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									                                     Fixture Manufacturing Activity
Synergytech Instruments

                          • We  offer our services in Design & Manufacturing of
                          Tooling,      mostly      in    machining    tooling.

                          • Our strength is very strong design background with
                          expertise in Automation & Hydraulic controls.

                          • We have combined experience of over 30 years in
                          Tool Design, Fixture manufacturing, SPM Building,
                          Automation & Hydraulic system Implementation.

                          •Following slides display some of the fixtures we have
                          Manufactured for our customers for various
Synergytech Instruments

                          Fixture Assembly Drawings with Table Details
                                         & Part Details
Synergytech Instruments

                          Holding fixtures Designed
                          and Manufactured       for
                          Various Components for
                          Tractor Transmission of
                          Various Customers       of
                          Carraro India Limited, for
                          manufacturing them in
                          their own plant and at
                          their suppliers plants at
                          various locations.
                                               The Components
                                               machined on the
Synergytech Instruments

                          In a very Unique
                          process. The five
                          bushes seen are
                          used to guide a
                          Gun-drill to get
                          correct alignment
                          of    Bores    for
                          Gear Shifter Rods
                          inside the Tractor
Synergytech Instruments

                          Various Drill Jigs Designed and Manufactured for a Variety of
                          Flywheel Housings of Cummins India Limited for their
                          Suppliers Prakash Home Industries Belgaum
Synergytech Instruments

                          Holding Fixture Designed & Manufactured for Kirloskar Oil Engines
                          Large Engine Plant Nasik. This is used to machine Cylinder Heads for
                          ‘Pielstick’ weighing @ 300kg each on Mazak HMC. Two Heads are
                          machined at a time with different orientations for attack.
Synergytech Instruments

                          Fixture in action on the Machine Table
Synergytech Instruments

                          Tooling designed & manufactured
                          for a variety of crank cases for
                          Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited,
                          and Commissioned at their suppliers
                          Kirloskar Ferrous Limited Sholapur
                          This fixture is used to Machine Pan
                          Face & Cap Face of Crankcases
                          having Two, Four & Six Cylinders,
                          using a Cutter in Cutter Arrangement.
Synergytech Instruments

                          This is a Holding Fixture to machine Head Face, Pan Face & Cap
                          Face of a Crankcase Simultaneously on a Duplex Machine.
                          Designed & Manufactured For Kirloskar Oil Engines, & commissioned
                          at their supplies premises in Sholapur.
Synergytech Instruments

                          Spring Rate Tester, This equipment has a Digital Readout to display,
                          both the Spring Load, and Spring Rate. Is extremely user-friendly
                          Device. Designed & Manufactured for Helical Auto Technologies Pune.
Synergytech Instruments

                          This is a Crimping Tool, Designed & Manufactured for Helical Auto
                          Technologies. Pune
                          Assembly Drawing of Proposed
                          Special Purpose Machine for
                          Motorcycle Crankshaft Oil Hole
Synergytech Instruments
Synergytech Instruments

                          This is a Hydraulically Operated Holding Fixture to Simultaniously
                          Machine Pan Face, Head Face, Cap Face, & Water Header Face,
                          of Crank Case on a Duplex Milling Machine.
                          Apart from design & manufacturing of various
                          holding fixtures, jigs & inspection fixtures, we
Synergytech Instruments

                          have Designed & Manufactured & Implemented
                          a fully automated, programmable (thru M Codes)
                          Hydraulic fixture for Indica Xeta Car Rocker lever.
                          This fixture is designed to machine the component
                          from Forging to finish state in single set up with a
                          capacity of @ 600 jobs/shift. This fixture is easily
                          & seamlessly integrated with the parent machine.

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