a shot. If you get accustomed to a 4
count, then every half-shot is a 2-count, get it? After you have
done that for a while, try pouring the shot, with your eyes closed,
into a regular glass, then transferring the liquid into your shot
glass. After a while you will be able to do this perfectly to the line
100% of the time. It’s like riding a bicycle, once you learn how,
you will never forget. This skill impresses people and shows that
you are the real deal. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

THE LAYER: One of the little known facts about layering drinks
is the “proof factor”. Basically, the higher the proof of alcohol in
the liquor, the lighter the liquor is(weight-wise). So, a liquor that is
151 proof can easily float/layer on a liquor that is 80 proof. The
exception is Irish Cream Liquer, which due to its consistency, can
float/layer on some liquors that are of a higher proof. Layering is
an acquired skill that takes practice. A couple of recipes to practice
with are the “BUTTERY NIPPLE” and the “B-52”. When you first
start layering try either the spoon float or cherry float method. I
like the cherry float method. To do this, (we’ll use the “BUTTERY
NIPPLE” as an example) simply pour Butterscotch Shnapps up to
about ¾ of the shot glass, then hold a maraschino cherry by the
stem so that the bottom of the cherry is barely submerged in the
shnapps. Pour the Irish Cream Liquer slowly over the top of the
cherry and watch it layer. For the spoon float method, do the same
but pour over the back of a spoon while just the tip of the spoon is
resting in the shnapps. Eventually after you see how it works, you
will be able to accomplish a beautiful layer just by resting the
opening of the pour spout against the top-inside of the shot glass.
You will feel like a professional and look like a magician.

B-52: In a shot glass. Layer in this order. 1/3oz. Kahlua/1/3oz.
Irish Cream Liquer/ 1/3oz. Gran Ma.
BLOWJOB: 1/2oz. Vodka/ 1/2oz. Kahlua/ Top with whipped
cream. This is a perfect birthday drink that you can have a lot of
fun with. First of all, for the drinker, NO HANDS ALLOWED! If
you want to get really edgy, place the shot in between the legs of
someone of the opposite sex. Some people make this with
peppermint shnapps or other liquors substituted for the Vodka.
one different. You take a low-proofed liquor, top with Irish Cream
Liquer then with your finger over the spout drop in a few drops of
grenadine. The grenadine leaves “red trails” through the Irish
Cream to the bottom of the glass. I find that for appearance this
recipe works best: 3/4oz. White Cream de Cacao/then layer 1/4oz.
Irish Cream Liquer/ add a few drops of grenadine into the top of
the shot.
BUTTERY NIPPLE: 3/4oz. Butterscotch shnapps/ layer 1/4oz.
Irish cream. A crowd favorite. Women LOVE this one.
CEMENT MIXER: This is a fun shot to give someone on their
21st birthday or just to play a prank on the unsuspecting. Here’s
how you do it. In one shot glass pour a shot of Irish Cream. In a
separate shot glass, pour a shot of Rose’s Lime Juice. You are
supposed to take the shot of Irish Cream first, and hold it in your
mouth. Then add the shot of Lime juice. Mix them around in your
mouth for 30 seconds then swallow. Something about the Lime
juice makes the Irish cream “CURDLE” in your mouth. It gets
thick and gritty and very hard to swallow, like cement. I’ve
actually seen someone spit this mixture in an ashtray and 5 minutes
later try to dump the ashtray, as a result, it all stayed in the ashtray
even when turned completely upside-down. DISGUSTING but

GOLDEN NIGHTMARE: This one will mess you up. First pour
3/4oz. of Goldshlager/ top with 1/4oz. of 151. So potent it can be
lit on fire.
GORILLA FART: A little known shot that will mess you
up.1/2oz of Turkey 101/ top with 1/2oz of Bac. 151. Light on fire.
Put out the flame. Take shot and quickly cover the shot glass with
your hand. After you get the potent shot down, pull the shot glass
up close to your nose, uncover and immediately inhale the fumes.
TRY IT, YOU’LL LIKE IT. The magic of liquor at its best.
LEMON-DROP/GEORGETOWN: When most people ask for a
Lemon-drop they actually want a GEORGETOWN. What’s the
difference? OKAY, the GEORGETOWN is just a chilled shot of
Vodka served with a sugar-coated lemon slice. Another recipe for
a LEMON-DROP is 1oz. Vodka/ 1 oz. Sour-Mix/ and 2 packs of
sugar. Shaken over ice, and strained into a shooter glass.
LIQUID COCAINE: Also a recipe that changes from region to
region. I do: 1/4oz. 100 proof peppermint shnapps/ 1/4oz.
Goldshlager/ 1/4oz. Jager/ 1/4oz. 151.
RED-HOT/FIREBALL: When some people order either one of
these they expect a shot of cinnamon shnapps with a few drops of
hot sauce. While others want a shot of Tequila with a few drops of
hot sauce. It all depends on where you live, I guess.
SILK PANTIES: 3/4oz. Vodka/ 1/4oz. Peach Shnapps.
SO.CO. AND LIME: Just what it says, 3/4oz. So.Co./ 1/4oz.
Lime Juice. The Lime Juice can either be fresh squeezed or Rose’s
Lime Juice. Shaken over ice then strained into shot glass.
STRAWBERRY NIPPLE: 3/4oz. Butterscotch shnapps/ topped
with a 1/4oz layer of Tequila Rose( a creamy, strawberry-tequila
flavored liquer).

                       FROZEN DRINKS
 There are a couple of things that you will need to make good
frozen drinks. One is a good blender, and two is the right kind of
ice. Shaved ice or at least small slivers of ice are perfect. The big
cubes of ice usually don’t blend that well and they eventually tear
up the blades of your blender. Ice from an industrial ice machine or
ice the consistency of the bagged ice that you can get at any
convenience store are the best.
  I must admit that a lot of bartenders HATE to make frozen drinks.
They are very time-consuming, and can really interrupt your
groove while working a busy shift. I myself, when I was a young
bartender, have put an out of order sign on the blender when there
was nothing wrong with it. Especially on a busy night.
  While most frozen drinks call for fresh fruit, there are substitutes
that most bars, and all liquor stores carry. For these few recipes,
I’m just going to go with the most common mixes that bars carry.
You’ll get the idea. I’m not going to list drinks like frozen
Margaritas and such. A lot of drinks can be made frozen just by
adding extra ice and throwing in the blender. Why waste our time?

FROZEN BELLINI: 1oz. Citrus Vodka/ 1/2oz Peach Shnapps/
1oz. Champagne/ 1 Pint glass full of ice/ Peach Puree or Peach
Daquiri Mix. Blend until creamy, then pour into your favorite
LAVA LAMP: 2oz. Rum/ Splash of PJ/ Pina Colada Mix/ 1 Pint
glass of ice. Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour 1 oz. of
Strawberry Daiquiri Mix into an empty glass, then hard-pour your
blended drink right in on top of the Strawberry Daiquiri Mix. It
looks really cool. Optional: Top with whipped cream and a cherry.
MUDSLIDE: First, put 2 scoops of Vanilla ice cream into your
blender. Then add 1oz. Vodka/ 1/2oz Kahlua/ 1/2oz Irish Cream
Liquer. Blend until smooth and creamy like a Milk-shake. Top
with whipped cream and chocolate shavings(optional).

PEACH DAIQUIRI: 1 1/2oz. Rum/ 1/2oz. Peach Shnapps/ Ice/
Peach Puree or Peach Daiquiri Mix. Follow the blending directions
PINA-COLADA: 2oz. Rum/Pint glass of ice/splash of PJ/ Pina-
Colada Mix. Some people add a 1/2oz. of Pineapple Shnapps.
STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI: 2oz. Rum/ ICE/ Strawberry
Daiquiri-Mix. BLEND. Some people add 1/2oz. of Triple-sec.
TOASTED ALMOND: 2 scoops of Vanilla or Coffee flavored
Ice Cream. 1oz. Kahlua/ 1oz. Amaretto. Blend. To make this a
BURNT TOASTED ALMOND Simply cut back the Kahlua and
Amaretto to 1/2oz portions and throw in 1oz. of Vodka.

  Listed below are a few on-line resources that I recommend for
the advancement of your bartending capabilities. These websites
and on-line classes are a lot more in depth than what I can
personally offer with my limited website building capabilities.
Depending on your specific aspirations in this field, I feel that I
have done sufficient research into covering all of your needs. I
have gone through every one of these sites with a fine toothed
comb and feel confident in recommending them to you. Just copy
and paste these links into your browser.

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8. AND FINALLY: Just a couple of sites that will let you get
familiar with the author.
These are basically just a few of my favorite stories that I have
shared in bars all across the country.

 Well, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have
enjoyed writing. This process has brought back many memories.
Most of them are really good and exciting, others not so great. One
thing I can say is that it has been an adventure. Hopefully, these
few tips will help you get started on your own journey.
 Remember. Practice makes perfect. As your interest in this
art/field/career grows, take advantage of the resources on the
previous page to hone your skills. It will help you gain confidence
and present yourself a professional. This is one field where the
better you are, the more money you will make and the more fun
you will have.
 Well, I just looked at my watch and realized that if I hurry up and
wrap this up…. I can make last call.


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