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					Our aerial Bartenders are based out of Orlando, Las Vegas, Denver, Philadelphia and LA. Aerial Bartender
Girls! , will add a touch of unique glamour to any event. Performing 30 minute sets, our beautiful glamazons
perform a breathtaking trapeze act as they serve your guests champagne or other exotic drinks upon request.
Their grace, stamina and scintillating presence will entertain your guests at any fashion show, award night,
product launch or grand opening, or even just fun private events or VIP parties. These exotic "aerial
bartenders" give a whole new meaning to the phrase "let the drinks flow"...

RATE: (3) 30 Minute set up to 4 hours + Rigging:

LOCATION: Orlando, Las Vegas, Denver, Philadelphia and Los Angeles

                                          RIDER REQUIREMENT

Setup Schedule

Parking and Unloading:

       Scheduled Unloading of 20'x10' high equipment van is to commence a minimum of 4 hours prior to

       Parking for a 10' equipment van at performance location is required. PURCHASER agrees to reimburse
       ARTIST for any expenses incurred due to parking.

       Please advise ARTIST in advance if the loading path from the loading dock to the stage and/or dressing
       room contains any major obstacles (e.g. steps, stairs, unpaved paths, narrow doorways, small elevators,


       Setup of audio and lighting systems must commence a minimum of 6 hours prior to performance

       Staging and Electrical requirements to be in place a minimum of 6 hours prior to performance.

Sound Check:

       A Sound check is required. Sound check must commence a minimum of 2 hour prior to performance.

Aerial Bartenders:

       Schedule: Staging requirements must be in place 6 hours prior to performance.

       Rehearsal: Artist will need a minimum of 1 hour to rehearse with full sound and lights on stage 2 hours
       before start of show.

       Costs: PURCHASER assumes full responsibility for costs pertaining to staging requirements.

       This act can performed above the dance floor and does not require a stage if client wants to utilize a stage
       it must be 20'x20' placed center of rigging point. Stage must be skirted (black preferred).

       In the event of very small or large rooms and/or low ceiling height, alternative staging may apply.

       Local Crew: SUPPLIED BY CLIENT (1) Sound Engineer, (1) Lighting Tech, (1) Rigger

                                                  Aerial Bartenders

        Sound system should include, (1) CD player, (1) wireless handheld mic, event sound system.

Lighting: SUPPLIED BY CLIENT {Only if client requires}

        Lighting system should include (1) Hazer,(8) par 64 1k narrow cans, (8) par 64 1k medium cans, (4)
        Martin moving lights (250 or 575). (1) Circular or square box truss around rig point 20 FT diameter.

        The PURCHASER is responsible for the cost of "flying" the lights or providing pre-approved lighting.

        ARTIST requests that PURCHASER/PROPERTY take into consideration obstructions (e.g. chandeliers)
        that could interfere with raising the lights (up to 18 feet high) when planning stage location.

Aerial Rigging:

        Costs: PURCHASER assumes full responsibility for costs pertaining to rigging such as hotel riggers and
        lifts requirements. Aerial Bartenders rigger will provide specific instructions as to rigging points and

        Rigging Points: Artist requires 2 rig points that can hold a total weight of 1000 pounds each.

        Genie Lift must be supplied by client for rigging.

Electrical Requirement for Chain Motor:

The Show requires two 20 Amp circuit at stage right for motor control and power within 50 feet of rigging point.

The moving lights are run separate from the house conventional instruments which are controlled by the AV company
lighting console.

Dressing Room:

        Dressing room to be available from the beginning of unloading until ARTIST's load-out.

        If overnight use is necessary, dressing room to be locked or security provided.

        ARTIST requests dressing room to contain:

             •   Tables and seating as space permits for 2 artists.
             •   1 large clothing racks
             •   1 large trash can
             •   1 full-length mirror

        ARTIST requests that dressing room be located as close as possible to stage.

                                                   Aerial Bartenders

      ARTIST requires that bottled water and sodas with sandwiches to be provided during setup and hot meal
      during performances. Exact timing and location will be coordinated with ARTIST’s representative.

Room Diagram Requested:

      ARTIST requests that PURCHASER provide a room diagram(s) indicating planned locations of tables,
      sound table and spotlight, stage, power, and dance floor well in advance of performance in order to avoid
      last minute problems.

Travel & Hotel:

      ARTIST requests that PURCHASER provide (2) rooms for two nights, (2) Airfare and ground
      transportation if the event is booked in a city that the Aerial Bartenders are not based.

                                                Aerial Bartenders

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