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									                         Alcoa of Australia

1.  Consider all apprenticeship trades – refer to relevant fact sheets. Make sure you understand the
    different categories and determine which might interest you.
2.  Keep us up to date. For example, if you change address you should let us know by email ASAP.
3.  Once completed, use the Email option at the end of this form,
    or send email to if you have any queries.
4.  *Normal operation of this form requires macros to be enabled on your MS Word installation.

Personal Details:
Title:      .         Surname:                                   Name(s):
Suburb:                              State:                             Post Code:
Email:                                                                  Mobile No.:
Date of Birth:                       Age:                               Home No.:
                    eg. 15-Jan-92)
Are you an Australian Citizen or a permanent resident of Australia?

Are you of Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander descent?

Trade Preferences:
Please note that not all trades are available on each Alcoa location.
Refer to the table below for available options. For example: when selecting your Trade preferences,
please ensure you have given consideration to the location that the trade is being offered at.
Apprentice Trade                              Available at these locations only
Electrical                                    Portland Smelter
                                              Pt Henry Smelter
Mechanical Fitter                             Portland Smelter
                                              Pt Henry Smelter
Fabricator (Boilermaker / Welder)             Pt Henry Smelter
Automotive Mechanic                           Pt Henry Smelter

Please indicate your first and second Trade/Location preferences referring to the available
options outlined above:
                                 Trade                        Location
Preference 1
Preference 2

Driver’s Licence                                    Class:
Other Licences / Certificates (ie: Dogging, Forklift, First Aid):
Secondary Education:
Are you still attending high school?
What is your highest completed year?                                  Yr 10     Yr 11               Yr 12
In which year did you complete that level?

Please indicate if you have completed any of the following units throughout your secondary
education and specify the grade achieved (or % result).
*If applicable, please enter your current half yearly results.

YEAR 10                            YEAR 11                                      YEAR 12
                           Final                                        Final                                       Final
Unit            Level              Unit                       Level             Unit                        Level
                           Grade                                        Grade                                       Grade
Maths                              Vocational Maths                             Vocational Maths
                                   Maths in Practice                            Modelling with Maths
                                   Foundation in Maths                          Discrete Maths
                                   Geometry / Trigometry                        Applicable Maths
                                   Calculus                                     Calculus
                                   Maths (New curriculum)                       Maths (New curriculum)
                                   Maths (New curriculum)                       Maths (New curriculum)

English                            Vocational English                           Vocational English
                                   Senior English                               Senior English
                                   English                                      English
                                   English Literature                           English Literature
                                   English (New curriculum)                     English (New curriculum)
                                   English (New curriculum)                     English (New curriculum)

Science                            Senior Science                               Senior Science
                                   Chemistry                                    Chemistry
                                   Physics                                      Physics
                                   Biology                                      Biology
                                   Human Biology                                Human Biology
                                   Science (New curriculum)                     Science (New curriculum)
                                   Science (New curriculum)                     Science (New curriculum)

                                   Applied Technology                           Applied Technology
                                   Automotive Workshop                          Automotive Workshop
Specify any other units:
                                   Building & Construction                      Building & Construction
                                   Metals Technology                            Metals Technology
                                   Systems Technology                           Systems Technology
                                   Technical Graphics                           Technical Graphics
                                   Farm Practice                                Farm Practice
                                   Plant Production                             Plant Production
                                   Specify any other units:                     Specify any other units:
Relevant Pre-Vocational Training / Similar Studies:
Have you completed a relevant Pre-Vocational / Pre-Apprenticeship Course or similar studies?
                    No                 Yes, or currently attending – give details below:

Course Title(s):                                            Training Institute(s):         Completion Date(s):
                                                            (eg TAFE)

Current and Previous Employment / Work Experience:
Please include details of all part-time work and work experience you have undertaken.

Company            Position              Start Date        Finish Date    What does your work experience

Please provide the names and contact details of two referees we can contact. This can be an
employer, teacher, student career counsellor, etc. Please ensure that you have asked
permission from the nominated person for us to contact them if necessary.

Name                             Relationship to you                 Contact phone             2nd Contact Phone
                                 (Eg: Employer, teacher)

Advertising Source:
How did you find out about our apprentice opportunities? (Please tick only one box - the initial
place where you heard about our apprenticeship opportunities)

   Community Newspapers – Geelong Advertiser                  Alcoa website
   Community Newspapers – Portland Observer                   School / College Which School?
   Community Newspapers – Warrnambool Standard                Friend / Family member
                                                              Other, please specify:
Applicant and/or Parent/Guardian Signature:
In the event that your application is successful and you are under 18 years of age, a parent or
guardian must be party to the apprenticeship. This is a requirement by the Industrial Training
If you are under 18 years of age, please supply your nominated Parent / Guardian details.
Note: by providing these details you agree that your parent or guardian will provide their
signature to be a party to the apprenticeship.

Over 18 years of age? (Determined from your date of birth)   Yes     No - Please provide
                                                                          Parent/Guardian details below:

First Name                             Surname                            Daytime Contact phone
Not Required                           Not Required                       Not Required

Reason for Applying:
In the space provided here, please tell us why you are seeking an Alcoa Apprenticeship?

To submit your completed application –
    1. Check to ensure all mandatory details have been entered.
    2. Save the completed application form to your computer.
    3. Select the button below to email your completed application form to Alcoa.
                 Email form to Alcoa

       If you encounter an error when submitting your application, please attach your saved Application
                    Form, and email it as an attachment to

       You will receive an email response within 2 business days to confirm receipt.

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