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					Study Questions

Directions: Print the following set of study questions, answer correctly and submit to the
professor for this course for grading.

1) __________ studied the concept of observational learning. He concluded that
individuals can demonstrate learning by imitating the behavior of a model that they have
   a) Thorndike
   b) Rescorla
   c) Bandura
   d) Skinner

2) In Bandura’s Bobo Doll study, he found that:
   a) children will not imitate aggressive behavior even if they are rewarded for it.
   b) children who see aggressive models being punished are less likely to behave
      aggressively than those who see aggressive models being rewarded
   c) children between the ages of 7 and 10 are the most aggressive.
   d) children are born with aggressive tendencies.

3) Bandura’s work suggests that the best model for a young six-year-old boy who is
trying to learn how to swim might be:
  a) an Olympic swimming champion.
  b) a professional swimming coach.
  c) the boy’s mother.
  d) the boy’s older brother, who swims.

4) The notion that viewing violent Saturday morning cartoons increases the violent
behavior of youths demonstrates Bandura’s concept of:
  a) classical conditioning.
  b) operant conditioning.
  c) latent learning.
  d) observational learning.

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