Position:     Training Manager
Location:     Hong Kong
Reports to:   General Manager
Supervise:    None


The essential job duties:
- Develop and plan training strategies in order to meet company business objectives
- Implement, roll out and monitor the training action plan. (selling techniques and
management in retail). Currently around 11 boutiques, 2 x POS in Macau and 2
custom jewellary counter in Seibu and Sogo.
- Guarantee the application of standards and common rules and procedures according to
the strategy and the values of our House
-Implement & deliver Product Training

1. Develop training strategies:
      Involve in Design, monitor, implement and deliver field training programs
      Prepare training budget and resource allocation
      Uplift the overall product knowledge so as to drive business performance
      Provide monthly or ad hoc training reports
      Evaluate and assess the effectiveness of the training programs regularly

2. Implement (the training action plans):

      To assist the long-term training plan & goals and to accomplish the training
      Follow the training seminars (follow the training in Paris)
      Induction- sales associate training seminar- boutique manager training seminar-
       product training
      Adapt the corporate training seminars to the local cultures if it is necessary after
       approval of the Head Office.
      Make sure that the product training seminars are consistent with other trainings.
3. Roll out (the training action plan in the markets):

       Deliver the training seminars or select the right agents and train them.
       Monitor and schedule training seminars: make sure that each new sales
        associate or boutique manager has followed the seminars adapted to him/her.
       Monitor the teams after the delivery of the training seminar.
       Report the actions to the Head Office.
       Adapt the training to the strategic direction (for instance adapt the role play
        depending on each season, each product line).

4. Monitor and keep the training action plan alive:

       Inform the Head office about the new actions to start, to modify or to adapt.
       Work in partnership for the creation or the edition of new training materials.
       Be aware and report the actions of the competition.
       Have the initiative and discuss with the Head office to make the programs
        evolve and to optimize them.
       Be present in the store for field coaching

To express interest in this position, please send your resume in MS word format to:

                                 Mabel Leung
                                 Managing Consultant
                                 Manpower Professional
                                 21/F, Euro Trade Centre
                                 21-23 Des Voeux Road Central
                                 Hong Kong

                                 M:+852 9412 3418
                                 T: +852 3656 9687
                                 F: +852 2525 5172


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