Accident & Emergency Policy

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					                                 Accident & Emergency Policy
EYFS overarching legal requirement:
“The provider must promote the good health of children, take the necessary steps to prevent the
spread of infection, and take appropriate action when they are ill”

Every Child Matters Outcome: Be Healthy

EYFS Requirement: Safeguarding and Promoting Children’s Welfare (Statutory Framework pg

EYFS principles into practice: A Unique Child
                    - Health & Well-Being (card 1.4)

This policy applies to
1. Early Years Register (EYR)
2. Childcare Register (CR) both parts

                                            Policy Overview

I am committed to providing a safe and secure environment for the children in my care, and my
premises has been checked by Ofsted to ensure I meet the national standards for childminding. I am
legally required to have an up to date first aid certificate which is display in the main entrance hall,
and if a child is injured I will provide appropriate first aid treatment. I will also ensure appropriate
measures are in place to preserve the health of the children and prevent the spread of infection within
my setting. I will comply with all legal duties and requirements relating to health and safety and hold
written parental permission to seek emergency medical treatments and services in order to do this.


First Aid and Qualified People

      I am the qualified person who will administer first aid within my setting. I have up to date first
       aid training and my current first aid certificate is displayed in the kitchen for parents/carers to

      I maintain a fully stocked first aid kit in the kitchen, containing a full list of contents. I am
       responsible for checking and replenishing the first aid box when necessary. My assistant is
       aware of the location of the first aid kit

      I am responsible for completing and checking any accident forms, and maintaining appropriate

      Ensure that my assistant is familiar with and will follow my accident & emergency policy and
       procedures and will attend any relevant training to meet the welfare needs of the children.

Minor Injuries/ accidents

If there is a minor injury or accident I will:

      Reassure the injured child, whilst I or my assistant makes sure all other children are safe.

      If possible, deal with the accident and administer first aid if appropriate.

      Contact parents/carers and inform them of the situation as soon as possible. If a child does
       not need to be collected they will be monitored throughout the day without excluding them
       from any activities where possible.

      Complete an accident report which will be read and signed by parents/carers, any witnesses
       and myself on collection of their child. Accident reports will be stored securely in a locked
       filing cabinet in my office.

Major Accidents

      I will ensure written parental consent authorising me to seek emergency medical treatment has
       been provided. All consent forms are kept in children’s personal files and authorise me to
       administer first aid assistance if necessary and contact medical/hospital assistance in the
       event of an emergency.

      I will not be authorised to give permission for any emergency services/hospital treatment if
       required. Parents/carers will be contacted by medical professionals in the event of an
       emergency to give permission, or in a life threatening situation will act in their professional

If a major accident should occur I will:

      Assess the situation and provide first aid as far as reasonably possible, and I will contact the
       emergency services as a priority. I or my assistant will reassure the other children and make
       sure they are safe.

      Accompany the child to hospital if necessary, and depending on the situation I will either take
       the other children in my care with me, or my assistant will remain with the children and contact
       their parents/carers to collect them as soon as possible (parental consent will be obtained in
       advance). I will do my best to ensure all children will be reassured and cared for at all times.

      Take the child’s personal record with me, including any important medical details.

      Contact parents/carers as soon as I possibly can. If I accompany a child to hospital I will
       contact parents as soon as I can upon arrival and ask them to meet me at the hospital.

After the incident I will:

      Complete an accident report form as soon as possible, which will be signed by parents/carers,
       myself and my assistant if appropriate.

      Notify Ofsted and Wigan Safeguarding Board as soon as possible, and within 14 days in the
       case of any serious accident or death. I will also notify any other agencies if appropriate, e.g.
       Environmental Services, Health and Safety Department. Any advice given will be acted upon.

      I will review this policy if any major incident/accident should occur to assess the policy and
       procedures are effective.

All parents/carers will be provided with a current copy of my accident and emergency policy and

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For more information …
EYFS Statutory Framework.
Requirements for the Childcare Register: Childminders and home child carers - Ofsted ref 080161.
Requirements for the Childcare Register: Childcare providers on non domestic or domestic premises
– Ofsted ref 080143.

Additional duties under national legislation:
Children’s Act Regulations –you must keep a signed record of all accidents to children, and notify
Ofsted, Wigan Safeguarding Board of any serious injury infectious diseases or death to any child in
your care or adult on the premises. Notification must be made as soon as is reasonably practicable,
but in any event within 14 days of the incident occurring.


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