AFIT Student Outprocessing from NPS
       You have 3 outprocessing checklists (accomplish in this order as much as possible)
          1. AFIT Checklist
          2. NPS Checklist
          3. AF Checklist

       1. AFIT
            “Air Force Liaison Officer” is on your NPS checklist (see #2 below)
            All AFIT outprocessing items may be accessed via your AFIT/CIP account. Either use
     , or log in and click “General Program Information”, then
               “Outgoing Student Requirements”.
            Training Reports: See guidance posted

       2. NPS
             Student Services Checklist:
                     Under “Graduating Students” on this page:
                     Bring a completed copy to your “Final Out” briefing w/ the MPS.
                     Make sure you update the PYTHON block for Thesis/Diploma/Certificate Mailing address.
                     Step V—only applies if you took NWC classes.
                     AFIT Force Support Commander, NPS:
                              Complete AFIT GTC transfer actions (see the AFIT/CIP website instructions)
                              Verify you have a current PT score before PCS
                              Complete degree requirements
                                      Thesis or Dissertation, bring your Green Card; if you need an extension, please accomplish all
                                           necessary NPS extension paperwork and bring the approval when you check out w/ this office.
                                      Comprehensive exams, bring you passing confirmation.
                                      DLI students: bring a copy of your Form 220 (Before you finish your language class, fill out a DLI
                                           Transcript Request to have an official transcript sent to AFIT. Instructions and the request form
                                           are here: Send them to:
                                                    AFIT/ENEL (ATTN: Capt Ray)
                                                    2950 Hobson Way
                                                    WPAFB, OH 45433-7265
                             1. Anyone meeting a promotion board after NPS let me know, we may have some milestones to discuss.
                             2. Let me know when you are checking out and leaving Monterey, so I can take you off my “On Board” list.
             Contact info: NPS STUDENT SERVICES
                    - NPS, Herrmann Hall, Room 039
                    - e-mail
                    - Phone (831) 656-3815/7848
             To network with other students moving cars within CONUS: SSO will send an announcement with a POC; POC is usually the
              first graduating student to step forward.

       3. Air Force Outprocessing
               Personnel:
                      The very last thing you should do before departing Monterey is your “Final Out” briefing with the MPS. In quarters
                         with a large graduating class, we will offer group sessions. In other quarters schedule appointments individually.
                      Bldg 616 (Taylor Hall), Rm 223A; just inside Franklin St. gate at the Presidio of Monterey (POM)
                      The NCO assigned to handle NPS students will send you an Assignment RIP and all checklists/items necessary for
                         AF outprocessing.
                      Remember to update your vRED (AF Portal/vMPF…there will also be a link to update DEERS).
               Finance:
                      On the day of your final outprocessing appointment with the MPS, bring a copy of your travel orders to Finance so
                         they can put you in transient status.
                      For advance pay, see them 30 days prior to departure.
                      For advance travel and/or DLA pay, see them 10 business days prior to departure.
               Medical Records:
                      OCONUS PCS: Coord Form 1466 (Family Medical Clearance) w/ 317 TRG Med Tech ≥ 90 days prior to departure
                      Medical Record disposition policy is posted here:
                                  Members not on flying status may not hand-carry records
                                  However, you can get a COPY; fill out a request at the DLI clinic ≥ 2 weeks prior to date needed
               FLYERS…don’t forget to outprocess w/ Flight personnel. Instructions posted at

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