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									Name: ________________________________                    Date: _____________________            Period: ________________

                                                    State of Georgia Treasure Hunt.

                      Geography                                                          Essential Questions:
   SS8G1 The student will describe Georgia with                1.   Where in the world is Georgia?
     regard to physical features and location.                 2.   What is the purpose of knowing geography?
       a. Locate Georgia in relation to region, nation,        3.   What is the relative location of Georgia in terms of
                continent, and hemispheres.                         hemisphere, continent, nation, region and global position?

                                                          I fell out of my bed this morning and realized it was the first day of school. “I don’t
                                                          want to go back to school,” I cried. “Where did summer vacation go?” Reluctantly,
                                                             I put two feet on the floor and stumbled out of bed. Right before I reached the
                                                           bathroom I fell over my new bookbag and hit the wall. “I knew I should have just
                                                               stayed in bed,” I told myself as I sat on the floor holding my head. Just then I
                                                          noticed a crack in the floor that I had never seen before. The crack got bigger as it
                                                           reached the wall I had just hurled myself against, and I noticed I could pick up the
                                                                board. What lay underneath was a lot of dust and a box wrapped in cloth.
                                                          Carefully, I unwrapped the box and found many cool things inside: an arrow head,
                                                           a flower carefully pressed, a peach seed, a small rock that seemed to be made of
                                                           gold, a pirate compass that looked really old, a twig of some kind of a tree, a belt
                                                                buckle, a funny looking dead beetle bug, a butterfly net, and lastly, a map.

                                                          The map read, “If you found my box of treasures and want to know what they
                                                          mean follow the map. At the end you will find my life long prize possession that
                                                          contains great worth and value”. Hmmm, I thought to myself, a treasure hunt
                                                          across Georgia. Surely, my Social Studies teacher would understand the reason for
                                                          skipping class for a few days.

                                                                           Things to know before you start your quest……
                 The first clue read:                               I started out by reading the map. I noticed that some clues where
  In order for you to know where you are going,                       more of an absolute direction and others where relative. If you
   you must first know what is surrounding you.                        have forgotten from last year, _____________ directions are
                                                                        exact grid line coordinates and ________________ location
1. The Earth can be divided into two halves called                      describes things around it to help you find a place on Earth.
2. Lines that run east to west around the center of the
   globe are called _____________ or latitude lines of measurement. The line
   that goes around the globe exactly halfway between the two poles is called
   the _______________. All of Georgia’s latitude lines of measurement are
   _______ of the Equator.
3. Lines that run north to south are called ____________. The starting point for
   these lines is the _______________ ________________. All of Georgia’s
   lines of measurement are located ___________ of the prime meridian.

      I said to myself this must mean that Georgia is located in the
 ______________      ________________ hemisphere of the world. Well, I
                  guess that is where my quest begins.

   Before I started my quest, I need to know the states and body of water that
      surrounds Georgia. I looked at the map and noticed that the states of
            _____________________, ________________________,
     ___________________________, __________________________, and
__________________________ all surround Georgia and the __________________
                        Ocean creates a natural border.                                         Label the latitude/longitude lines of
          Geography helps us understand..                                                     I found this quick fact card and thought its clues might be
                                                                                               very helpful. Unfortunately, some of the information had
        1. _________________________                                                             worn with time. See if you can find the answers to the
                                                                                              clues. (*Hint- use your chapter introduction to help you!)

        2. _________________________
                                                                                                              Quick Fact Card
        3. _________________________
                                                                                                   Land area: ____________ square miles
              _________________________                                                            Inland water: __________ square miles
              _________________________                                                            Number of bordering states: _________
                                                                                                   Major bodies of water: ___________
        4. _________________________                         What is Geography?
                                                                                                   Number of islands: ______________
              _________________________                                                            Number of physiographic regions: _____
              _________________________             ______________________________                 Number of counties: _______________
              _________________________             ______________________________                 Highest point: _____________________

              _________________________             ______________________________                 Lowest point: ______________________
                                        I began my quest in
                                       1.                                                            the county of _________________. It is
  Did you know that Georgia has         the geographic center                                        of the state and is located 18 mile
   _______ to _______ inches of
                                        southeast of Macon                                           and state road 80 runs right through
                                        the heart of the                                             county. (Hint: pg. 31) I passed many
rainfall in the central and southern
                                        large trees. I read in a                                     travel brochure that Georgia is known
  parts and _______ to ________
                                        for its lumber and                                           paper mills due to all the good Georgia
inches in the northern mountains?
                                        pine that could be                                           found across the state. That surprised
                me because the __________ _________ is                                               Georgia’s state tree not the pine tree.

         2.    From there, I went south to Georgia’s lowest                                         point located along the
               _________________ ______________. It was                                             here that I spotted State Marine
               Mammal the ____________ _____________. I wanted to stay and watch but had to keep going. I passed fruit orchards
               where trees were heavy with fuzzy fruit called ____________ . I guess this is where Georgia got its nickname the
               “____________ State.”

         3.    The sky began to get dark and I knew that I was in for a storm of a hunt considering the fact that Georgia experiences
                                      weather phenomena such as _________________, ____________________, and
                                      ____________________. (Hint pg. 31 )

                                  4.    I went south to Georgia’s _______________ ______________ located just east of the city of
                                        _________________. This swamp encompasses over 400,000 acres of canals, moss draped cypress
                                        trees, and lily pad prairies providing sanctuaries for hundreds of species of birds and wildlife
                                        including several endangered species. The name of the famous swamp is derived from an Indian
                                        word meaning the ______________ ______________. The Okefenokee, the ____________ swamp
                                        in ___________ ______________, is a freshwater wetland. A ___________is a low-lying land area
               where water lies close to the surface creating sloughs, swamps, bogs, ponds, and freshwater marshes. A wetland can also be
               a lowland that is influenced by tidal water flows to create salt marshes. Georgia ranks _______________ in the nation in the
               number of acres of wetlands found in the state. (Hint pg. 20)

         5.    I had to get out of that swamp! Snakes, alligators, spiders, and gigantic bugs are simply not my                     Fact:
               thing. I needed some R & R so I headed northeast to Georgia’s _____________islands located along
               the __________ Ocean. I had to stop and get some sleep. On my way, I crossed over Georgia’s                   Did you know that
               farms and fields and learned that Georgia grows more _____________ than any other agricultural              Georgia has _________
                                                                                                                           miles of coastline along
                                                                                                                            the Atlantic Ocean?
      product. That is crazy because I always thought Georgia was the “peach state”. In one of the trees nearby, I spotted a
      _______________ _______________, Georgia’s State bird.

                                 6.    I stopped in the town of ______________ which is one of Georgia’s oldest towns and first
                                      towns ever built. Along the coast, Georgia is known for its ____________ ___________ and
                                      the ___________ _____________ offer recreational facilities, seafood gathering and
                                      processing industries, and major shipyard ports. I sat on the ocean listening to
                                      ___________________________________, Georgia’s famous theme song written by
                                      ______________________ and enjoyed the evening (Hint pg. 20.)While listening to locals talk
                                      I found out that it has been legend that Blackbeard once used Georgia’s islands as a pirate
                                      hideaway and hid many of his pirates treasures here in Georgia. That had to be what the
                                      pirate compass was. Ok, now that I figured out that item, what was rock of gold?

                                 7.The next day, I rode the ________________ River north. Did you know this river creates a
                                   natural boundary between Georgia and ________________ _________________, one of
                                   Georgia’s neighboring states. I traveled through the towns of ________________ and
      _______________ before I arrived at Georgia’s largest recreational lakes. This lake known is known as Lake ____________
      ____________. I decided to go fishing and caught a __________________ __________, Georgia’s
      state fish.

 8.   I continued to travel north. I had to figure out what these items meant, and the gold rock was really a
      mystery. I traveled north to a small town today known as _________________, Georgia. Apparently
      this is where a huge gold rush began. I found out that the land had been taken away from the
      Cherokee Indians. That must be what the arrowhead is for. I passed a small, fragile flower and
      instantly knew the ______________ _______________ with its gentle white petals and bright yellow
      center must be Georgia’s state flower. When I leaned down to pick this flower as a keep sake, I was
      stung by a ___________ __________, Georgia’s state insect. I guess this was what the butterfly net was meant to prevent.
      It should have had a caution sign on it to warn me!

 9.    I left the mountains and decide to “Tube the Hooch” as the locals called it. The _________________ River is Georgia’s
       ________________ natural boundary and one of its _____________ rivers. I landed in a little town called ______________
       Georgia. I was very surprised that this town did not resemble any towns that I had seen. In fact, it reminded me of an Alpine
 10. I wanted to go north to the ______________ ____________ Mountains. I heard that Georgia’s
                                                  highest point known as _________________                       Fact….
                                                  ________________ and its observation deck was
                                                  amazing. You could see for miles even into other                     Georgia is the
                                                  states. The locals also told me that you could hike the          _____________ state
                                                  _____________________          __________________                  __________ of the
                                                  that begins at ______________ Mountain which marks                Mississippi River. It
                                                  the southern end of the 2,015-mile Trail. (Hint pg. 14).        includes 58,910 square
                                                                                                                   miles of land and 854
                                              11. Traveling south, I soon learned that if I traveled toward        square miles of inland
Fact….                               Macon, Georgia I would have to cross a ______________.The                            water.
                                     Coastal Plain region is separated from the Piedmont Plateau by a
     A ____________                  natural boundary known as the Fall Line. The Fall Line is the point at which
  ____________ crosses               _____________________ lands meet the _______________ plain. This line runs from
   the state, separating             _________________ on the western side of the state, through ________________ and into
the coastal plain from the           __________________ on the eastern side. Other cities located on the Fall Line are
   hilly or mountainous              Milledgeville, Roberta, Thomson, and Warrenton. Rivers and creeks flowing from the rocky hill
             areas.                  country cut deep channels in the softer soil of the plains. This drops the elevation and creates
                                     __________________. (Hint: pg. 21)
 12. I was going south to the “foot of the mountain” where I wanted to hike _________________ ______________ which is
       Georgia’s largest granite-based landforms. Once I got there, I decided the ____________ should take me to the top of the
       mountain instead of hiking. When I got to the top, I could see ________________ , Georgia’s state capital and largest city.
       (Hint: pg. 17).
                       Word bank:
       Alabama               Columbus
       Atlanta                Florida
                                              Savannah River
   Atlantic Ocean        Lake Sidney Lanier
                                              South Carolina
       Augusta                 Macon
Blue Ridge Mountains       North Carolina
 Chattahoochee River     Okefenokee Swamp

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