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Setting Plastic Injection Moulding Machines for

Overview          This unit identifies the competencies you need to check and set up plastic
                  injection moulding machines for production, in accordance with approved
                  procedures. You will obtain the correct mould tools for the production activity,
                  and check that they are free from damage or non-conformance that could
                  impair the quality of the mouldings produced. You will be expected to mount the
                  moulds in the machines, using safe and approved techniques and procedures.
                  You will need to check that all services required to operate the machine are
                  connected and fully operational. You will be required to set all the machine
                  operating conditions, and to test all the delivery/collection and safety systems
                  that are in place on the machine and confirm that they are operational.

                  Your responsibilities will require you to comply with organisational policy and
                  procedures for the setting of the plastic injection moulding machines, and to
                  report any problems with the machines, materials or equipment in use that you
                  cannot personally resolve, or are outside your permitted authority, to the
                  relevant people. You will be expected to work to instructions, with a minimum of
                  supervision, taking personal responsibility for your actions and for the quality
                  and accuracy of the work that you carry out.

                  Your underpinning knowledge will show a good understanding of your work,
                  and will enable you to adopt an informed approach to the setting of plastic
                  injection moulding machines. You will understand the different types of
                  moulding tools used, how the moulds are located and secured to the machine,
                  and how the machine conditions are set to achieve the optimal results. Your
                  knowledge will enable you to identify any faults in the moulds, the machine or
                  the connected services, and you will understand the actions that are required to
                  correct these faults.

                  You will understand the safety precautions required when setting up plastic
                  injection moulding machines and when using the associated tools and
                  equipment. You will be required to demonstrate safe working practices
                  throughout, and will understand the responsibility you owe to yourself and
                  others in the workplace.

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Setting Plastic Injection Moulding Machines for Production

You must be able to:   P1   work safely at all times, complying with health and safety and other
                            relevant regulations and guidelines
                       P2   follow the relevant material processing specification and job instructions
                            for the processing operations being performed
                       P3   determine what processing operations are to be performed and how the
                            equipment will be prepared and set up to achieve this
                       P4   check that any consumables required are available and that they are
                            suitable for the work to be carried out
                       P5   set the equipment operating parameters to achieve the required material
                            property changes and processing specification
                       P6   check that all safety mechanisms are in place and that the equipment is
                            set correctly for the required operations
                       P7   deal promptly and effectively with problems within your control and report
                            those that cannot be solved

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Setting Plastic Injection Moulding Machines for Production

Knowledge and
You need to know and   K1    the hazards and specific safety precautions to be taken when checking
understand:                  and setting plastic injection moulding machines, and associated delivery
                             and collection systems, and how they can be minimised
                       K2    the emergency procedures that are in place to deal with a machine
                             malfunction when setting up the plastic injection moulding machine
                       K3    the COSHH regulations relating to the materials used in the injection
                             moulding activities (such as mould sprays, mould lubricants and
                             moulding materials)
                       K4    the personal protective equipment (PPE) that should be used, and how
                             to obtain it
                       K5    how to obtain the necessary job instructions for the machine setting
                             operations, and how to interpret the information
                       K6    the basic parts and functions of plastic injection moulding machines and
                             moulds (to include mould location points; mould heating/cooling
                             arrangements; machine controls; hydraulic, pneumatic and electricity
                             supplies; material delivery and collection systems; guards and other
                             safety devices)
                       K7    the various types of mould tools that are used and their typical
                       K8    why it is important to check the moulds for damage or other non-
                             conformance prior to mounting them to the machine
                       K9    the various methods that are used to locate the moulds and associated
                             parts in the injection moulding machine
                       K10   the different types of component delivery/collection systems that are
                             used on plastic injection moulding machines, and their setting up
                       K11   the various machine operating parameters that require setting up (such
                             as temperature, pressure, speed/timings and distance), and how these
                             are achieved
                       K12   the effects that changes to these settings will have on the quality of the
                             components produced
                       K13   the different types of materials used in the plastic injection moulding
                       K14   preparations that need to be carried out on the materials, in order to
                             ensure that the completed components meet the required specification
                       K15   the temperature range of the material being moulded and the mould
                             being used
                       K16   methods of checking the finished mouldings to ensure that they are to
                             the required specification
                       K17   identification of moulding defects, their causes, and methods of
                       K18   how to make adjustments to machine settings to deal with such things as

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Setting Plastic Injection Moulding Machines for Production

                      flashing, short shot, distortion and colour problems
                  K19 the company quality control checks to be carried out on the prepared
                      injection moulding machine (such as cleanliness, completeness, freedom
                      from foreign bodies, damage or defects)
                  K20 why it is important to keep the plastic injection moulding equipment clean
                      and free from damage, to practice good housekeeping of tools and
                      equipment, and to maintain a clean and unobstructed working area
                  K21 the extent of your own authority and whom you should report to if you
                      have problems that you cannot resolve when setting up plastic injection
                      moulding machines

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Setting Plastic Injection Moulding Machines for Production

Additional Information

Scope/range            1   carry out all of the following during the setting up of the plastic injection
related to                 moulding machines:
performance                1.1 comply with job instructions, equipment setting-up documentation,
criteria                          relevant COSHH sheets and risk assessment documentation
                           1.2 use appropriate personal protective equipment at all times during
You must be able to:              the setting-up operations
                           1.3 follow the defined setting-up procedures, and apply safe working
                                  practices and procedures at all times
                           1.4 leave the work area in a safe condition on completion of the
                       2   mount and secure two of the following types of mould tools, using the
                           correct location devices:
                           2.1 two-plate tools
                           2.2 split tools
                           2.3 three-plate tools
                           2.4 unscrewing tools
                           2.5 combination/composite tools
                       3   prepare and set two of the following component delivery/collection
                           3.1 robotic
                           3.2 conveyor
                           3.3 separators
                           3.4 collection chute/bin
                       4   prepare the machine for use, to include carrying out all of the following:
                           4.1 check that mould tools are free from damage and are correctly
                                  and securely mounted
                           4.2 ensure all machine services are connected and operational (such
                                  as water, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic)
                           4.3 set the mould tool heating and cooling arrangements
                           4.4 set and check that the material feed systems are operating
                           4.5 set and check that all machine safety mechanisms and features
                                  are operating correctly (such as guards, emergency stop)
                           4.6 set the mould protection pressure safety conditions
                           4.7 set up the machine operating conditions to suit the moulds being
                           4.8 check that all the machine controls function correctly
                       5   set and adjust all of the following moulding parameters to meet the
                           component specification:
                           5.1 temperature
                           5.2 pressure
                           5.3 speed/timings
                           5.4 distance

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Setting Plastic Injection Moulding Machines for Production

                  6    check the materials used during the production cycle, to include all of the
                        6.1 the required materials are available in sufficient quantities
                        6.2 the materials meet the component specification
                        6.3 the materials have been correctly prepared and mixed for the
                               moulding operation
                  7    produce plastic injection mouldings from two of the following types of
                        7.1 acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)
                        7.2 polystyrene
                        7.3 nylon
                        7.4 polyethelene
                        7.5 polycarbonate
                        7.6 acetal
                        7.7 polypropylene
                        7.8 other specific material
                  8    visually inspect a number of sample or trial mouldings, and identify two
                       of the following:
                        8.1 moulding which meet the required specification
                        8.2 mouldings which have defects
                        8.3 mouldings that require further investigation
                  9    make adjustments to the machine settings, to deal with three of the
                       following component defects:
                        9.1 flashing
                        9.2 short shot
                        9.3 distortion
                        9.4 burning
                        9.5 colour deviation
                  10   complete all relevant documentation, to include two of the following:
                        10.1 production documentation
                        10.2 quality control documentation
                        10.3 records of machine settings
                  11   set the plastic injection moulding machines, to comply with one of the
                       following standards:
                        11.1 organisational guidelines and codes of practice
                        11.2 equipment manufacturer's operation range
                        11.3 BS and/or ISO standards

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Setting Plastic Injection Moulding Machines for Production

Developed by        SEMTA

Version number      1

Date approved       July 2003

Indicative review   December 2012

Validity            Current

Status              Original

Originating         SEMTA

Original URN        MPF3.60

Relevant            Engineering and manufacturing technologies; Manufacturing technologies;
occupations         Process, Plant and Machine Operatives; Process Operatives


Key words           Engineering, manufacturing, processing, setting, machine, injection moulding,
                    parameters, feeds, speeds, safety, materials

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