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									                                  Ryan Shields
Cell/Voice Mail: 417-496-2411                                     E-mail: teapot42@gmail.com

Height: 6’                                Hair: Brown                               Jacket: 41 Long
Weight: 175                               Shirt: 16/35                              Shoes: 10 ½ M
Eyes: Brown                               Pants: 32/32                              Hat: 7 1/8 M

Texas Snow                                Supporting                                Aaron Coffman
This Love                                 Supporting                                Rudy Pena
Albino Farm                               Supporting                                Sean McEwen
Inhale                                    Lead                                      David Fleming
Passing Through                           Supporting                                Mark Irelan
The Last Romantic                         Featured                                  Ed Moore
Branson Chamber Of Commerce,
   National Commercial                    Supporting                                Michael Wunsch
The Author                                Supporting                                Nick Warwick
Deadly Game                               Featured                                  Danny Beavis

As You Like It                            Silvius                                   Gorge Cron
Rubout At Uncle Vinny’s                   Tommy P                                   Nathan Shelton
See How They Run                          Russian Spy                               Robert Paver

Unnamed                                   30’ High Fall (Water), Safety             Ryan Shields
The Dead Shall Rise                       3 Man Body Burn, Car Hit                  Steve Kelly
Albino Farm                               Tandem Foot Fall, Safety                  Ryan Shields
Passing Through                           Group Fight, Wire Rigging                 Ryan Shields
Cinemerge Film Festival                   Demo Fight, High Falls                    Steve Kelly
Second Day                                High Falls, Glass Breaks                  Steve Kelly
The Author                                Fight                                     J.BO
Deadly Game                               Group Fight                               David Boushey

Stunt Skills:
 Fire Stunts:                             High Falls:                               Fighting For Camera:
      Full Body Burns                        50ft +                                    Western Style
      Preparation                            Stair Falls                               Martial Arts
      Safety                                 Foot Falls                                Bull Dogging

Weapons:                                  Additional Stunt Skills:                  Sports:
   Knife Fighting                            Tumbling                                 Aggressive Inline Skating
   Fire Arms Safety                          Squibs                                   Mt. Biking
                                              Air Ram & Ratchet

The Skinny Improv Level 1 Class           Jeff Jenkins                              Springfield, MO
Creative Actors Workshop                  Scott Arthur & Elizabeth Allen            Los Angeles, CA/Springfield, MO
Fighting For Film Master Class            United Stuntmen’s Association             Saskatoon, CAN
Burning Desires Fire Burn
    Workshop                              Eric Johnson                              Seattle, WA
International Stunt School                United Stuntmen’s Association             Seattle, WA

Special Skills:
Canoeing, Class A CDL, Flair Bartending, Full Prosthetic Makeup’s, Hacki Sack, Horseback Riding, Juggling, Motorcycling,
Rock Climbing, Scleral Contact Lenses, Sky Diving, Slack Lining, Snow Skiing, Swimming, Unicycle, Water Skiing, Welding,

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