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									                     54th PATA Annual Conference –
                 Macau Host Committee General Meeting
                        Speech of Dr. Chui Sai-on
   Secretary for Social Affairs & Culture – Government of Macau SAR
           and Chairman of the PAC05 Macau Host Committee
                               6th April 2005

Good morning, Engineer Joao Manuel Costa Autunes, members of the Macau
Host Committee, members of the press, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you all for joining us at this 54th PATA Annual Conference -- Macau Host
Committee General Meeting.

As you may know, Macau will, for its first time, be the host for the
soon-to-be-held 54th PATA Annual Conference. We are honoured to have
this valuable opportunity to gain the experience of hosting and organizing a
large scale international conference.

PATA, the Pacific Asia Travel Association, was founded in 1951. It has
always been active in the enhancement of growth, value and quality of travel
and tourism for the Asia Pacific region. And Macau has also made its
contributions over the past years of membership.

The Macau Government Tourist Office, a PATA member since 1966, has
always been active in promoting the tourism industry of Macau and in the
pursuit of being the host for PATA Annual Conference.

The Macau SAR Government has laid down clear directives to develop gaming
and tourism industry and make Macau an international convention, exhibition
and recreational centre. Under the flagship of the gaming industry, Macau
has entered a new stage of development with many large scale tourism and
entertainment projects unfolded including the construction of thematic travel
facilities and related works underway, and corresponding infrastructural
facilities and transportation networks soon to be started. We believe that the
constant enhancement of our hardware and facilities, as well as the incessant
upgrading of our service quality, will provide a more favourable environment for

the MICE industry of Macau. Meanwhile, we will continue to explore more
travel resources for culture and recreational tourism and to further promote the
MICE industry. This PATA Annual Conference offers us a good chance to
demonstrate our overall ability to accommodate large scale conventions. In
the course of organising, we could gain more experience to opt for a better
result over that of the good foundation laid in the past.

To ensure the success of the 54th PATA Annual Conference, the Macau Host
Committee was especially formed with an Advisory Committee, an Organising
Committee and a Secretariat where members of the tourism industry and
relevant parties are invited to be involved. Members of the Committee are
busy working on the final preparations and promotion activities.

We have invited a large number of officials and Life members of PATA to take
part in this 54th PATA Annual Conference. Ministers’ level officials from the
tourism industry of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, Australia,
Cook Islands, Kiribati, Timor Leste, Tonga and Mainland China are invited to
participate in the Tourism Ministers Private Luncheon Forum. Over 50
internationally renowned professionals and scholars in the tourism industry are
invited to share their experience and thoughts at the conference.

We are glad to see that the 54th PATA Annual Conference enjoys full support
from the Macau SAR Government and concerted efforts from the community.
The smooth running of the event could not be possible without the assistance
of the local communities and business institutions. So, I would like to say
‘thank you’ to all those who have put their efforts in this event.

We are in the final stage of preparation and our conference participants will be
arriving next week. I hope that each and every one of our guests will enjoy
our warmest hospitality generated by our total involvement and enthusiasm.
Last but not the least, I am confident that the 54th PATA Annual Conference will
be another successful event of Macau.

Thank you very much.


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