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Dear Athlete,


You may or may not be aware the Team Glasgow competes in the National Junior
Athletics Premier League. As you are a First Claim Member of the following, Victoria
Park City of Glasgow, Shettleston Harriers, Giffnock North AAC or
Kilbarchan AC then you are eligible for selection to be part or Team Glasgow at the
matches. This year our matches are at, Liverpool, Gateshead, Wakefield and
Edinburgh and hopefully Derby for the final.

The purpose of entering this League is to offer Under 20/17 athletes such as yourself
the opportunity to compete against athletes of your own age at a higher level as you
prepare for the transition to the Senior Age Group in the UK Leagues. The standard
of the Leagues are high, however I am sure that if Team Glasgow can field strong
teams then we can reach our objective once again, the final of the Premier League.
This would ensure that you and the younger athletes the opportunity to compete at
the same level in future years.

The format is the same as previous years and we travel to and from matches’ as a
TEAM:-     Everybody pulling their weight: Everyone pulling in the same
direction: Sharing an exciting vision of winning the final and going to Europe.

Being a Team Event we have to enter a strong Team and for this reason I am afraid
that as Team Manager I may ask you to compete in other events after your main
event. Fielding a full team though would reduce this requirement.

Please complete the information on the attached forms and return to Sean Watson
as soon as possible before Thursday 22nd March 2012, in order that we select the
team for the first match. Please remember to discuss this letter with your coach.
There maybe unavoidable clashes with league Matches however I would hope that
this can be resolved and Team Glasgow will be successful.

I look forward to Season 2012 and hope that you are willing to rise to the challenge
and we reach final once more.     To win this title also means that the successful
teams would then represent the United Kingdom in the European Junior Club Cup
Competition the following Season.

Yours sincerely,

John Melvin
Team Manager 2012

Mob. 07710459668

e-mail :
Team Glasgow.
Availability Form. (please print clearly and include full post code)

Name                                                     dob
Address                                                  Age group U17
                                                         Age group U20
                                                         Please circle

Post Code

Telephone No
Mobile No
e-mail address

Events                                                Seasons Best 2011

HURDLES and FIELD Implements are for Under 20 age group requirements

I will be available to compete at the Matches shown below. (Indicate availability by
putting a cross in the box)

29 April     Liverpool cost £45.00 (overnight DBB at Oak Hotel Wigan)

24 June      Gateshead cost £45.00 (overnight DBB at Premier Inn Washington)     

22nd July    Wakefield cost £45.00 (overnight DBB at Mercure Hotel Bradford)

12 August    Edinburgh Cost £5.00                                                
9 Sept.     Premier League Final Moorways Stadium Derby
                                        (Overnight stay cost approx £45.00)      

And give permission for images to be taken that may be used in publicity of Athletics
Development in Glasgow

Signed:               ……………………………….. Date: ………………….
Parent/Guardian Consent

To be signed if the athlete is under 16 in season 2012.

I give permission for ____________________ to compete for Team Glasgow

at the Matches indicated.

And give permission for images to be taken that may be used in publicity of
Athletics Development in Glasgow.

Signed:             _______________________Date:_____________

Name      ______________________

Relationship   __________________

Please return to;

Sean Watson
Glasgow Athletics Association
Glasgow Life,
20 Trongate,
G1 5ES

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