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					October 12

Newsletter                                           For Pharmacists
                                                     Working in Barnsley

                                              2. NRT Supply Scheme Update
1. Waste Collections Update
                                              In an attempt to reduce confusion and
A South Yorkshire Waste campaign is due
                                              alleviate any problems with VAT, the
to start on 21 July 2006 and you will be
                                              funding structure for the NRT support
receiving    information   soon    (see
                                              scheme     has   been   reviewed  and
After negotiations with Cliniserve, waste
                                              The new payment structure involves a
collections are being reviewed and will be
                                              reduction in the professional fee and the
changed to reflect the current need.
                                              addition of a payment for NRT that will
ACTION:                                       include VAT.
PLEASE COMPLETE THE ATTACHED                  Though including VAT the supply will
PRO-FORMA AND RETURN PROMPTLY                 provide more profit than an equivalent
In the short-term the situation is            prescription for NRT.
summarised below – please make sure all       The new agreement also includes the
staff are aware.                              specification for the supply of NRT nasal
   Prior to the "Returns Campaign",          spray.
    Cliniserve will collect from all          Attached to this newsletter are:
    Barnsley pharmacies Frid/14th and
    Mon/17th July. The driver will carry a    The new claim form (If you have
    number of spare 60 and 30litre            Microsoft Excel this will save you time by
    containers - please request extra if      working out the claim for you);
    you feel the need.                        Two copies of the new Service Outline,
   The next collection will take place w/c   please complete one copy and send back
    14 August. Cliniserve will at this        in the envelope enclosed.
    time also deliver an 11litre Cytobin to   Please Note: Claims for NRT support
    each site.                                under the old NRT funding arrangements
Following delivery of the Cytobins, each      will no longer be valid from 1 September
Pharmacy needs to contact Cliniserve          2006.
direct should they have any waste of this
type to be collected.                         3. Care Homes Services
          Tel: 01376 501848.                  The specification for the recently updated
                                              advice to care homes service states the
This is to enable the appropriate
                                              need for the pharmacist to have
consignment note to be raised in advance
                                              completed certain training. This is either
ie the driver will bring it with him.
                                              the CPPE “Home away from Home” or
Please note: Failure to do this will mean     the newer “Supporting Care Homes with
that any Cytotoxics/Cytostatics will not      Medication      Management”        distance
be collected and therefore remain on          learning.
the premises.
                                              Please note that payments for the second
                                              “third”, Aug-Nov 06 will only be made if
                                              a copy of the certificate has been
                                              forwarded to Kay Garside at Hillder
October 12
                                              6. CD Regulations
 Something to Note:                           Regulations have been laid before
 Eye drops are often prescribed as 'one       Parliament which will amend the Misuse
 or two drops' to be instilled: this may,     of Drugs Regulations from 7th July 2006.
 however, lead to waste and potential         Some of the provisions will apply at
 overdose. Although the size of a drop        different times in England and Wales.
 from a dropper can vary according to
 viscosity, dropper design, and patient       The amendments are summarised as
 technique, it is normally around 35 to       follows (taken directly from source):
 50 microlitres; occasionally up to 75        • Private prescriptions issued for human
 microlitres.     [Editor's    comment:       use containing controlled drugs specified
 assumes that patients get the drop           in Schedules 1, 2 or 3 to the 2001
 correctly in the eye every time]. An eye     Regulations will be required to be written
 brimming with fluid, however, holds at       on a prescription form issued for the
 most about 30 microlitres. Some              purposes of private prescribing by a
 Ophthalmology       experts     therefore    Primary Care Trust in England, a Local
 consider that a dose of one drop will be     Health Board in Wales or a Health Board
 more than sufficient: a second drop          in Scotland, and must specify the
 doubles the cost and will either wash        prescriber identification number of the
 out the first, or increases the risk of      person              issuing             it.
 systemic toxicity. When two different
 drugs are being used, a gap of at least      An exception is, however, created where
 five minutes should be allowed between       the issuer of the prescription believes on
 them.                                        reasonable grounds that a private
                                              prescription is to be supplied by a
                                              pharmacist in a hospital: in that case the
4. Oxygen Update                              prescription does not need to be written
FP10 route continues: GPs are still able      on such a prescription form, although in
to prescribe home oxygen via FP10s and        such a case, a community pharmacist
those pharmacies that continue to             could not dispense such a prescription.
provide a cylinder service may dispense       In addition, veterinary prescriptions are
prescriptions    under     usual    NHS       unaffected     by    this    requirement.
arrangements. This route will remain
open until amendments are made to NHS         • A prescription issued on or after 7th
regulations next year.                        July 2006 containing a controlled drug
                                              specified in Schedules 1 to 4 to the 2001
A list of pharmacies still supplying          Regulations will have its period of validity
Oxygen will be provided to GPs and            reduced from 13 weeks to 28 days. The
pharmacies in order to reduce any             prescriber may specify a start date for a
inconvenience to patients.                    prescription, and if so, the 28 day
In the event that oxygen is unavailable       validity will run from that date.
from a pharmacy, patients should be
referred to their GP or the Out of Hours      • Pharmacists supplying Schedule 2
GP service “Primecare” who should             controlled drugs will be required to
complete an emergency HOOF form to            ascertain whether the person collecting
supply oxygen through Air Products.           the prescription is the patient, a
                                              representative of the patient or a health
                                              professional, and may ask the patient or
5. On-line Clinical Governance                his representative to produce evidence of
   Training                                   his or her identity. In the case of health
                                              professionals acting in that capacity the
A new resource has been developed in
                                              pharmacist must obtain the persons
partnership     between     NHS    Clinical
                                              name and address, and unless he is
Governance Support Team and the Royal
                                              acquainted with the health professional,
Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.
                                              must obtain evidence of his identity.
This is a free online training programme
                                              Amendments to the register keeping
to enhance understanding of Clinical
                                              requirements will be made, to require
Governance and its requirements for
                                              the recording of whether evidence of
community pharmacists through their
                                              identity          was          requested.
new contract. Launched on 22 May, it
may          be         accessed         at
                                              •   Prescriptions    containing minor
                                              typographical errors may be dispensed
October 12
by the pharmacist in certain specified           7. Emergency Hormonal
• Prescriptions or copies of private              Enclosed with this newsletter is a survey
prescriptions will be required to be sent         on the supply of EHC.
to the NHSBSA Prescription Pricing
Division (formerly the PPA), but there is         With a view to introducing an EHC
a further legislative amendment required          patient   group   direction   through
to fully implement this.                          pharmacies, we hope all pharmacies will
                                                  complete this survey during August
                                                  At the same time, A & E are surveying
                                                  how many EHC supplies they make and
                                                  the   number      of   GP   prescriptions
                                                  dispensed will be recorded.
                                                  With this information it is hoped to prove
                                                  that a supply through pharmacies is not
                                                  only cost effective but also more
                                                  Please bring this to the notice of all
                                                  relevant staff, complete the survey and
                                                  return in the envelope provided.

             Summary of Actions                                  When         Completed
Completed & Return survey on waste collection bin
Complete & Return one copy of new NRT service
Complete survey on EHC supply
Pro-actively take part in the South Yorkshire                   21 July
Medicines Waste Campaign 2006                                  onwards
Ask customers returning medicines waste to                    21 July
complete a questionnaire                                      onwards

As always, if you would be willing to receive future information and newsletters via e-mail,
please contact me at If you would prefer to receive paper
copies sent to your home address, please let me know.
                               Matt Auckland
             Matt Auckland, Community Pharmacy Development Facilitator
             Hillder House, 49/51 Gawber Road, Barnsley, S75 2PY

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